Rechargeable Portable Power Supply for Camping Trips


In today’s digital world, it’s almost impossible to go anywhere without certain devices, even on a camping trip.

Many of us rely on electronic devices for our pastimes as well, for example video and filming equipment or cameras that need to be recharged on a regular basis for optimum function. There would be nothing worse than being out camping a wilderness area and suddenly realize you have no way of charging your smartphone, cameras or even the motor vehicle’s battery.

Fortunately there is an awesome range of portable power supply units available that will keep your devices charged for the duration of your camping trip.

Let’s take a look at 10 really awesome portable charging solutions for your next outdoor adventure.

Xantrex 600w Portable AC Power


The Xantrex X pack has a 600 watt inverter and delivers AC and DC power supply making it a versatile all-round power house for outdoor and camping use.

The AC outputs are perfect if you need to do some work on a remote site with electrical tools and the DC socket is ideal for charging a smartphone or digicam.

The 28000 mAH or 28 AH battery is good enough to jumpstart a 6 cylinder motor vehicle with ease and obviously will keep enough charge to power other devices for a good period of time. The Xantrex is a great all-round unit.

EasyFocus 500w Solar Rechargeable Unit


The key feature of the Easy Focus 500 watt is that it can be charged from a solar panel, meaning its ideal for extended camping trips where there is no electricity available for charging.

The 26000 mAH lithium battery keeps a charge for a lengthy period of time. Another feature of the EasyFocus is its indoor use as a UPS surge protector. If the power should fail, your laptop will be protected from surges and your valuable information stored on your drive will be protected and safe.

It is perfect for all your AC and DC devices and is a great rechargeable companion for camping.

Chargetech 250w Cpap Power Supply


The chargetech PLUG is a great small sized unit that is ideal to charge your electronic devices wherever you go. It has a large holding capacity powered by 16, 3000 mAH batteries, bring that to a total of 54000 mAH.

This device won’t jumpstart your vehicle but is the perfect choice for all your 250 watt devices like cameras, laptops, smartphones etc. etc.

It’s also great for those who rely on Cpap machines for their sleep apnoea problems. Because of its power capacity it is reliable enough to run your Cpap battery for camping.

The great thing about the PLUG is that it is internationally compatible with all sorts of plug types and devices.

RockPals 250w Battery for Camping


The Rockpals 250 watt has the ability to charge a smartphone fully 25 times and a laptop fully 3-5 times.

It’s perfect for running a camping fridge and lights around the campsite, as a bonus it is also easily charged from a compatible solar panel. 60000 mAH means that for charging smaller devices and light output units, the Rockpals will have a much longer lifespan before needing a charge.

It is also compatible with international plug types and also has USB ports for your electronics. A portable power supply for camping adds convenience and that extra touch of comfort.

Anker 120w Charging Outlet


The Anker is one of the smallest and most compact units that deliver this much punch!

It will charge a laptop up to 15 times and is ideal for lighting and other electronic equipment around the campsite. Obviously its compact size and weight also makes it a choice of champions for the campsite. It is very easy to operate without confusing buttons and readings. Featuring a 12v car socket, a 110 volt AC outlet for appliances and 4 fast charge USB ports for devices like smartphones and laptops.

Because of its great capacity it’s ideal for running Cpap machines or other small medical devices. We really like the simplicity of this unit.

Poweradd 100w Charger Center with 12v Outlet


Another easy to use and simple design. Very similar to the previous product, but this one only carries half the load of the previous one at 50000 mAH. With its built in super dense Samsung lithium ion battery you get a great charge for electronic devices like laptops and smartphones.

We think the really compact dimensions, 3.93 x 4.76 x 3.93 inches, make this unit awesome. It sports a 12v car outlet, a 110 volt AC output and three fast charge USB ports. Simple, compact and efficient!

Schumacher Jump Starter with Light


The Schumacher is a jump starter with a difference, having a few awesome features that make it ideal for camping and general automotive use.

Apart from offering a good energy source for charging your electronic devices, the Schumacher has a built in air compressor as well as an air inflator and deflator.

It has two 120 volt AC outlets, two 12 volt accessory outlets and one USB outlet. Then it has the chords and clamps for jumpstarting your vehicle.

This unit would work great around the campsite but think it’s definitely more intended for motor use.

Celestron Charge Station with Flashlight


The Celestron has been designed specifically for the stargazers out there. It is meant to be a backup power supply for your Celestron telescope and is perfect for when you are going on a stargazing camping trip.

It has a much lower storage capacity at 7000 mAH, but still enough for charging a smartphone or small devices. It has two 12volt cigarette lighter ports and two USB ports. Featuring a led flashlight and red filter light too make it ideal for roadside emergencies or just as a torch around the camp.

Beatit Car Jump Starter


The Beatit wil jump your car up to 30 times! It has an 18000 mAH capacity and is the ideal compact unit to keep in your truck for those times your battery runs dry.

It also has the necessary ports for charging devices like laptops, smartphones and cameras at a speed of 2.1A which is about twice as fast as most other power supplies. It comes with “intelligent” cables for jump starting, these have over current and surge protection to make jump starting safe. A really convenient battery pack for taking along to a remote campsite where you would want to have the surety that you can start your vehicle in case of a dry battery.

RAVPower USB Cellphone Battery Pack


The Rav is a really compact battery pack for charging smartphones and tablets. It will keep your devices charged and will charge them over and over for at least 9 days.

This is great for campers wanting a charge specifically for phones. The Rav wouldn’t be suited to run lights and a mini fridge for example, but is specifically for charging smaller devices.

It has a capacity of 26800 mAH and has three USB ports for your devices which can be charged simultaneously. It is pretty small and about the same size as a smartphone at 6.77 x 0.79 x 3.15 inches. Very compact and affordable.

How Does a Backup Energy Bank Work?

Let’s take a quick look at some terms and measurements you need to know before investing in a specific product. Often these terms and numbers can be pretty confusing!

What are AC and DC?

Here’s the lowdown… AC or alternating current is used for high voltage appliances and is the power supply you receive at a plug point on your wall at home. AC currents can be restricted or boosted using an inverter of sorts. For example, you want to charge your smartphone right? So you need to plug the Charger into the wall socket which then converts the amount of voltage that now feeds your phone. If you plugged the AC straight to your phone, you can expect fireworks and a blasted phone battery. DC on the other hand is a direct current that carries only its intended voltage for its purpose, a good example is a torch battery, which provides DC power.

What is mAH and AH?

These abbreviations stand for milliamphere hours and amphere hours. You will notice on the products that it indicates the mAH or AH value. In our case here, it means the amount of amps or milliamps that the power box can deliver in an hour.

Example: A 10000 mAH bank can deliver 10 amps per hour, 5 amps over two hours or 20000 milliampheres over a halfhour delivery. This also depends on the device you are charging from the portable power bank. Most electronic device batteries will indicate their mAH. You can divide the power banks mAH by that of your devices you will be charging.

Why is Lithium Better than Normal Batteries?

Lithium ion batteries do not self-discharge like normal batteries do, so their battery life is much longer. In other words all the power available in a lithium battery can be utilized whereas the charge in a normal battery can drain out on its own, limiting its lifespan.

Solar Input Options

Some of these portable units are compatible to solar charging, making these perfect for lengthy camping trips where you need a constant power supply.

Last Resort

If you’re completely out of options, it would be great if you had a dynamo-driven Hand Crank Flashlight as a very last resort for some emergency illumination.

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  1. Hello.
    How much time takes the Easy Focus 500 W to fully charge from the wall?

    • The MyWildEarth Team | March 2, 2018 at 7:10 am | Reply

      Hi. It takes around 5 to 6 hours when charging from a wall plug and roughly the same from a car. There’s also a car charger included which makes it very easy to charge on the go. However, you’ll probably want to be driving while charging from a car to keep the car battery from draining to much.

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