Top 10 WTF Scuba Diving Sites in the World

Top 10 WTF Scuba Diving Sites in the World

1. The Blue Hole, Belize

In the small tropical country of Belize lies on of the most spectacular and extreme dives of the world. A seemingly bottomless sink hole surrounded by a shallow Caribbean reef creates a stark visual spectacle that simply begs to be dived. It’s around 3oo meters wide and can be dived to a depth of around 100 meters. This leaves the Blue Hole as not only one of the world’s most beautiful, but also one of the more extreme wtf dives.

2. Shark Cage Diving, South Africa

Along the southern coast of South Africa lies Gansbaai, a small town known for its extreme encounters with Great White Sharks. The only dive gear you need is a Hooka setup provided by the boat… O, and a cage! The sheer size of these animals will blow your mind as they circle the small boat in crystal clear (but cold) waters of the Cape.

Expect to spend at least a few hours on the boat waiting while the water is chummed. This can get long, smelly and leads to more than a few passengers gagging overboard. It’s worth it though, as this extreme dive will leave you with the most incredible memories (and photographs) ever.

3. Cenotes, Mexico

In the thick jungle of the Yucatan peninsula, lies the ancient town of Tulum. It holds arguably the most beautiful Mayan ruins in the world perched on the Cliffside of this beach town. It holds an even more impressive secret… Cenotes! Caves with clear turquoise water and looks like a scene straight out of Tomb Raider. The light enters the caves and leaves you, the scuba diver, suspended in blue light with the trail of bubbles as the only visual evidence that you are actually underwater.

If it isn’t clear yet. This dive is extreme in every way. You have to know your way around diving caves because you’ll need to enter and exit natural chambers without disturbing sediment or touching stalactites and stalagmites. But the unbelievable beauty makes this our personal favorite.

4. Weeki Wachee, USA

In Florida lies the Weeki Wachee. In the Weeki Wachee lies the Eagle’s Nest Sinkhole.

It reaches a depth of just over 300 meters and is well known as one of the most extreme dives on the planet. The depth has stolen the lives of more than a few experienced divers. Additionally you need to consider the flow of the water pushing you along.

It’s a beautiful dive, make no mistake. But with conditions this extreme it is accessible by only a small percentage of divers in the world who can face the fear as well as the technical know-how. You’ll need very specialized diving gear and be well versed in extremely deep scuba diving. You can check out our review on the best scuba fins here.

5. Capo d’Acqua, Italy

Scuba Diving underwater ruins in Italy sounds incredible… and it is! A tiny lake with some of the word’s clearest waters for scuba diving reveals a vast secret expense of medieval ruins. The ruins seem to originate from the depths of the lake with an eerie magic of centuries past.

6. Jacob’s Well, USA

This spectacular dive in Texas, USA, can be one of the most hair raising dives due the extreme care that is necessary not to disturb the silt along the cave walls and floors. The price of danger is worth it though. With a little planning, a scuba diver can traverse the chambers with their increasing difficulty and experience a dive seldom seen by the average scuba diver.

7. Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

The highest lake in the world, located in Bolivia, will have your dive computers calculating at their extremes. High up in the Andes mountains, this lake is the highest body of water that a scuba diver can dive inside the recreational PADI guidelines. The water temperature is around 50F so expect to need a serious wetsuit or even a dry-suit. There is some life in the water but don’t expect much. The main attraction is the altitude and that you can come back home and tell your friends about your extreme wtf dive.

8. The Sardine Run, South Africa

Every year millions of sardines migrate along the coat of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa with the great hunters of the seas coming to feast. Dolphins, sharks, tuna and sea birds distort the outer skin of the convoluting wave of sardines as they attempt to escape their fate. As a scuba diver, you can bear witness to this extravaganza from below as the torrents of marine live battle it out meters away from you!

9. Humpback Whales, Tonga

Though not a scuba dive, this snorkelling experience just had to be added to the list. In the furthest reaches of the Pacific ocean, Humpback whale encounters are possible in Tonga archipelago.

These docile creatures with their magnificent size (around 50 feet in length) will leave you in absolute awe. Scuba divers will gladly pack away their BC’s and fins to experience this kind of extreme snorkelling and your dive gear can have a little break while you get in touch with the simplicity and harmony of snorkelling with these wild creatures. Don’t forget the occasional encounters with dolphins, marlin and sailfish.

10. Blue Hole, Egypt

In Dahab, in the Red Sea, lies the world’s most dangerous dive. There’s an archway, simply called “The Arch” that leads out into the open ocean at depth of 140 meters.

The lives of more than 150 scuba divers have been lost in an attempt to dive through this opening. Seriously a WTF dive!

The beauty of the reefs and marine life in the Red Sea is unmatched. And the dive conditions are incredible with very clear water and the absence of strong currents in most places. But diving the Blue Hole in Dahab is only for the most experienced divers and even then, should only be dived with extreme caution.

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