Retractable Water Hose Reel for Your Garden


A lush, green garden is any garden enthusiast happy-place. The reward of planting seedlings or a vegetable garden and watching them grow is a satisfying, mood-boosting activity.

Despite this, some folks avoid gardening or quick jobs like washing the car or spraying down a patio, all because lugging a disorderly garden hose around, while keeping it from kinking, can be more effort than its worth. Let’s not even get into packing the damn thing away.

The ultimate solution is a retractable water hose reel that rolls your garden hose away quickly and neatly. They’re a genius invention and couldn’t be easier to use. Retractable hoses are flexible, remain kink-free and store away perfectly when not in use.

We have a selection of retractable garden hoses to make your summer gardening, and odd jobs around the house an effortless pleasure. Storing a hose properly also makes it last longer so it’s worth the extra spend to avoid regularly replacing a standard hose.

Suncast Garden Hose Reel  (Hose Not Included)


This is a great cost saver if you already have a garden hose, but are tired of bending down to manually rolling it up. The Suncast retractable garden hose reel can accommodate up to 125 feet of standard 5/8 inch vinyl hose. You simply connect your existing hose as instructed. Once fitted, the Suncast retracts automatically using water pressure from the hose, and you no longer have to hassle with packing your hose away manually.

The reel is housed in an attractive wicker patterned storage unit. The compact housing is made of durable resin, and stands 21” high x 13” wide x 21” deep. It blends in perfectly in the garden, but also looks great if visible on a deck or patio.

It arrives fully assembled, and comes with a 3 year Suncast warranty. Suncast has a reputation for excellent customer service so you’ll have the best support if you need help or anything needs attention.

If used correctly, the unit should not require any effort. If the water is on, you will find it harder to unroll the hose, so first extend the hose to the length you want before turning on the water. After use, rewind by simply flipping the lever. The reel uses water pressure to recoil the hose so only turn the water off once the hose has fully retracted. A Smart Track hose guide ensures the hose rolls up evenly inside the casing.

  • Housing: 21” high x 13” wide x 21” deep
  • Weight:  22 pounds
  • Capacity: The unit fits up to 125 feet of standard 5/8 inch hose (Hose not included)

This is the ideal choice if you want to neaten up an area and hide a messy hosepipe. The large hose capacity makes it perfect  if you have a larger garden and a longer hose.  The attractive unit can be kept in plain view and at the same time keeps your hose readily available.

GARDENA Retractable Hose Reel


Next in line, we have the GARDENA wall mountable retractable hose reel. The hose measures 82 feet and is the longest hose in our selection. What we love about a wall mounted design over a floor standing unit, is that it avoids you having to bend over if positioned at around waist height.

A short pull on the hose is all that’s needed to release the steel spring lock mechanism and retract the hose. The hose retracts automatically into the box without kinking. It also has a guide to ensure the hose rolls evenly inside the casing.

The unit comes with all the parts needed to mount the retractable hose reel to the wall. It includes a swivel wall bracket that holds the unit, as well as nozzles, sprayers and wash brushes where they are easy to access when needed. In winter, the hose box can easily be removed and stored out of the elements. The convenient handle makes the process quick and easy.

  • Length:  82 feet
  • Hose Size: 5/8 inch (Included)
  • Weight: 18 pounds

For any garden enthusiast who knows and trusts the GARDENA brand, this is an obvious pick, especially if you are looking for a wall mounted unit with a long hose to give you better reach in a large garden.

Flo-Master Retractable Garden Reel with Hose


The RL Flo-Master Retractable Hose is also a wall or a pole mountable unit. Although is has a shorter hose of 65 feet, it is considerably more affordable than the GARDENA. It also comes fitted with brass hose connections which are more durable and last longer than the plastic connections found on the GARDENA. As these are usually the first working components to wear, this counts as a big plus.

  • Length: 65 feet
  • Hose Size: 5/8 inch (Included)
  • Weight: 26.6 pounds

It comes with most of the extras you’ll find on the GARDENA, including swivel mount, spray nozzle with different spray patterns, a convenient carry handle for winter storage and all the necessary mounting components.

GartenKraft Retractable Water Hose and Reel


The GartenKraft is an Italian made, wall mounted unit. It has the shortest 50 inch hose length compared to the others in our selection. Like all our reviewed hoses, it has an automatic lock so does not retract when you have the hose at the desired length for use. When you want to retract the hose, simply press the release button and it rolls up neatly and out of sight.

As with all the other wall mounted units, it comes with a mount kit that allows for a 180 degree swivel and a multi functional spray nozzle. The mount is designed to allow the unit to easily be detached from the wall should you wish to store it away.

This shorter hose is a good fit for smaller gardens and patio areas where you need to spray down a surface from time to time but want o keep it neat and clutter free.

  • Length: 50 feet
  • Hose Size: 5/8 inch (Included)
  • Weight: 18 pounds

The benefits of owning any one of these awesome products is obvious. First and foremost, after putting hours of hard work and love into your garden, there is no reward in having to pack away a wild, untamed hose. This genius invention measurably reduces your effort and frustration levels.

Secondly, having your hose concealed leaves your garden looking neat and tidy as well as eliminating any tripping hazards.

Thirdly, your hose will also last a lot longer stored off the ground and without kinks. The rubber of the hose generally splits where it bends. Rolling it away after use avoids this eventuality and increases its longevity. The enclosed casing also protects the hose from sun damage and extreme cold.

Basic Buying Tips

Watering your garden can be a real pleasure. Let’s look at some simple pointers to making the right hose purchase.

Hose Length

Measure the distance from your outside tap to the main areas of use. This way you can select the correct hose length for your needs.


If you have a large garden and need to move the hose from the front to the back yard, one of the wall mountable units will suit you best. They detach easily and have a convenient carry handle. An extra wall mount can also be ordered from most suppliers.

Go Automatic

Avoid electric retractable units that need batteries to operate, this just adds another maintenance point to your home. The spring or water pressure mechanisms work a charm.

Note: All retractable products above are automatic and do not need batteries to function.

Let us know which of our above selection works best for you, we look forward to your feedback.

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