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If you slip and fall in a restaurant kitchen, you could end up with a broken bone, sprains, bruises, or even a concussion. These are hazards that face every woman who works in a demanding environment such as a restaurant kitchen, nursing environment or healthcare. If you are constantly on your feet, one wrong step on spilt oil or water could cause a serious fall.

With many companies requiring staff to wear non-slip black shoes in the workplace, it is worth doing your homework and investing in the right pair. Safety features like good grip on the soles will help you avoid unnecessary accidents, and if you stand all day, comfort is a must!

We’ve compiled the best black non slip shoes for women. Our handpicked selection provide support while cushioning your feet throughout the day, factoring in padding in the footbed, tongue, and collar. The designs are also stylish so you can look your best whilst wearing functional black workwear.

Skechers Sure Track Slip-Resistant Footwear


If you want to feel in control of your day while working as a nurse or in a restaurant every footstep must be sure whether on oily or wet slippery surfaces. Skechers for work presents us with a model you can’t pass on. It is a practical shoe that is both comfortable and slip-resistant.

It features a nitrile rubber outsole which grips the surface and prevents any slips. It has a relaxed fit that makes it easy for the toes to spread. It is rated for safety against electric hazards and meets all other EH standards. The midsole is incredibly comfortable thanks to the memory foam footbed which follows the curves of your feet. This pair is also padded at the collar and ankle. Your feet will always have a safe landing when you stand for too long on hard concrete floors. Available in black and white.

Skechers Trickel Cute Non Slip Shoes


Skechers continues to prove their work shoes are the best in the non slip shoe category. This pair is cute, so you don’t have to give up your style on the job. It has a steel toe design that is particularly helpful if you work in demanding jobs where flying objects are a regular occurrence. Not to mention, it meets the ASTM standards for slip resistance.

As much as this pair is rugged, it is also lightweight and comfy. The midsole if of memory foam and it’s well-cushioned with removable insoles. The Flexsole midsole is also shock resistant which absorbs the pressure from your feet and supports your arch in the process. It’s a great choice for the trendy woman working in a commercial kitchen.

SR Max Athletic Footgear


The SR Max Rialto black non slip shoes for women will satisfy both your safety and style. It offers you a sure grip and comfort from every dimension. Whether you are working in a hospital where you need to be up on your feet every second, or serve food in a hectic restaurant, this pair will protect your feet.

It enjoys a sneaker design with a plush and removable insole. The midsole is well-padded as well as the tongue and collar. It has a lightweight frame which is a great aspect as it provides you with the speed that lets you perform with excellence. The leather upper is scratch resistant such that it maintains its sleek look throughout its life.

KEEN Women’s Black Nursing Work Shoe


The KEEN Utility black non-slippery shoe uses breathable leather to keep your feet fresh all day. The leather upper is durable as it is water and scratch resistant. It repels off dust and stains for easy maintenance. With the non-marking rubber outsole, it keeps you safe both on the job and off the job.

This low-profile shoe achieves cushy comfort with a blend of recycled polyurethane and memory foam in the midsole. It contours to your fit and also offers pressure relief as it follows your movements throughout the day. It’s what you want if you want a lightweight pair that lives up to the standards of workplaces.

Ehomelife Chef Clog


The Ehomelife Chef Clog Mule remains a favorite among chefs and nurses for only one reason; comfort. These clogs have an anti-skid system which disperses water films on oily surfaces. This way, it achieves stability so you can walk with confidence. They have enhanced arch support that is crucial to your feet since after standing on a hard floor, your arch collapses.

The Ehomelife clogs carry molded EVA midsole which is cushioned enough to provide all-day comfort. You’ll love wearing them in hot environments as they have side vents which provide ample ventilation to the feet. With the swiveled backstrap, these clogs convert from a sling back to a slide. They give you a professional look, so you better have them on your feet. Available in black and white.

SR Max Slip Resistant Sneaker


The SR Max Malibu is not just any black non-slip women’s work shoe. It’s from one of the most remarkable brands in the industry, and they sure know what it means by a lightweight non-skid work shoe. It uses MaxTrax outsole technology that provides industry-leading non slip shoes.

This is a pair you get to wear to restaurants where spills are the order of the day or in nursing where you have to be on the move every second of the clock. It is well-ventilated plus it has a mesh fabric lining to wick away sweat. The suede and leather upper give it a semi-casual look to achieve a fashionable look for the lady who loves some detail in their work outfit.

Skechers Kincaid Slip-On Loafer


If you want to achieve a semi-casual look in a black non-resistant shoe, the Kincaid II seems to be the best fit. It comes in a loafer style, but still maintains the reliability and safety of slippery floors. The upper is of faux leather. It is water resistant for easy care and durable since it can retain its neat stitches and the seams.

The Kincaid II has a memory foam insole to provide support and cushioning when you stand on concrete floors. The rubber outsole is flexible to get you moving, and it carries deep traction that protects your steps amidst oily and skidding surfaces. You’ll like that it wears quickly just by slipping so you won’t be dealing with shoelaces when in them.

Spend Long Hours Working On Your Feet?

When you are in the hospitality or healthcare industry, you understand that shifts can go up to 14 hours. This puts pressure on your feet, and they may swell and ache so much that it gets too uncomfortable to stand.

Although comfortable work shoes contribute to your relaxation, you’ll still need to know about other methods of alleviating the extra stress to the legs and feet.

Move Around

If your workstation requires that you stand in one position, it’s important that you take a few breaks and stretch those feet. This also goes for the woman who is confined to a desk for hours like a cashier or teller. You can do dynamic movements by stretching while standing in place.

Hydrate Those Muscles

Your muscles, including those of the legs and feet tend to tighten when they lack enough fluids. That’s why you should remember to carry your water bottle and actually sip the water as you go on your day.

Get a Padded Mat

If you use a standing desk or are stuck behind the kitchen counter preparing meals; get a cushioned mat for standing on. It’s much better than standing on the hard floor for hours.

Massage Your Feet After Work

You can start by soaking the feet in warm water and then using essential oils to relieve the pressure on your feet. You can also apply pain relief cream before getting to bed.

Why Choose Non Slip Footgear

These are truly multi-purpose shoes and can be used in a variety of work environments like hospitals where they are widely used by nursing staff. In the restaurant industry, they are commonly used by chefs and kitchen staff. Being that they are slip and oil resistant, they help avoid accidents where floors are inevitably slippery.

If you plan to do gardening work where your work shoes can get muddy and wet, non slip or non skid footwear is a great choice, and  they are easy to clean with a quick rinse. For this purpose, we especially love the clog mule.

Every woman who works in a demanding industry understands the agony of aching feet. We’ve given you a list of the most comfortable and non-slip brands that will help provide optimum comfort and protection. We hope you can get the relief and freedom from pain by choosing one of our top choices.

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