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night stand gun safe

Concealing and securing a weapon in any home is essential, especially when there are children around.

Having a weapon readily available can save your life in an emergency. Because we don’t want them falling into the wrong hands, we’ll often stash them in hard to reach places.

Large safes are difficult to conceal and slow to open. Thankfully, with advances in safe design, they have become infinitely more compact and easy to hide in quickly accessible places.

We have just completed the search to find the ultimate night stand gun safe. We’ve selected a mixed variety of biometric and digital safes, to help narrow down your search.

Pick out one of the products below for peace of mind that your weapon is secure from curious hands, but also instantly accessible when necessary.

Digital Bedside Gun Safe

bedside gun safe

For a quick access digital pad, you can’t do better than the GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe. It has a fast performing drop down drawer, allowing you to reach for your weapon in seconds.

It is constructed with 18 gauge steel making it strong and durable. The inside is padded with protective foam to avoid scuffing or damage to your weapon.

Being black, this product is also easily concealed in a corner. Pick up a second one for the office as it is also perfect mounted on the inside of a desk.

Like all battery powered safes, when the batteries run low, the keypad does not function optimally. In this eventuality, there is an override key so you can open it. This model is also available with a biometric locking mechanism but we prefer the button pad as it seems to be much more reliable.

If your weapon is kept in a family environment, this is an excellent choice for a bedside gun safe. It is easy to mount on the side of a night stand or even the back of your bed headboard for quick access. You will love the comfort of knowing that even if it is discovered by your child, no accidents will result.

Biometric Quick Access Nightstand Pistol Safe

biometric safe

To conceal your weapon close to where you sleep, the Sentry Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe is perfect to discretely install in your nightstand.

It comfortably holds a J&K sized revolver and can quickly and quietly be accessed with one hand. Its solid steel structure can be mounted inside or outside of a draw depending on your nightstand dimensions.

The Sentry is black so conceals well in a draw or corner and comes in 3 styles. Biometric for fingerprint access, combination and portable for cars or brief cases.

It is not designed to be wall or vertically mounted. Doing so would cause items to fall out. This however is not a concern as it is perfect for use in a nightstand draw for which it was primarily designed. It can be secured to the base if you feel theft may be a problem. But it most importantly, it avoids the wrong person from playing with or handling the gun.

If you are looking for a safe that is quick and quiet to access and fits securely next to your bed, look no further. This strong and compact model is a smart, reliable choice for any household or office.

Electronic Bedside Drawer Safe


Another perfect fit for drawer access is the Stack-On PDS1500 Bedside Drawer Safe with electronic lock.

This is the more traditional styled design and we love the old reliable stability and functionality it offers. It is also the most affordable in our reviewed range.

The Stack-On bedside drawer safes steel construction locks with 2 steel locking bolts and has concealed hinges for added security. It can be securely mounted to your bed stand.

It is a little larger that the more modern and compact designs. This allows you to store an extra magazine and boxes of ammo if needed.

If you need a little more space for a larger weapon, hardware and any other valuables, it offers you the extra room to move.

Microvault Night Stand Pistol Safe

pistol safe

Compact, strong and secure. The slick Gunvault MV500-STD Microvault Pistol Safe is our number 4 selection.

This micro safe is made of 16 gauge steel. The interior is foam lined to protect your weapon and other valuables. The buttons are easy to use when setting your code and opening.

The handprint design has a button operating system that looks like a biometric pad. This clever design allows you to place your hand easily in the dark and enter your combination to access your gun.

Should batteries run flat, you will need to unlock it with a key. This key backup is an essential in any electric safe to ensure you are never locked out. It does not include 9v batteries so you will need to order these separately.

If you are looking for peace of mind, this compact and secure option checks that box. It also allows you quick, easy access in emergencies. It is simple to access in the dark and in the day, it ensures your weapon is secure if found by unwanted individuals.

This microvault is also well suited if you want to secure your weapon in your car. It fits easily under a car seat or in a glove box.

Mini Vault Gun Safe

mini vault

Available in both biometric and combination designs, the Gunvault GV1000S MiniVault offers the most space of all the products we have reviewed.

It is strong on the outside but soft on the inside to ensure your valuables are protected. This large, secure design can be bolted to your night stand. It will work best if you have a larger cupboard style design. The hand print allows you to discretely place your hand on the buttons or biometric fingerprint recognition pads to access your weapon in the dark.

We love the added feature which allows you to see if anyone has tried to access or tamper with the safe. If you hold down the 2 and 3 buttons at the same time for a few seconds and it turns green, this indicates that no one entered a wrong combination. Red indicates the entering of an incorrect code.

Depending on where you mount or position it, the hand scanner or button location can be awkward to access. Ensure you avoid this by positioning it in a spot without obstructions.

This is 100% for you if you have a larger amount of items to store. Perfect for protecting your family from unapproved access, but quick entry for you, should you need to protect them and yourself in an emergency.

Electronic or Biometric?

In our selection of the best night stand gun safes above, we have always leaned more toward electronic options even when a biometric system is available. This is mainly because of personal preference and experience. We believe that the electronic systems are quicker to open and can be more reliable.

There are some cases of biometric readers taking several tries before opening successfully. In emergency situations, you do not always have the luxury of time. When rushed, and under pressure, it is difficult to make sure that your hand is perfectly placed for the reader to scan accurately and allow you access to your weapon.

Biometric scanners are best suited for controlled environments. Should your scanner be a little dusty, you can take the time to dust it down and try again. We also prefer electronic operation to the older mechanical safes, here are our top reasons why.

Top 5 Advantages of Electronic Locks Over Mechanical Locks

  1. Electronic Locks are Convenient: Remembering your combination is a lot easier than carrying or safely hiding a key for a mechanically locked system.
  2. Lost Keys: You can always access your electronic lock system with a combination code, but lose a key and you are locked out.
  3. Better Security: Mechanical locks can be picked and keys can be found. Electronic locks can also be linked to burglar alarms. In most home use cases, no code, no access.
  4. Easy Monitoring: You can set up an electronic locks to monitor if your safe has been tampered with.
  5. Less Admin: In a business environment, a mechanical system’s keys need to be guarded and monitored. In electronic systems, different users can be given different codes and access can be traced if security is compromised.


#1 Here’s a Video of Our Winning Safe, the SV500

#2 The Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe by SentrySafe

Thank you for taking the time to read our review. These essential gun safety measures ensure the secure storage of your weapon and easy access if a situation arises and you need to protection. Send us your feedback in the comments below and let us know which features have worked best for you.

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