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Europe is known for its rich culture, incredible architecture and fine foods. It’s really a wonderful place to lose yourself in the romance of European life.

Unfortunately it’s also known for crowded piazzas and train stations where mischievous pickpockets love to prowl. In fact, the city of Naples in Italy is considered by many as the Pick-pocketing capital of the world!

The last thing you want on your relaxing European vacation to Paris or Rome is to lose valuable items like passports, bank cards, or other important documentation while on your travels.

Pickpockets have fine-tuned their opportunistic craft to point that it has become increasingly difficult to avoid them. With modern technology they have a benefit by being able to gather vital information from your bank cards through digital RFID skimming.

They use an electronic device to scan information from your credit cards, meaning that they don’t even have to put a hand inside your purse anymore. It’s absurd and scary to think that we live in a world where we have opportunistic thieves that have the upper hand! Well, fortunately for us, we have managed to block this type of thievery by using RFID blocking materials in card holders, wallets and purses.

We selected six of the best anti-theft travel purses by Travelon to make your next European visit stress free knowing you have the safest travel purse on your shoulder.

RFID Safe Anti Theft Messenger Bag


The Travelon classic messenger bag is a really great anti-theft design. It has all the features possible to prevent pickpockets, grab and go thieves and electronic pickpockets from accessing your valuables.

Constructed from a slashproof 900 denier polyester material, makes it impossible for a thief to cut your bag open and remove the belongings.

The shoulder strap is also made from the same slash proof material.

Lockable compartments, RFID secured card slots and a handy LED light finish the bag off to be ultra safe. It is great quality and is available in a wide range of styling colours.

Convertible Hobo with RFID Purse Protection


This versatile and stylish purse is great for all occasions. Made from a strong polyester material with stylish looks, it is not slash proof like our first option; however it does offer RFID blocking card slots on the interior.

It also has two optional strap functions a shoulder strap and also a wider cross body strap if you wanted more security from grabbers.

Anti-Theft Slim Pouch for Traveling


The anti-theft slim pouch is perfect for those days where you only want to carry the bare necessities along with you.

The slim pouch measures 7 by 9 inches and features a 29 inch long shoulder strap.

It is made from a slash proof polyester material that has a dedicated passport pocket and a RFID blocking card slot pouch.

This is a great choice for the minimalist tourist.

Pickpocket Safe Slim Day Travel Bag


This great purse is designed with compartments to carry your smart phone and I pad mini. It is made from a durable nylon fabric to prevent slash and grab thieves.

The cross body nylon strap is integrated with body of the bag to prevent breakage at the usual connection points. Also the cross body strap is a great security feature because it is not easy to pull it free, as with a shoulder strap.

As always a customary feature on modern anti-theft designs is the RFID blocking card slots.

Hobo Style Secure Travel Purse


A nicely styled and fully functional anti-theft bag with all the bells and whistles. The unique lockable zipper toggles that have a carabiner and loop locking mechanism making it almost impossible for a pickpocket to open them undetected.

The whole bag including the two shoulder straps is made from a slash proof polyester mesh that has been covered in a more stylish material for nice aesthetics.

It is available in a range of nice colours and measures 13 X 10 X 4 inches and the shoulder strap drop is 28 inches. Also has a handy LED light.

The Heritage Hobo has been finished off nicely with suede supports and edges on the open inner compartments, overall a very stylish product that serves a great purpose.

Theft Deterrent Classic Mini Shoulder Bag


A nice functional design with good compartment layout to keep all your valuables easily accessable.

Made from a slash proof nylon material with a main compartment and a front and rear zipped pocket for small items. The main compartment zipper is secured below a snap close flap.

The main compartment houses an RFID blocking organizer for your credit cards and has two pen loops to keep those secure. It also comes with a handy LED light for those times at night when you need to find something in your bag. It measures 12 x 9 x 2 inches, making it ideal for the traveler or tourist doing day excursions where only the bare minimum is required.

How to Avoid Old-School & New Electronic Pickpockets

We must remember that pickpockets are super crafty and stealthy; they have developed versatile ways to steal from you. Let’s take a quick look at how they can deceive us.

Their M.O.

A pickpocket will either approach you from behind so that you are unaware of their presence. They will usually do this when you are distracted by some activity in front of you. Always make sure that if you are speaking to a strange person in the street that it is not a ploy to distract you, often they will work in teams.

Bag Position

When carrying your anti-theft bag make sure that you never keep it behind your back. Rather keep your bag directly in front of you or slightly to the side. This way the thief has to approach you from the front to access your bag.

Bag Type

So what is the best purse for pickpockets? As you see in our list, most of them come with two straps. The cross body strap is the safest. A one side shoulder strip makes it easier for grab and run thieves to rip the bag from your grasp. The cross body strap makes this option to them less possible and will likely put them off from trying their luck.

Keep your bag secure by keeping it close to your body and always keep an eye out for any suspicious type of behavior from strangers.

Be Vigilant & Smart

Lastly, don’t walk alone anywhere if you are not 100 percent certain of the safety of an area, rather stick to areas where there are enough people and visitors walking about.

We hope this helps keep you safe on your next overseas holiday!

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