Wide Calf Rain Boots for Women


Some of us girls are just really well-endowed when it comes to our calf muscles. A real issue for us is finding a long rain boot that fits without feeling like we are being constricted. This is a big issue for women, especially bigger girls who have a difficult time to find boots that fit their wide calves.

We know how you must feel when going to the shop to fit a boot and it just doesn’t happen. It’s really disappointing! Those cute rain boots you saw and loved… but can’t buy them because they don’t fit… It hurts a little inside, even if we don’t want to admit it.

Well, don’t fret, because we went out and looked for boots dedicated to big calves. No need to struggle anymore girls! Check out these four cool boots that solve the problem from the word go. Let’s get to it…

But first, measure the circumference of the widest part of your calves (in inches) to see which of the options below will be the perfect fit.

We have five great options which all come in a wide variety of beautiful and quirky designs.

Adjustable Calf Wellies


17 to 21 inches around the calves!

Jileon Extra Wide Calf Rubber Rain Boots for Women are the biggest fit boot available in the US.

The Jileon is really versatile; it covers for ladies who have big calves, wider feet and wider ankles. The great thing with this design is the adjustability of the upper shaft allows women who maybe have average calves, but wider feet or ankles to customize the fit to perfection. The upper shaft can be adjusted from 17 to 21 inches in circumference.

To boot, the Jileon extra wide calf rain boots come in a range of fabulous colors, making them stylish and very functional.

They are made from awesome quality weather tested rubber, guaranteed to last you many years of use in wet conditions.

Tall Rain Boots with Wide Calf


17.5 to 18.5 inch calf circumference

The Flat Wide Calf Wellie from Onlineshoe is a great functional rain boot for ladies who want to get work done outside in wet conditions.

The Rubber used for this boot has a nice slick black patent leather look and is great quality for wet and rainy conditions.

The adjustment on the upper shaft of the Wellie is from 17.5 to 18.5 inches. The V-shaped gusset adjustment is not as variable as our first boot, a one size bigger than your usual fit is recommended. You will likely want to wear a nice dense pair of socks anyway, so taking a size bigger is always a good idea with this type of boot.

The Wellie comes only in black and resembles a horse-riding boot. A great value for money boot that gets the job done in wet weather.

Mid Length Wet Boots for Women


Calf Measurement: 18 inches

Capelli New York’s Ladies Shiny Short Rubber Rain Boot is a nicely styled wet weather boot for ladies who want to carry some style on their wet weather endeavors.

This boot is a mid-calf rain boot, meaning that it is shorter than traditional wellington boots and only come up to half way on the calf muscle. It has a V-shaped gusset adjustment that can open to 18 inches around the calves. This is quite large for the mid-calf region, making this boot ideal for girls that are sturdier in the lower legs.

These boots from Capelli New York are ideal for the city girl who needs to commute on foot in rainy or wet weather. They have stylish appeal and come in four great shades to match your daily outfit.

Very well-priced and good quality make these boots a great choice if you need a handy wet weather boot for quickly popping down to the store or maybe for doing some garden work in wet weather.

Women’s Rain Shoes


If you simply can’t find anything, why not avoid calves altogether! Joules Women’s Wellibob Rain Boot is such a cool looking style!

Available in a fantastic range of colors, this well thought design is perfect for ladies who just cannot stand a full length rubber boot around their calves.

The boot has a fleece lining inside for sheer comfort and warmth. The Wellibob is a short boot and the upper edge covers the ankle and comes up to about an inch above the ankle knobs.

It has a self-adjusting stretch fabric gusset on the sides to accommodate wider ankles. The advantage of this design is that the stretch fabric moulds the boot to your ankle without any constriction from buckles and straps; we think this is awesome from a comfort point of view. The circumference measurement is 11.5 inches unstretched.

The Wellibob has been made from best quality materials and the rubber used has been through a waxing process to ensure ultimate water resistance.

Really a great purchase, definitely one of our favorites!

Tips for Buying and Using Womens Wide Width Rain Boots

A great idea would be to measure the circumference of the widest part of your calves. The easiest way is to use a seamstress tape measure or even a piece of string.

Start by putting on a pair of socks you intend wearing with your boots. A thick pair of socks around the calves could easily add an inch onto the circumference. Once you have this measurement you can add an inch onto that to ensure a firm but free fit.

This is an important tip before ordering your chosen boot, there’s nothing worse than ordering a size too small.

When you aren’t using your boots, store them somewhere they are not exposed to direct sunlight, as the rubber could get brittle over time if they receive periods of exposure to sun, especially darker colored boots will absorb heat fast and get hot.

We hope that you girls feel more relaxed now about your big calves and finding the right fit. Why not leave us a few comments on the article after buying your boots, so we “girls” can stand together and help each other.

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