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Members of the US military are expected to survive in incredibly harsh conditions, relying on their training and resourcefulness to persevere against any threat. But just as their own unique skill set plays a significant role in their success, so does their gear. If you’re the type that likes to adventure into the wilderness, selecting the right equipment is one of the most important ways to set yourself up for success.

Tactical jackets are a popular choice for several reasons. They protect you from the elements. In spite of rain, sleet, or snow, mother nature isn’t going to put a damper on your outdoor activities. They also offer improved durability, and the ability to store all of your other tools. O, yeah… and the look really good.

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Top 5 Military Style Army Jackets

In this roundup, we’ll be looking at the five best tactical army jackets on the market. We’ll show you what each one has to offer, and then we’ll help you pick the one that best suits your needs, let’s take a closer look.

Wantdo Cotton US Army Style


This military style windbreaker offers the perfect combination of durability and style. Available in army green, tan, black, and blue, the earthy tones of this jacket will match any other part of your outfit. If you’re carrying a lot of gear around with you, Wantdo provides several places to store it all. You’ve got breast pocket, two side pockets (perfect for keeping your hands warm!) and one hidden, inner pocket.

This jacket fits fairly slim, and has elastic at the end of each sleeve. Combined with the snug-fitting collar, the thick cotton walls of this jacket will keep you toasty even in harsh winds. If you’re looking for a military style jacket that still has a little fashion appeal, then this is one of our top choices.

Brandit Britannia

bandit brittania

Looking for that vintage-style army jacket? The distressed look of the Bandit Britannia might be just the thing you seek. There are two different color schemes available. For something simple, you can go for flat army tones like green, tan, blue, and black. If you’re into camo, you can choose from forest or desert camo patterns. Despite its rugged look, this jacket is made entirely from cotton, keeping the fit soft and comfortable. The four front pockets are large and spacious, so it’s not uncomfortable to cart around a lot of equipment. And when the wind starts to pick up, you can reach into the collar to reveal a hidden hood – the perfect way to keep your ears and neck toasty!

Rothco Soft Shell

tactical soft shell

Looking for a jacket with military-grade functionality, but a more pedestrian style? The Rothco Special Ops Soft Shell jacket gives you the best of both worlds. For a design similar to US Army issued jackets, the camo-themed jackets are unmistakable. But if you choose one of the five flat colors, the appearance is a lot more in line with conventional jackets. But looks can be deceiving, as every option offers a ton of tactical features that you won’t find on your standard jacket. You’ll find pockets on the inside of the jacket, by your chest, on the sides, and down the arms, so you can carry all of the gear you want securely.

This jacket is also designed for use in all types of weather. The three-layer material can keep you warm in windy environments, pull moisture away from your body, but lock heat in at the same time. This is one of the few jackets that can truly be used at any time of the year, making it a great tactical option.

Tacvasen US Army Digital Camo

camo fleece jacket

Tactical gear isn’t just about finding the biggest, baddest jacket on the market. Finding something that won’t impede your physical ability is also important. If you’re hiking, jogging, or adventuring into the great outdoors, weight is a large factor. This is one of the areas where the TACVASEN jacket excels. Featuring a water & windproof exterior, and a fleece insulating interior, this jacket packs a whole lot of functionality into a thin and light design. There are waterproof zippered pockets throughout, and you can select from a variety of camo and non-camo colors. Although we recommend buying one size up from your standard jacket size (it fits a little small) you can’t go wrong with the high-functionality low-cost design of this jacket.

Zicac Military Coat

military coat

This coat is one of the warmer options available, making it suitable for the fall and winter seasons. It’s a little thicker and heavier than some options and is geared towards consumers who are looking for the military style rather than the military functionality. The dual zippers look great and help keep you extra toasty in cold weather. The button and zipper chest pockets aren’t usable (they’re just for looks) but the two large side pockets provide more storage than your typical coat. Despite being designed in the style of a US military coat, some subtle tweaks give this a more modern look for the fashion conscious.

Buying Guide

“Army Jacket” means different things to different people. For some, it’s all about style. You want the appearance of a military jacket, but aren’t too concerned about the other features. Others want the features, but not the look. To help you find the one that’s right for you, we’ve broken these jackets into three categories.

Both Function & Style

Are you an avid outdoors man, who wants both the functionality and the look? In this case, you’ve got two options. The Wantdo Men’s Cotton Windbreaker Jacket is a little warmer, suitable for colder climates. If you live in a warm area, the summer alternative is the Brandit Britannia Jacket. Both options are designed with a military style in mind, but put functionality first. They’re incredibly durable, and offer plenty of storage. We can’t think of any better qualifier for the “tactical” designation.

More for Functionality

If your priority is functionality above form, then there are two great options. Both the Rothco Special Ops jacket and the TACVASEN Military Softshell Jacket put performance above all else. They are lightweight, and won’t impede your motion. They won’t weigh you down on your next adventure, but can still keep you protected from the elements.

More for Style

Just looking for a fashionable military style jacket? Look no further than the Zicac Men’s Spring Windbreaker. Combining the aggressive look of a military jacket with the modern appeal of a fleece overcoat, this is a fashion statement that won’t go unnoticed.


Whether you’re patrolling the urban jungle or chilling out in the wild in your tactical hammock, any one of the jackets above will do really well. We have selected the very best of the best so you really can’t go wrong, no matter which one you choose.


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