Best Swim Caps for Long Hair Review

swim caps for long hair

Millions of people around the world enjoy swimming as a relaxing pastime and as a sport. It’s an excellent way to keep fit without the joint impacts you would experience from sports like running or jogging. This is one of the main reasons for the increase in aqua fitness and the use of water dumbbells. The therapeutic quality makes it very popular with people of all physical abilities and ages.

One of the downsides of swimming is that pool chemicals like chlorine and salt have a detrimental effect on your hair. Hair gets dry and brittle quickly from exposure to these chemicals and swimmers with blonde and fair hair unfortunately often end up with green tinged hair!

Prevention for this over the years has been the swim cap, which covers your head keeping water off the hair and scalp. They are also very beneficial to sport swimmers because they offered a streamlined hydrodynamic profile to the swimmer.

Unfortunately, in the past, they were manufactured from lycra or latex which worked well to a certain extent but sadly water still sometimes managed to break the seal and flood the cap. With modern advancements in silicone compounds, the latest designs are mainly made with a tight sealing and flexible silicone. Silicone has a much longer lifespan than the older latex models, which tended to lose their stretch after a while, likely also from exposure to the chemicals in pool water.

Top 5 Silicone Bathing Caps

We took it upon ourselves to find the ultimate products available online, here is our top 5 selection.

Swim Elite Silicone Cap

womens swimming cap

The Swim Elite is an awesome design that gives your hair maximum cover in the water.

It is made with the best non-slip silicone and fits most head shape and sizes. Designed with ear pockets to reduce pressure on the ears and keep the ears dry. For swimmers who may be prone to allergies, the silicone is odorless and allergy-free making it one of the best caps available today. It’s perfect for diving and timed laps.

A nice bonus is the free nose clip which help to keep water and chemicals out of your nasal passages.

Shvim Swim Cap


Another great option for keeping hair dry is the Shvim.

This design was definitely made with sport swimmers in mind. Also made from non-allergenic silicone, it boasts a textured inside with embossed sections to avoid the cap from moving around while swimming laps or races. Older latex versions easily moved around proving to be annoying for swimmers during contests.

The shaped ear pocket forms a nice seal over the ear without squashing your ear down against your scalp, which is a great quality if you are spending a while in the pool doing laps. A super stretchy upper section makes it suitable for people with very long hair. If you are an athlete who spends hours in the pool then the Shvim will be an asset in your kit.

This cap also comes standard with a nose clip and a set of earplugs.

Fastarooz Longhair


Fastarooz Longhair was created specifically for women with long hair, although it is perfectly suitable for short hair too.

A super stretchy, hypo-allergenic silicone has been used to manufacture this stunning cap. It comes in a range of really funky bright colors which makes it great as a highly visible design for open water swimmers.

The edges seal really well while the stretchy upper section does not put pressure on the head, making it one of the most comfortable fitting caps on this list. It doesn’t come with any extras but it is really great value for money on it’s own.

If you have always struggled in the pool with your longhair and other caps that keep slipping, you will be happy to own a Fastarooz.

Eforstore Lycra Design for Women

comfortable bathing cap

For a more relaxed style where water entry is not an issue for you, the Eforstore is ideal. It is not made from silicone but rather from lycra material and designed in a classic vintage look. It’s available in variety of colors.

It even works well for dreadlocks!

It won’t keep the water out if you put your head underwater, but is not designed as a sport cap. It is super comfortable and very soft, making it ideal for elderly bathers, people with hair loss problems or people who would like to mask any personal problem they may have. It’s absolutely design for comfort and a great option if who want to just cover up from the sun and spend some time relaxing at the pool without doing laps.

Tips For Swimming With Long Hair

Plaiting or twisting your hair into a bun makes it much easier to keep in place under a swimming cap. It also helps to keep your tidy without having to wash and blow dry after a swim.

Some swimmers find that applying some conditioner to their hair before fitting a cap helps that their hair doesn’t get pulled by the cap material and is an ideal way to nourish your hair while you swim. The extra effort is well worth the benefit swimming provides for you overall health and fitness.

If you perhaps got your long hair totally soaked by accident, a wide toothed combed is the best to get your hair back in shape. Often water soaked hair will tangle into multiple knots and taking a brush through it will end in a crow’s nest. A wide tooth comb is more forgiving and keeps the tangles open while moving through.

Easy Steps For Putting On Your Favorite Cap

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