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Tetherball is one of those schoolyard games that will be forever etched in our memories. The big yellow ball, the sting on your hand as you smack it to your opponent, the excitement of hitting back and forth until someone ultimately wins. Now we are lucky enough to have these sets available for home use. It’s great for improving hand-eye coordination and its fun too!

Tether balls are known to be quite hard on the hands, but thankfully, the newer ones are softer and more forgiving. We have sorted through all the options available and found the best replacement balls as well as an awesome complete set for your garden that is fun, safe and convenient.

The aim of the game is to hit the ball back and forth to your opponent without letting the rope slack. You need to return it in such a way that the other player misses his return shot.

Having this game set up at home will keeps kids (and young-at-heart adults) entertained for hours. Let’s check them out.

Portable Tetherball Set with Pole


Topping our list is the Lifetime Portable Set with Extra Soft Ball. This set is great for both children and adults. It is soft on children’s hands while the poll is sturdy enough for aggressive play.

We love the strong, 2 inch steel pole. It has no chance of tipping over, allowing you to play on grass or concrete. Just fill the base with sand or water and you are ready to go. The pole is also weather and rust resistant so the set is perfect for long term outdoor use. It’s nice and soft so don’t fret about the kids hurting their hands.

This product can become discolored if exposed to the sun for to an extended amount of time. Be sure to cover it up if you want the color to stay vibrant.

  • 8 inch tether ball
  • 96 inch steel pole
  • 71 inch nylon cord
  • 12 gallon base

This set is perfect if you are looking for a set for the whole family. (Ages 4 and up). Whether you are a novice or experienced player, you can’t go wrong with this portable set.

Soft Rubber Ball for Kids


Next we have selection the Tachikara Sof-T Rubber tetherball. If the pain of the game isn’t something you want to endure then this is the perfect  buy for you. It is soft to the touch and perfect for you or your kids to enjoy playing for hours on end.

The unique rubber design acts as more of a cushion on your hand. Goodbye stinging palms! The nylon rope comes with a metal clip that is perfect for attaching to a recessed pole.

You may prefer a brighter colour like the luminous yellow that we all remember but the simple blue colour won’t fade easily when exposed to the elements.

This soft rubber feel is great if you are looking for a forgiving option that your kids can play with. They will love how gentle it is on their hands.

Glow in the Dark Ball


Our third review is the Mikasa Glow in the Dark Tetherball.

If you have bought a set in the past but after a full season or two of play the ball is too damaged to use, then the Mikasa glow in the dark outdoor tetherball is a perfect replacement. And yes, it glows in the dark so it gives you the option to play in the day or at night.

It’s a perfect balance between soft and firm, allowing lots of different types of play. The rope is great quality and won’t break or fray easily.

The “glow in the dark’ ball does need to be charged by an artificial light. You’ll need to ‘charge’ it with a flashlight or even you’r phone’s flashlight function will do. However, once thats done, get ready for some awesome illuminated action!

It’s perfect for you if you don’t want the fun to end just because the sun has gone down. Play all day and all night with this fantastic option.

Soft FireBall Design


Our final selection is the Tachhikara Super Soft which looks like an actual flaming comet as it swings through the air!

The diamond textured rubber cover allows for good grip and playability. It’s softer than most balls on the market so getting injured if the game gets too intense won’t be a worry. It features a 9.84-foot rope with a clip which can be attached to pretty much any sturdy pole. The bright colours also help for late afternoon or early evening play.

The flame design and bold colors are awesome but be careful not to leave it in the sun too long as the red will soon fade to a lighter shade but this sturdy ball will deliver a great game time and time again regardless of how it looks.

This ball is made just for you if you if you want a game design that stands out while delivering excellent game play. You’ll enjoy watching the fireball whizz through the air.

How to Play – Tether Ball Rules

If you need a recap on the rules and how to play, you’re in luck! We’re going to tell you exactly how it’s done so you and your family can enjoy the game for years to come.

There are different variations, for example, in the UK, they play with paddles but in America we use oversized balls and our hands.

You can even play a tournament style game – this is especially great if you have a big group of friends all wanting to get in on the action. Play more than one game at a time or let the winners of each round face off against one another.

You will need a pole that has been fixed firmly into the ground so that it doesn’t move around when you hit it. The best way to do this is to use a concrete base or fill a base with water or sand to hold it down.  Attached to this pole should be a rope with the ball secured to the end, usually with a metal clip. It should be the size and weight of a volley ball. You will also need an opponent to play with you.

The Rules

  1. There are 2 players in each game of Tetherball.
  2. Players decide amongst themselves who will serve first.
  3. The first player steps into the court and yells “side and ways!’ and then serves.
  4. During the first serve the opponent is not allowed to touch the ball before the server has touched it again.
  5. After his first serve, the opponent needs to hit back to the player while changing the direction of the ball. The goal here is to try and hit it in such a way that the player cannot hit the ball back while changing its direction.
  6. The winner is the player who manages to wind the ball and rope all the way around the pole so that it can no longer be hit.
  7. The game usually goes on for three rounds but can also go up to five until a victor is declared.

Fun Video

We hope you have found our review and game rules helpful and comment below if you think there is anything we should include.

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