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If your idea of a perfect holiday is spending time at the beach with sand between your toes, then wait, it’s about to get even better. Imagine doing it in luxury, with comfy beach chairs, refreshing drinks, a shady umbrella and all the accessories that leave you wanting for nothing.

But hold on, there’s a catch, you first have to drag every bit of gear from the parking lot down to the beach. Hmm, a lot less appealing than you first imagined.

The Tommy beach cart is the helping-hand you need to keep beach days hassle free. No need to haul heavy gear when you can simply unfold your cart, load it up, and roll off to find your spot in the sand. It is the beach caddy that makes all the difference.

Our obsession will all things Tommy Bahama has us exploring their range of awesome beach accessories. The simple, yet convenient Tommy Bahama beach cart, is the winner of our best Beach Cart with Big Wheels review.


Where Can You Take Your Tommy Bahama?

The collapsible Tommy Bahama beach cart has been cleverly designed specifically for beach use. One of the features we love most is the large, wide rimmed wheels. These are essential to keep you from burrowing into the sand the moment your loaded cart lands on the beach. The large wheels allow the cart to glide over the sand. The front wheels are narrow, swivel stroller wheels which don’t function well on the sand, but are essential to help with steering when your cart is on firmer surface. Simply tilt your cart on the sand to wheel it around on the large back beach wheels.


What About All Terrain Use?

The wide back wheels make it easy to push or pull over grass, gravel or tar so you can pretty much take it wherever you need to go. If you find yourself carrying several heavy loads to sports events or picnics, the Tommy Bahama cart cuts out the inconvenience and makes the ideal carry companion.

Is it Strong Enough to Carry All Your Beach Gear?

It has a carrying capacity of 100 pounds so will more than adequately accommodate all your beach gear, including a full sized 48 Quart Cooler.

The sturdy frame holds a generous mesh storage pocket where you can store a cooler box, towels and a beach bag. The durable fabric is quick drying and easy to clean. There is a heavy duty rack on the front of the cart where you can pack up to 4 beach chairs. To allow for more packing space in the durable mesh pocket, there is a separate umbrella pouch and straps positioned on the side of the trolley.

It also has a rack on the front of the cart which can hold up to 4 beach chairs. Unlike some beach carts, It is well balanced so will not fall over easily, even when fully loaded.

What About Extras?

It has a removable insulated cooler bag to keep drinks and snacks nice and cold. The bag fits on the top of the cart, but also has shoulder straps if you want to use it separately with zipper pockets on the side to store valuables like keys and cash.

The Tommy Bahama Beach cart is collapsible, so stores neatly, and takes up minimal space in the trunk of your car. Once you arrive at the beach, you pop it open and load it up.

It has a padded handle, positioned at a comfortably height to making it easy for one person to push or pull it alone without any effort.

Beach Cart Design Options

The Tommy Bahama beach cart comes in a classic blue finish with the Tommy Bahama logo printed on the back of the removable cooler bag and on the back of the mesh basket.

Cart Dimensions

Mesh Storage Compartment: 15 cubic feet
Dimensions: 33 x 19.2 x 5 inches
Cart Weight:  17 pounds
Back Wheels: 4 x 10 inches

Who It’s For?


With the large packing capacity, this is a great accessory for any beach loving family. It has more than enough space to carry towels, chairs and beach toys. If you want to avoid multiple trips back to the car, you need look no further.

Easy to Open and Fold Away

If you live near the beach and go regularly, it’s an absolute no-brainer. Leave it parked and packed in your garage so you can just grab it whenever the ocean calls.

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