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The Bowie knife originally used by James Bowie is a uniquely designed piece, it is a large sheath knife with a cross guard and a clip point.

When we talk about any sheath knife, it’s one that fits into a carrying compartment that can be leather or nylon. A crossguard helps you to get a better grip on the weapon as well as protect your hand. The clip point is a unique aspect of the weapon, as it has the top third of the blade cut away. This increases its effectiveness in cutting and piercing.

Today, it is a favorite for hunters and survivalists. It has its best use in butchering game and slicing meat. It is also great for chopping firewood and clearing brush. Sizes vary and can be anywhere from 6-12 inches. If you are a fan of outdoor adventures, you’ll want to have this bad boy in your backpack.

Even with the easily recognizable features, finding a good and original bowie knife is no walk in the park. But we’ve got you covered. We have compiled an overview of the top 10 winners you can find, so let’s cut to the chase.

Top Rated Bowie Knives for Sale

1. KA-BAR Combat Survival Knife


Proudly made in the USA; the KA-BAR brand is one of the most sought after Bowie Knives. It’s a full-size Marine Corps blade with a footing in the 19th Century, when the first Bowie knives were constructed. This makes the list as it follows in the exact design of the original knife.

This piece will give you years of use thanks to the 1095 Cro-Van Steel blade construction. It has edge retention alongside easy sharpening and resistance to chipping. The high carbon makes it a good combination for the fixed blade since it prevents rust. You’ll also love that it has a protective leather sheath so the weapon is always safe and easy to access.

2. United Bowie Knife


With an overall length of the blade is 11½ inches, the United Cutlery Marine Force Reckon is an excellent choice for custom Bowie Knives. It features a saw-back blade with the construction of high-grade steel. It will last in good condition seeing that it has an exterior coating and a stainless steel look that has a non-glare finish. You’ll love working with the rubberized handle as it saves you from blisters and agonizing the hand after long hours of use. The nylon sheath is of high-quality. If you want to own a reliable survival knife, you’ve got it in the United Cutlery model.

3. Winchester Large Tactical Blade


For those looking for something truly tactical, no knife says badass like the Winchester brand. This model showcases unique elements such as the finger grooved wood handle. It is made conveniently to offer a firm grip even in wet environments. It has a brass crossguard to protect your hand.

When it comes to durability, you have a reliable stainless steel blade. It follows the classic design with a blade tip that sits lower than the blade’s spine. It gives you additional control plus the bevel edge provides precision cutting. It is your best friend for challenging tasks from skinning to stripping off wires. What else would you ask for in a survival weapon?

4. Uncle Henry Original


Perhaps the best version of the authentic Bowie knife is the Uncle Henry. It is made for search and rescue teams that need custom-made pieces. Weighing in only 1.74 pounds, it might be considered large, but is not too heavy. You can take it just about anywhere since it comes with the leather belt sheath. It has lovely brass rivets and a brass finger guard on the high carbon, stainless steel blade. Outdoor enthusiasts and hunters will appreciate the perfection of this classic design.

5. Vintage Poshland


The Poshland brand comes in a classic design that has all the elements of the traditional weapon in the civil war period. It has a full length of 15.25 inches including the handle and sits nicely on your belt, coming with a handmade leather sheath. The blade is of 1095/15N20 steel. This is high carbon steel with an exterior coating to prevent rust. It boasts high cutting abilities as well as quick sharpening that keep it working at top-notch. This is the one you want if you spend more time in the woods than you do indoors.

6. Rambo Hunting Machete


If you are on a budget, you can still get one of the top Bowie hunting knives. This new brand does just about everything with less effort. It has a blade length of 10.25 inches of stainless steel. It is built to give many years of good use as it is resistant to chipping and rust. The razor-sharp clipped edge can be sharpened. You’ll also fall for the saw-back sides that will come in handy when you need to clear a bush. Just your right pick for adventure weekends.

7. Classic Timber Rattler


The Timber Rattler is anything but simple and comes with the sophistication of a classic Bowie design. The hardwood handle not only gives a sure grip, but it also delays fatigue to the wrist. It adorns a sharp surgical blade which gets you from digging, stabbing, prying, shaving wood cuttings and more. It is ideal for hunting and outdoor ventures.

This design boasts a high-quality build. The 9½-inch blade explores a spiked design of proprietary steel alloys.  The rugged, non-glare finish goes to say it is here to stay. You can count on it for many expeditions since you’ll be carrying it in a top quality nylon sheath. Get it now, and experience the benefits of a real hunter’s knife.

8. Defender 12 Inch for Sale


Are you looking to kick ass in your next combat training session? Well, you must wield the Defender Xtreme. It is tough and outstanding quality. First, the stainless steel blade is 7 inches long. It is not as heavy as some knives on this list, and has a comfortable, sturdy feel in your hands. What you’ll like most about it is the double saw edge spine. The knurled grip handle is 5 inches long to help with fast moves and a firm grip. Lastly, you get to store it in a composite sheath. It is a reliable tool at a very reasonable price.

9. Mtech Fixed Blade


Survival training gets better with the Mtech USA. Anyone who wants to survive in the wilderness must know the tricks of skinning game, and with a weapon like this, tasks become effortless. The blade on the Mtech is 7 inches with a 3-mm thickness. It indicates sure signs of dependability owing to the steel making. It stands up to some tough challenges, including clearing bush and getting your wood ready for a fire.

The Mtech USA model bears an ABS handle. This handle comes with wing walk inserts to offer a superior grip in all weather conditions. You’ll appreciate that it has a glass breaker making it all the more useful in rescue situations. It has all-around utility functions that give you the best bang for your buck.

10. Ridge Runner with Wooden Handle


Ridge Runner offers a custom built design with their knives. It features a razor sharp, 5-inch AUS-6 stainless steel blade. It is sturdy but only 12 ounces heavy. It has a unique, custom made handle, etched with detailed scrollwork and lovely wooden inlays. It offers a superior grip which lets you work with absolute confidence. With the Ridge Runner, you have a durable and reliable tool that can handle heavy-duty work.

A Brief History of the Bowie Blade

The Bowie Knife was built by an Arkansas blacksmith James Black in 1830. James Bowie then used it as a fighting knife in a duel, commonly known as Sandbar Fight. It did not have one distinct structure, but rather combines a series of designs, all with a very sharp edged tip.

The idea behind the design was to build a wearable weapon that could easily be used in close combat during the civil war. It matches the weight of a short sword that has enough force in a slashing attack. It also bears the characteristics of a sword in cutting and thrusting.

The fame of the original Bowie came to light after James Bowie used it to kill three men who had been sent to kill him. After this incidence, the weapon became famous. It was the key piece in Black’s booming business after refining the building technique. The Black technique was never replicated exactly, but modern advancements have maintained the knives toughness and flexibility.

The handle finish can vary from a custom made wood grip to a vintage bone handle, this versatility makes each piece unique and one of a kind.

Bottom Line

The weapon comes with lots of benefits. It is one of the most sought after designs for outdoor use like chopping, digging, carving, hunting, and many other uses. We’re sure you have enjoyed picking out the best match for you.

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