Best Trigger Lock for Gun Safety

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Gun owners have long worried about the risk of keeping a gun secure in a home or at the office. It is a real concern that your weapon could get into the wrong hands. Thankfully a genius little device called a Trigger Lock can make your weapon inoperable.

These strong and protective little devices deliver the peace of mind that, if children or intruders find your weapon, they will not be able to fire them at all. It works by slotting in with the trigger and preventing it from being pulled.

Our team has reviewed the best gun trigger locks, focusing on strength and the ability to completely secure your weapon.

Select your ideal match and alleviate any worry for the security of your firearms in your home or work environment.

Combination Gun Lock

combination gun lock

For its ability to fit a variety of weapons, we have selected the Master Lock 94DSPT 3-Digit Combination Gun Lock. It fits handguns, rifles and shotguns too.

The metal mechanism and casing are strong and sturdy, ensuring solid and long term protection of your firearm.

This high quality product is easy to install and has an adjustable ratchet mechanism to safely secure your gun trigger. It is also padded to ensure your weapons do not get scratched.

It is easy to install and reset with its convenient, keyless, combination system. It can be ordered individually or in sets.

When it is installed, your weapon may not fit into its casing as the lock extends on both sides of the gun. However, this sturdy design makes it that much safer. It ensures that if your gun falls into the wrong hands; it will not be hurting anyone.

This is the most popular of the combination trigger locks available on the market today. If you want to ensure that your weapons are not tampered with, when not under your watch, rest assured this lock will do the job.

The manufacturer also offers a lifetime warranty on their gun products. We love the added confidence of knowing that you will always have excellent after sale support from a company that backs their quality products.

Key Operated Pistol & Rifle Trigger Block

key trigger lock

Coming in a convenient 3 piece set, is the Master Lock 90TRISPT Keyed-Alike. Yet another high quality product by Master Lock.

Like all Master Lock trigger block products, it has a durable steel and zinc outer body for maximum strength. It is designed with a 4 pin cylinder to help prevent picking of the device. Like the combination lock above, the device is padded to ensure it does not damage your weapons when fitted to your handgun, rifle or shotgun.

When you fit it to your gun, it may not fit into its holster. The focus of these devices is to ensure the your weapons are childproof and secure when not under your watch. It is therefore not a problem that the weapon is left unholstered when stored away.

This is ideal for you if you want to secure more than one gun. The manufacturer sells the Keyed-Alike System in sets of two or three. All locks in the set work with the same key for added convenience.

 Gun Safety & Firearm Locks

Responsible gun owners know the basic rules to ensure them and those around them remain safe and out of harm’s way when handling a weapon.

The most important rule is to always assume that a firearm is loaded and handle it with the necessary care. Always ensure that the weapon is pointed away from people and in a safe direction at all times.

Why use a Trigger Lock?

Like a padlock, a trigger lock can only be removed with a key or the correct combination.

The biggest benefit of a fitted trigger is that it prevents accidents when handling weapons. These locks and secure gun safes create a safer environment when guns are kept in homes with children. They also have the added advantage of discouraging theft and protect valuable guns from being tampered with.

When attaching your lock, ALWAYS ensure that the gun is not loaded, you would never want to accidentally fire your weapon when working so near to the trigger. If you would like to investigate the additional gun safety and storage options that offer excellent concealment, but also quick access, check out our Night Stand Gun Safe page.

Gun Storage

Firearms should be stored unloaded and under lock and key. Ammunition should also be stored separately in a secure location. Always be sure the location where your gun is stored is not accessible to children.

Children in homes with weapons must be educated in the basic principles of firearm safety. They should know to NEVER touch weapons, and if they see other children handling weapons, to always run and tell an adult.

Be informed of the gun laws which apply to you in your state. The laws state clearly how to use, handle, store and transport your weapons safely and legally.


How To Use a Trigger Lock

We hope this product review has been informative and that you have found this review helpful in choosing the best fit for your needs. If you have anything to add, please let us know in the comments below.

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