The 20 Most Instagram-Worthy Beaches in The World


You’ve got all the gear, you’ve got the time off work, and you’ve got the desire to see the world. All you need now is a destination! When you’ve been grinding away at your 9 to 5, there is nothing more relaxing than catching some rays (and maybe even a few waves!) at the beach.

When your local community beach won’t cut it, you need a place with that ‘wow-factor.’ These top 20 beaches aren’t anything like what you’re used to. Unique scenery, a beautiful environment, make these the ultimate place to relax. In our eyes, nowhere else is as worth as the Valencia filter.

1. Anse Source D’Argent – Seychelles


From the moment you gaze upon it’s immaculate pink sand and majestic cliffs, you’ll understand why it’s one of the most heavily photographed beaches in the world. Nestled in the islands of Seychelles, this is one of the few popular beaches that’s had its natural beauty maintained. Such a sight is well worth the 10 Euro entry fee!

2. Naviago Beach – Greek Islands


Although the name translates to “shipwreck beach,” you shouldn’t expect to find any destruction here. Located in an isolated part of the Greek coast, this location was forever immortalized when a famous ship became landlocked over 100 years ago. If you’re able to make the trip, this location is certainly worthy of being immortalized in your Instagram feed.

3. Ölüdeniz Beach Turkey

Just a few minutes south of Fethiye, on the Southern Coast of Turkey, you’ll find one of the most Instagram-Worthy beaches in the world. Ölüdeniz creates a lagoon surrounded by striking cliffs which you can paraglide for some truly awe-inspiring pictures. Don’t forget to take a drive around the area with the terrifying cliffs overlooking Butterfly Valley only a few minutes down the road.


4. Cannon Beach Oregon


Oregon is well known for it’s incredible landscape and mind-boggling natural rock formations. But perhaps one of the most striking examples of this can be found at Cannon Beach. The otherwise flat landscape provides the perfect contrast next to the infamous Haystack Rock – standing nearly 250 feet tall!

5. Maya Bay Beach – Phi Phi Island


Although it was virtually undiscovered until 1999, this beach has become one of Thailand’s favorite tourist destinations for a reason! Between the clean, warm water and the beautiful landscape, there is no better place to see what the Thai coast is all about. (It can get really crowded though)

6. Hidden Beach – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


When your followers hear of the secluded beach you happened to discover while on a hike, this shot will quickly become one of the most liked photos on your feed! This incredible spot in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico might be a little more travelled than it’s name would suggest, but we won’t tell.

7. South Beach, Miami


Sometimes, Instagram shots don’t have to be unique. When you’re capturing a place that everyone is familiar with, it’s easy to see your post rocket to the top of Instagram’s most popular shots. South beach is one of Miami’s favorite places to catch some rays from your beach chair, and makes a perfect addition to both your feed and your adventures.

8. Kite Beach – Cabarete, Dominican Republic


Kite Beach is located at Cabarete Beach in the Dominican Republic. It’s not the beach itself that makes this destination popular. It’s the event! No matter what time of year you show up, the sunny skyline plays the perfect contrast against dozens of colorful kites from everyone enjoying their favorite sport. Once you get your shot, why not take advantage of the perfect opportunity to learn how to kite surf? This is a great beginner location, and has the potential to be the first of many experiences.

9. West Bay Beach – Honduras


If you’re ever out exploring the coast of Honduras, don’t miss an opportunity to check out this popular snorkeling destination. The crystal clear waters might be great for underwater exploring, but they also make a fantastic photo opportunity! This location is easy to access, located only a few steps outside of one of Honduras’ most popular hotel destinations.

10. Grace Bay – Turks and Caicos


Can’t get enough of that glistening white sand? Head to Grace Bay and enjoy 12 miles of it! This beach may be located in one of the denser areas of Turks and Caicos, but when you’re standing here you’ll feel like you’re standing on the edge of the world.

11. Tikehau Island – Tahiti


Getting here is an adventure in itself. But if you can make the hour-long flight from Tahiti Island, you’ll be rewarded with pink-sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Since the island has one of the highest densities of fish in the world, the pristine ocean gives you the perfect opportunity to capture them!

12. Baker Beach – San Francisco


San Francisco isn’t the first destination that comes to mind when you start thinking about a beautiful beach getaway, but this spot has something special to offer. If you’re looking to capture the famous golden gate bridge, this small but sandy beach offers the perfect backdrop for an awe-inspiring shot!

13. Clifton Beach – Cape Town, South Africa


Want something with a little more attention grabbing power than the blue coastline? Why not place it against a beautiful mountain silhouette and some of Cape Towns most visually appealing beach homes.

14. Rhossili Bay – Swansea, Wales


The notoriously-cloudy weather of wales might not make it the best location to get a tan, but the striking moss-covered mountains add a whole new dimension to your Instagram shots that you’re followers are sure to enjoy.

If you are looking for more options in the UK, check out this link for a collection of Britain’s best beaches worth traveling to.

15. Praia Dona Ana – Portugal


When you think of your typical beach shot, the first thing that comes to mind is a flat and expansive coastline. Located in Portugal, this stunning beach breaks the norm by enclosing the area with some of the most impressive ancient rock formations the area has to offer.

16. One Foot Island Beach – Cook Islands


Seeking seclusion? This tiny little island offers little amenities beyond a single cabin and a rarely-staffed post office. The upside? When you go to capture this stunning beach, you can be sure that you’ll be the only person in the photo!

17. Black Sand Beach – Iceland


Thanks to the volcanic nature of Iceland, this country offers one of the most unique beaches you’ve ever come across! This sand feels just like the type you’re used to, but it’s pitch-black color offers a unique visual that no filter can replicate. For more incredible images of this unique landscape, checkout this link.

18. Koekohe Beach – New Zealand


They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes it’s the story behind a photo that defines it. An ancient New Zealand legend claims that these unique rock formations are the remnants of an ancient canoe owned by the gods.

19. Playa Paraiso – Mexico


With a name that translates to “paradise beach,” we think that this unique spot has earned it’s name! A favorite among honeymooners and those seeking a romantic getaway, the sheltered geological nature of this area protects the landscaping that gives this beach it’s heartwarming feel.

20. Hanalei Bay – Hawaii


This crescent-shaped beach can’t be described as anything other than paradise! The pristine sand sets the perfect mood for the tropical rain-forest. With plenty to do and see, this location is sure to make for an adventure that’s just as magnificent as the photos you’ll take!

There you have it! A collection of stunning locations where you can relax in the tranquility of where the ocean meets the shore.

But wait, there are countless more options that’ll completely blow your mind. If the pics above haven’t satisfied your appetite, check out the definitive guide to the Best Beaches in the World on

Let us know what your favorite beaches are in the comments below!

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