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This may seem like an odd invention, but let us tell you that a truck tire step is probably one of the handiest accessories for any truck or pick up owner.

Most of us who own a truck or pickup are quite aware that getting up and down into the load bed can be a “jumpy” affair. Either you step directly on top of the tire, or use the tailgate as a stepping platform. Even this may be troublesome for shorter people or older folks, who have to rely on placing a drum or upturned bucket as a step.

Also at times when we are working on the engine or cleaning the windscreen we rely on the tire or a makeshift step to access the higher area.

This arrangement is not only makeshift, but also dangerous because an unstable up-turned bucket could easily slip and topple over under the weight of a person, leading to a nasty fall and injury.

We went and found four of the nicest and most functional tire steps for your pickup truck.

HitchMate Over the Tire Step


The Hitchmate tire step is an awesome accessory to make life easier when loading your pickups load bed or for when you are doing routine maintenance.

The Hitchmate has been designed to fit most mid to large vehicles that have a tire width of up to 12.5 inches. The standing platform is 22 inches in length and is 10 inches wide; and can be adjusted to three different heights on the frame. What’s great is the tire width adjustment, it adjusts to fit three different standard tire widths making it suitable to use on multiple vehicles where you require a step to access normally out of reach areas. It has an amazing carrying capacity of 400 pounds.

The Hitchmate folds away nicely and is great to keep stored behind the seat of your truck.

So next time you are struggling to secure your surfboards to the roof rack of your station wagon, look no further than the Hitchmate. It is so simple to use!

Performance Tool Truck Wheel Step


The heavy duty tire step from Performance Tool Wilmar is the perfect accessory for the working trucker and pickup driver.

This wheel step also fits tires with a width of up to 13 inches and is fully adjustable for varying width tires. The stepping platform is made from a “cheese grater” style stainless steel plate which has four different vertical height settings. The cheese grater platform is super grippy and you can be guaranteed a nonslip experience with this tire step. It folds completely flat when not in use and can be easily stored in the spare wheel storage cavity. The Wilmar wheel step weighs about 11 pounds and is super stable and safe to use.

We think this is a great design for general all-round truck use and comes at a really affordable price.

Red Hound Wheel Step Ladder


The Red Hound Auto ladder is a great heavy duty tire step that any trucker should have handy. The advantages of having one of these for loading goods on and off the load bed of a truck or pick up becomes evident after no longer having to struggle to stay balanced on the edge of a tire or on a stool.

The Red Hound has a 21 by 7 ¾ inch step platform made from similar cheese grater cut stainless steel, offering a nonslip surface to stay secure on while loading goods or working on your pickup’s engine.

It has a great carrying capacity of 300 pounds, making it less strong than the previous one in our list; however it is still very strong and stable. The Red Hound folds away into a compact flat pack, convenient for storing behind the seat of your truck ready for use.

A really nice and simple tool that will provide you with years of safe use, backed by a one year guarantee against defects.

Viking Solutions Step-Up Tire Step


Different design here from Viking Solutions, one which relies on the ground as a support as well as the top of the tire. The other three on our list rely solely on the tire top and side walls as a support.

This 2 step ladder is suitable for tires in the 25 to 30 inch diameter, and sadly is not height adjustable or width adjustable like the other models featured. This however doesn’t make it an inferior choice; it is very stable and has a carrying capacity of 300 pounds.

It measures 32 inches in length and is 19 inches wide. The two steps are made of injection moulded non-slip plastic that will offer great support for whatever work you are performing on your pickup truck. The step also fold s flat for easy storage, even though folded flat it measures 32 x 19 inches, it is still flat and compact enough to be stashed behind the seat of your truck or SUV.

Ideas and Uses for Truck Tire Ladders

Tire steps are such handy and convenient accessories for any truck, SUV or pick up owner. The applications are endless, so let’s take a quick look at some of the uses and where they can come in handy.

They are a must for service vehicles like delivery trucks that move goods from point A to B. When loading and securing goods to the load bed of a truck, a tire ladder can make the world of difference by providing a stable support from which to load heavy articles as well as securing the load with strapping. Working at face height is just naturally more strenuous, so having the benefit of a tire step is tantamount to trouble free work.

Its also great to have handy when going camping or having tailgate parties with a bunch of friends.

For those Saturdays when you decide to wash your truck, you will no longer have the hassle of stretching your arms to reach the very top of the vehicle, the tire step sorts that issue out.

All of the products in this article provide a safe platform from which to work and not one of these designs will do any damage to your tires or rims. They are all great purchases and we assure you won’t regret having one of these handy.


How to Use the Wilmar and Red Hound Auto Ladder

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