The Best Waterproof Watches for Kids

best waterproof watches for kids

When you’re buying something for children you want try and to make sure that it’ll last. Whatever it is, you don’t want it falling apart on the first day. Too many manufacturers take advantage of parents by claiming to be the toughest or most durable product on the market only to have it break in the hands of a child within hours of use.

Watches are no exception. We’re only too familiar with throwing away a brand new kid’s watch after a fun day at the pool. The claim to be waterproof but are they really. What’s the deal with waterproof and water resistant? Let’s take a really good look and find out once and for all.

Great Children’s Watches for Swimming

Whether it’s rain, or the endlessly enticing puddle, kids are bound to get wet. Basic watches might not be able to survive the occasional splash, but there are many models that can. In this review, we’ll be taking a look at the five best waterproof options on the market. We’ll show you the differences between them, and help you decide which one is right for you.

Casio Boys Sport Analog Dive Watch

casio boys dive watch

Sure, it might be a little larger that most kids watches, but it’s also significantly more durable. Don’t let the photos fool you. Under two inches in width, it’s compact enough to fit on any child’s arm.

Made from a high quality resin, it can handle much more than the average bumps and scratches it will receive in a kid’s every-day life. It’s waterproof all the way down to 100 meters! The molded resin band is easily adjustable so your kids can continue to use it as they grow.

(Take note, it is an analog display so you should consider if your child would have difficulty reading the time.)

AZLAND Swimming Sports Watch

azland swimming watch

Available in a stylish green, red, or blue color schemes, this is a fantastic watch for young boys. Thanks to the 35mm dial, it’s best for children between five and twelve years of age. During these years, children often have skin that is more sensitive than that of adults. The soft rubber band is much more comfortable than competing options, so children won’t find themselves irritated by wearing it on their arm.

The digital display is much easier for young children to read than an analog, and it displays the date along with the time. It’s waterproof down to 100 feet, so it’s fine to take swimming. It’s unfortunately only designed for cooler water and should be removed when in the shower. Thanks to its affordable price and great durability, this is a great choice for really active children.

Casio Classic Sport

casio digital

If it ‘aint broken, don’t fix it. This classic design was on the market when many of us were young, and it’s still around today for a good reason. As one of the most reliable options on the market, this is a purchase that you know can last a very long time. The battery alone will work for 10 years, and replacements are cheap and readily available.

The large digital display is easy for kids to read and it also includes a stopwatch, digital date display and an hourly time signal. It’s waterproof down to 100 meters in both hot and cold water, and features a push-button LED light that makes it easy to read in the dark.

Cofuo Kids LED Luminescent

cofuo girls waterresistant

For budding little fashionistas, this stylish design makes it the perfect gift. The purple and pink design is fantastic for young girls who might not like the look of the common sport watch, but you still get all of the durability. It’s only water resistant down to 50 meters. This isn’t something you’d want to take into the pool for long durations, but for rainy weather or the occasional splash, it’s more than adequate.

It’s quite shock resistant and can withstand most bumps or scrapes that come along with playtime.

What stands out most is the inverted LCD display. This is one of the few LCDs that has a purple hue, remaining consistent with the exterior. Kids simply love the cool look of the lighting.

With the addition of a chrome bezel and decorative hearts around the display face, this is a gift that young girls will be ecstatic to unwrap on their special day.

Timex Ironman Essential 10

ironman watch

The Ironman is a fantastic option and works perfectly as an adult watch too.

For both boys and girls, the Ironman series is available in 14 different fun and playful designs. From baby blue floral patterns to energetic red and white designs, there is something available for every child.

It has a calendar, digital display, and stopwatch with memory for up to 10 laps. You can also use it as a countdown timer, or an alarm so your kids know when to wake up for school.

Water resistance down to 330 feet makes this the absolute best rated watch on the list, and is our first choice if you want something that will last a really long time.

How Do You Choose The Best One For You?

There are hundreds of options to choose from, but these five are among the very best on the market. If you’re still unsure of which one you should buy, there are a few factors you should consider.

Absolute Best, But At A Price

Not willing to make any compromises? If you’re able to spend a little more money, the Timex Ironman Essential 10 lets you have it all. With the best waterproofing on the market, a ton of great colors to choose from, and a plethora of features available, this choice gives you every feature you could ask for.

Coolest Designs, But Not Super Waterproof

Looking for an eye catching design that kids absolutely love?

For boys, the AZLAND is a good choice. The aggressive look and vibrant color options make one fantastic looking sport watch.
For girls, the pink and purple tone of the Cofuo Kids Luminescent combine cute design with fantastic durability.

Best For Bumps & Knocks, But Analog

Want your kids to learn how to read an analog clock? Casio’s Sport Analog Drive Watch is stylish, durable, and easy to read. It’s high contrast display will make it easy for them to learn how to read an analog watch – an important skill for all children to have.

Casio’s Reliability, No “Buts”

On a tight budget? Check out Casio’s Classic W800H-1AV. This tried and true design has been around for many years, and has been proven to offer unparalleled reliability, with all the waterproofing your kids will need a day at the pool.

Anyone of these cool watches is a great treat for your water-baby. Swimming is a great way for kids to have fun as well and keep active and healthy. Added benefits include using all the body’s major muscle groups as well as getting the heart pumping. Improved strength, confidence and coordination also ensures they are safe in the water, easing any parents concern for their child’s safely.

Checkout Some Awesome Waterproof Options for Adults

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