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The perfect beach day is the sun high in the sky, the right sun-cloud ration to allow you to work on your golden tan without burning, and a light breeze to keep you cool as a cucumber.

Mother nature, however, is not always in sync with our wants and desires. A day at the beach can easily turn into a scorcher. As your suntan turns to a sunburn and your sunscreen melts as the sweat running down your face, beach time becomes a lot less appealing. Just the right amount of sun can deliver a  healthy dose of Vitamin D, but prolonged exposure can cause lasting damage to your skin.

The simple secret to an enjoyable day in the sun is the trusted beach umbrella, more specifically, the Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella. For generations, beach goers have arrived at the seaside with a beach umbrella in hand. Today, the solution to excessive sun exposure remains unchanged, only improved in design and quality.

If you own any one of the Tommy Bahama luxury beach chairs, or even the handy beach cart, you’ll be fully aware of what makes these quality products so desirable. Even for a product as simple as a beach brolly, Tommy Bahama over delivers once again, here’s what we love about it.


What Makes This Beach Umbrella So Special?

The Tommy Bahama is a large 7 foot diameter canopy, creating ample cool shade for you and your family to enjoy. It has a telescopic aluminum pole with fiberglass ribs for added strength. The poles tilting mechanism allows you to easily adjust the angel for the canopy to create better shade as the sun moves.

There is a vent on the top of the canopy which helps it withstand windy conditions. The vent allows wind to move through the canopy, preventing it from being blown away.

It is lined with a silver UPF 50+ sun protection, keeping you protected from the harsh heat of the day.

What About Extras?

We have already covered the UPF 50+ Silver lining, the telescopic pole, tilting mechanism and the built in wind vent, but that’s not all.

The bottom half of the pole has a built in sand anchor to make securing your umbrella that much easier. It comes with a carry bag with a handle so it can easily be slung over your shoulder when you are off to the beach. It also protects the umbrella from damage when not in use. Thank you Tommy Bahama!


Umbrella Color Options

The Tommy Bahama canopy fabric comes in a mixed blue and white striped design and apple red.


Canopy: 7 feet diameter
Beach Pole: Two 1.25 inch aluminum poles
Weight:  4.8 pounds

Who It’s For?


If you regularly spend weekends or holidays at the beach, especially if you have young children, the Tommy Bahama design will serve you well.

If your kids love to spend hours digging and building sand castles, set up the umbrella over their chosen spot on the beach. As the sun moves, you can adjust the angle of the canopy to ensure they are always shaded. The UPF 50+ sun protection of the canopies lining also provides that added piece of mind that their delicate skin has an extra layer of protection over their sunscreen.

How To Set Up Your Tommy Bahama

Okay, we know this is not rocket science, but often times, basic tips can be overlooks and if you’re anything like me, you’d prefer to not have to chase your brolly down the beach should the wind pick up.

1. Use a sand anchor. Screw the sand anchor attached to the bottom bottom pole all the way down into the sand.

2. Holding the pole steady, place the second half of the umbrella into the first pole opening. Ensure your canopy is still closed.

3. Once secured in place, open the beach shade canopy. Tilt it to the desired angle to create the right amount of shade.

4. To pack away, first close the canopy, then remove the top half of the umbrella from the base pole. Finally, unscrew the sand anchor.

Safety Tips Video

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