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Many of us are looking for the brightest compact flashlight to keep at hand for times when we are suddenly left in the dark. The need for that perfect design that is small and compact, but can brighten the darkest situation and be stored in a handbag or jacket pocket without being a nuisance.

The J5 Hyper V is a great choice and rates as one of the brightest mini flashlights available today, putting out an impressive 400 lumens of light. For more great options, check out our comparison article.

j5 Hyper-V Tactical

J5 Hyper V Tactical Flashlight Specs

With a length of 5 inches and a diameter of only 1 inch, the J5 is super compact and portable.

It has a weight of 3.7 Oz which slightly heavier than other products in its size class, however this is only due to its solid alloy construction, which is way better than the lightweight plastic manufacturing on the majority of models.

Top Feature of the J5 Hyper V

What stands out with the J5 is that it generates a full 400 lumens of light power only using standard AAA batteries. It takes 3 AAA batteries which last an average 33 – 4 hours of lighting on the high setting, indeed quite impressive for standard AAA’s.

At 400 lumens with the reflector head focussed to a tight beam, the J5 casts a beam of light at a distance of about 200 yards.

Awesome Features for a Small Flashlight

The J5 has a reflector head which shifts back and forth to reduce or increase the spread of light. This is great if you need to focus a direct beam of light on to a specific subject or have a more peripheral spread of light on an area.

A very plain and simple 3 settings are easy to operate by operating the on/off switch. The settings are high and low, as well as a strobe setting, great for self-defence.

Functional and Compact Design

The J5 is made from a tough and durable aluminium alloy case, which is scratch and dent resistant.

It also has a handy belt clip, so it can be attached to your belt or pocket with ease making it fully accessible when the need for light arises.

The J5 Hyper V is fitted with a 400 lumen LED lamp.

Unfortunately the J5 is not waterproofed, but its basic functionality makes it the best and brightest pocket flashlight available.

Benefits of Small Rechargeable Unit

It goes without saying that for certain activities we want  the smallest, brightest tool, that has enough light power to not warrant carrying something bigger or too cumbersome.

The J5 Hyper V is ideal for Joggers, hikers, workmen and most other activities you could think of. It will make an ideal light for women who are often travelling on their own; it can be stored in even the smallest handbags or in your vehicles glove compartment.

The J5 Hyper V is a brilliant buy and comes at a reasonable price.

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