Rio Big Guy Folding Beach Chair with Backpack Straps


The Rio Big Boy is sturdy and strong. It came in 3rd place on our Top Folding Backpack Beach Chairs of 2017 Review. Check out the Comparison Review.

The lightweight aluminium frame can hold up to 300 pounds. It’s large and wide too, so if you’re concerned about fitting comfortably onto your beach chair, this one’s for you.

Despite being tough, the total weight of 8.1 pounds is a breeze to carry as a backpack with the padded back straps.

You can choose from the more traditional Navy Blue or a lighter Baby Blue as well as a funky Blue & Green striped design.



Dimensions of the Rio Big Boy Beach Chair

It’s really wide. (There are 22 inches of space between the armrests.) This makes it super comfortable of you are larger than the average person.

As with all beach chairs the Rio Gear Big Guy sits low to the ground (13 inches). This can make it a little harder to get in and out of.

Overall the dimensions are:

Open 25.5 inches length
27 inches width
34 inches height

Folded 25.5 inches length
27 inches width
34 inches height
Weight & Strength

The chair weighs a total of 8.1 pounds. This is just perfect for a short stroll across the beach sand.

The weight is certainly compensated for by the overall strength and durability. It holds up to 300 pounds of weight very comfortably. The rust proof aluminium frame is also powder coated for durability and is really resistant to bending or buckling. (Which is sometimes not the case for some other beach chairs.)

Additional Features of the Chair

Backpack Feature with Padded Straps

backpack-pouchThere’s a single large pouch on the back of the chair that closes “somewhat” securely with 3 small Velcro strips. It’s big enough for a towel but we wouldn’t suggest putting any real valuables inside, just in case they slip out when you move or carry the chair.

Heavier items such as water bottles may even pull the flap open, especially while walking. The bag is sturdy and can handle the weight. It’s just the flap that we don’t really love. It doesn’t change our minds about the chair though. We love it!

Seating & Comfort

One of the key aspects of this chair is its size. It makes it an absolute please to sit on (for hours if needed). It also has a really great head-rest pillow which can be adjusted with Velcro to add even more comfort.

There are a total of 4 seat back positions. Unfortunately the backrest doesn’t recline all the way like the Tommy Bahama Beach Chair, but works great if you just want to lay back and relax on your favorite beach spot.

Is It Easy to Carry as a Backpack Chair?

This is one of the most comfortable backpack beach chairs available. Unlike some of the other products featured here, the Rio Big Boy’s backpack straps are wide and really well padded, which means they don’t “cut” into your shoulders when you’re carrying it.

When the chair is on your back, the width sticks out past your shoulders so you wouldn’t exactly go hiking through the jungle with it. But as far as being easy to carry, the Rio Big Boy is fantastic.

Video Review

Too Big for Some?

Because this is meant for larger folks, the chair would be a bit big for a small person. This would really only affect you when carrying the beach chair when its folded on your back. (Who wouldn’t mind a bit of extra space).

If you’re a girl, you can test the chivalry of your bae by asking him to carry chairs. He can easily carry one as a backpack and the other can be strapped to his chest.

Our Conclusion

As the larger of the two Rio Beach Chairs that have backpack straps, the Big Boy is for bigger individuals or people who are wholly concerned with space between the arm rests. The rear bag/pouch is large but not super secure. (Other models have zipper bags). There is also no insulated pouch for keeping drinks or snacks cool.

It’s a simple and functional option for a no fuss beach experience. The lack of gadgets makes it the most practical option. Check out the 4 options we think are the best folding backpack beach chairs available for sale online.

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