6 Stand Up Paddleboard Rivers, Caves & Glaciers

stand up paddle board glacier

More and more, the internet is being riddled with spectacular pictures of Stand Up Paddle Boarders in exotic and surreal locations. We took some time to investigate the stories behind the 6 most incredible rivers, caves and glaciers that people have been able to SUP.

1. Havasu Creek, USA

stand up paddle bard havasu creek

Many a Pinterest profile has been decorated by the imagery of a stand up paddle boarder carefully threading through the narrow passages of the Havasu Creek by the Grand Canyon. With its turquoise water and stark orange cliffs, this has to be one of the most dramatic destinations for stand up paddle boarding worldwide. Getting there is not as easy as it may seem though with a 10 mile hike into the Grand Canyon.

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2. Loboc River, Bohol, Phillipines (God’s little paradise)

stad up paddle board phillipines

Bohol is called “God’s little paradise” due to its natural beauty and incredible serenity. The lush jungle and rice paddy fields surround you as you float downstream in perfect balance with nature. Giant python’s looking on as you find your inner peace. You’ll stay in bamboo houses and eat traditional local cuisine and the sheer beauty of the river ensures that this is one of most exotic and incredible stand up paddle boarding destination in the world. Check out this link if you are planning to SUP in the Philippines and explore the surrounding areas.


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3. The Amazon River

amazon river sup

From monkeys to three-toed sloths, your zoological audience will gawk as you pass the thick jungle walls lining the Amazon River. The calm water makes for easy passage and your guide will ensure safety at all times. The elevated view from the stand up paddle board increases your perspective over the river banks. A bustling atmosphere of a jungle that is truly alive awaits you.

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Stand Up Paddle Board Amazon River Tidal Bore

Another incredible aspect of Stand Up Paddle Boarding in the Amazon River is the tidal bore, called Pororoca by the locals, which occurs during the new and full moons when a tide pushed up into the river. This spectacular phenomenon actually creates a wave that can reach 12 feet high and some people have surfed on a stand up paddle board.

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4. Weeki Wachee River

weeki wachee stand up paddle board

The Weeki Wachee river in Florida allows for the unique opportunity to Stand Up Paddle Board with Manatees gracefully swimming below you. The crystal clear water brings you face to face with the docile creatures and being on an SUP allows for an incredible view as well as an un-intrusive look into the wildlife of the Weeki Wachee

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5. Glacier Grey Torres del Paine, Chile

stand up paddle board glacier

Glacier Grey Torres del Paine National park in southern Patagonia, Chile, is the site of one of the most extreme Stand Up Paddle Boarding adventures ever. With dramatic and shifting mountains of ice surrounding the clear, sub-zero waters, the awe inspiring scenery transcends this world and creates a stark contrast between the ice giants and the fragility of the human form. Uninterrupted by the silence and harmony of the paddle as it quietly strokes the water, the heart-stopping magnificence leaves any stand up paddle boarder without words.

The website of Jorg Badura describes its magnificence in great detail.

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6. The Bat Race 

bat race stand up paddle board

Leave it to the Swiss to invent one of the most unique stand up paddle board races in the world. Lake St. Leonard in Switzerland is the largest underground Lake in Europe.  Competitors traverse a section of the lake in a circuit and the winner holds the trophy to arguably the strangest stand up paddle board race to date.

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