Family Day Beach Hacks


A family summer outing to the beach sounds nice. However, the packing and the struggle to make the experience fun and interesting is not very easy especially with the kids around. One needs to prepare to avoid disasters and to make priceless memories. The next trip can be enjoyable, relaxing and the best. Before hitting the beach with your backpack beach chair, take time and note clever hacks to make that family vacation a breeze. Learn how to get the sand off your feet, know how to pack what you need conveniently and the advantage of using waterproof pouches for your electronic gadgets. Below is a list of some helpful beach day hacks.

How to Quickly De-sand at the Beach


Baby powder helps in removing sand from your skin. Sprinkling baby powder is an effective method that will guarantee you remove sticky sand at a friendly price. The baby powder is inside a pouch which is 9 dollars it comes in handy and does not create a mess. Gone are the days when you would scrub your skin tirelessly. You only need to sprinkle a little on the skin. Additionally, a sand free beach bag is crucial. A few shakes will instantly get rid of the sand.

Waterproofing Beach Hack


For the people who love their phone waterproof pouch will do the trick. There is no need to unplug your phone and leave it at home. Waterproof bag is designed to help you keep your phone close to you as you play with your kids. You also get to take pictures of your family and make the most out of the vacation.

Beach Packing List


Drafting a packing list will make everything easy.  It serves as a reminder notifying one of the essential items for the vacation.  Pack a bag of extra clothes, diapers, toys, and wipes. Pack light and roll your load to create room for everything you will require. You do not have to look like you are going camping pack light and make everything accessible.

Bites and Stings


In addition, packing a bug spray comes is convenient. It is no fun getting insects bite all over your body. The bite marks are simply annoying they ruin a perfectly good skin, and one ends up hating the beach. Well, a bug spray will ensure your skin remains spotless. In case of a jellyfish sting arm yourself with a small spray bottle filled with vinegar.  It helps in taking the sting out.

Oil Up


Shaving your legs just before you go to the beach may not be a good idea. Salt water tends to sting the newly shaved skin. Thus it is highly recommended you apply baby oil to your recently shaved legs to keep them free from stings.

Leave You Conditioner In


Your hair is also at risk from the sun and the salt water. They tend to damage the color of your hair. Leave-in conditioner contains a UV protectant which saves your hair from sun damage.

UV Clothing


Pack a sunscreen to protect your family from sunburns but at the same time dress your kids for sunburn success. A UV protecting t-shirt style top will prevent sunburns. Once the back and the shoulders are covered, parents will not have to keep on reapplying sunscreen all day long. As a parent, it is vital to arm yourself with the right tools for an easy time on the beach.

How to Cool Down at the Beach


The other hack involves freezing your water bottles before bringing them to the beach. Store them in your bag to save on space you would have used if you had brought a cooler. You will have room for more items ahead of your big day, and furthermore, you will enjoy cool water throughout the day.

Arrive Early


The trick is to arrive and leave early. When you arrive mid-morning, you will find a parking spot, and you will also claim a patch of sand before the beach becomes crowded. As they say, the early bird catches the worm. In this case, the early bird will enjoy the beach before it becomes intensely hot. You and your family will have enjoyed your hours of play before everyone else comes and crowds the beach.

How to Find Your Stuff


As a family, it is important to create a landmark and set check in times. It will help in keeping an eye on everyone. With a thousand families on the beach, your kids need to find their way back. You do not want to lose one of your family members. The landmark will keep the family members in check. You can also carry a beach tent for that perfect shade when your family needs to rest. It will protect them from the wind and the heat.

Hide the Cash


For your valuables transform one of your empty sunscreen containers into storage. You can use it to stock your money and your car keys. Alternatively, you can use an unused baby diaper if you have one to store your car keys and money. Fold the diaper and put it in the diaper sack.

Food Packing Tricks


Carry bags and pack lunches in small separate containers. In case of an accident and one container falls then you will have a backup plan. Your family will not starve they will have something to give them energy throughout the day. Also, you can bring cupcake liners and place them on top of your drinks to keep off bugs and sand. You can also use them to catch dips from popsicles. Pack slushies, juice cartons, and sandwiches and bring extra snacks because kids and likely to make friends on the beach.


A day out in the beach is fun and exciting with everyone around. Undoubtedly, it takes lots of planning and preparation. You need to get everything in perfect order to ensure you make the most out of the day. The family beach hacks will help you have fun reducing the stress of a family beach trip. A day on the beach with the whole family around does not have to be a chaotic mess. It can simply be a fantastic day on the beach.  The useful tips above will teach you how to deal with the tears, the sand and the sunburns using the simplest methods. They will help you to plan ahead of the big day.

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