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Flying on an airplane can be stressful, but it’s even more so for your pet. This is especially true when traveling during times when everyone else wants to go on holiday. The many strange faces and the movements of the plane all add to the anxiety your pet is already feeling.

That’s why your pet needs to feel comfortable in their kennel. Airlines now approve carriers that can fit under the front seat in the cabin. These carriers must meet the stipulated specifications otherwise your pet won’t be getting on the plane. This does not mean you confine your pet in a small space as you can have an expandable pet carrier that is still airline approved.

We’ve listed FIVE of the best pet carriers with great comfort features. We’ll also provide you with a small buyer’s guide that will help you narrow down to the components to look for before buying an airplane approved, expanding pet bag. Pack your bags and you’re good to go!

Peppy Under Seat Pet Carrier


The Pet Peppy Premium Airline Approved Pet Carrier is a smart choice when you want the company of your pet on your next flight. On major airlines, it fits in the under-seat storage space at your feet. This makes it easy for you to select a flight on a wide selection of airlines without worrying about baggage restrictions. In its non-expanded form, it measures 18 x 11 x 11 inches.

This bag can comfortably carry a cat or dog of up to 20 pounds. It has a hard dense 1/8 inch base and 1/4 inch padding for added comfort. The padded base has a removable cover for easy cleaning. The carrier uses a thick wire frame which adds to its stability when expanded. It expands from two sides where it allows optimum airflow to keep your pet comfortable.

The carrier comes in 2 color options, grey with red trim and red with black trimming. It has a side pocket where you can store your pet’s snacks and toys, plus it also includes a pet bowl and a shoulder strap.

The expandable dimensions add an additional 20 inches of moving space which allows your pet to stand, lie down, and turn around without hassle. The mesh walls also let them get a good look at whats going on around them of their travel adventure.

Smiling Paws 4 Side Expandable Bag


The Smiling Paws Pet Carrier is probably the best travel solution for your pet. It expands four ways from 17x11x9 inches, meaning there’s more room for movement. It helps alleviate the travel stress when your pet feels confined in one area for a long time. It has reinforced steel hinges which secures your pet at all times. The carrier is built to contain even playful pets that love to scratch and pull.

What’s more, this bag is leak proof and water repellant. The fleece pad is cushy and machine washable. It provides a clean sleeping area which protects your pets from accumulated bacteria that cause disease. Not to mention, it has ample ventilation to keep out hot air. It’s just what your pet needs for any travel situation.

Okdeals Airline Approved Unfolding Pet Tote


If you are looking for the most convenient airline approved pet bag, you’ll want to have a look at the Okdeals brand. It features airline dimensions, i.e., 18 x 10.5 x 11 inches, which sits impeccably under airplane seats. It conforms to the requirements of major airlines including Delta, American, Virgin, Frontier, and many others.

As for the expandable compartment, it boasts two separate parts with an invisible door to allow more room for playing. It has a durable mesh top and firm netting on the sides. It offers ample airflow that keeps your pet fresh over the course of the journey. It also enjoys a high-quality construction from thick Oxford cloth. It protects the carrier from scratching and constant clawing. This carrier is wrinkle and fade resistant. It provides all-round comfort from the top and side mesh to the sturdy build, and soft fleece bed.

Cat and Dog Carrier Features to Consider

If you are traveling to the countryside, you may want to also consider a Portable Dog Bed to make life just a little more comfortable for them.

Always make sure you’ve read the airline’s restrictions regarding flying with your animals.

Airplane Bag Dimensions

Perhaps the most important element to check is the measurements. Airlines approve a maximum size of 19”L x 13”W x 9”H for any pet totes. The models on our list fall in this category as their dimensions fall under the approved size.


Since your pet will be confined to a small space, you’ll want to give them room to stretch their legs. With an expandable carrier, it can sit comfortably under the airplane seat while providing ample playing area.

Except for the Smiling Paws brand which expands four ways, all the other carriers expand in two directions. They are all roomy and will undoubtedly offer the most stress-free travel solution for your pets.

Mesh Ventilation

The last thing you want is an anxious pet that can’t sit still because of all the hot air. Remember that airplanes tend to get too warm because of the pressurized air. That’s why the cat or dog carrier bag needs to have adequate mesh to facilitate airflow.

Leak-Proof Construction

Another important aspect is that the carrier should hold the urine of your pet. This is because you will place him next to your feet and also next to other people’s luggage. In case of an accident, its a good idea to have a bag that helps the situation.

Comfort as a Bed and a Bag

The designs above all provide comfortable padding of the base but you should consider your own comfort too. An animal carrier should be flexible and provide convenience during transport. You should look for padded shoulder straps or even wheels to ease your luggage handling.

Traveling with your Pet

Although it is a bit nerve wracking when traveling with your pet, an expandable dog or cat carrier that fits under the plane’s seat will ease your anxiety. We’ve provided five airline approved pet carriers all in the right size. They are well-made with durable materials, and they provide optimum comfort for you and your pet.

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