Inflatable Projector Screen for Outdoor Movie Nights


Who loves movies in the park? I know I do. The excitement of an epic blockbuster in the open air with popcorn and Slushies is just magical. Somehow, being outside makes the characters seem so much more heroic and the scenes so much more breathtaking. Everyone loves it, from kids to grandparents!

Unfortunately, they can get crowded and not all cities have these wonderful initiatives close by. Gone are the days of drive in theatres, something nostalgic comes to mind for those who remember what these were like. A fun and exciting atmosphere was always around.

But did you know that you can now have your very own open air movie theatre with an inflatable projector screen in your very own backyard?!

All you need is one of these fantastic inflatable theatre surfaces and enough pillows and blankets to turn your back garden into your very own open air cinema.

Let’s take a look at these three great inflatable projector screens before you grab the popcorn and sodas!

Inflatable Movie Screen by Holiday Styling


The awesome product by Holiday Styling is one of the biggest inflatable projector walls available today.

The inflatable structure is very stable, having a diagonal support structure at the rear so it won’t topple over if a breeze should come up. The whole structure measures 16 feet from corner to corner diagonally.

The actual projector material wall measures twelve feet in length, 125 inches wide x 75 inches high. The white material which forms the screen is made of a triple grade 600 denier material that can be removed from the blow-up frame for cleaning.

It comes supplied with ropes and pegs for extra support and stability. The air is supplied by a silent electric blower and the structure inflates within two minutes.

All you need is your projector or other movie device and a speaker system to enjoy hours of movie magic in your garden or where ever you go.

It weighs 18 pounds and is very portable, so it’s ideal to take along on holiday or to a friend’s place for a movie night. It’s a bit pricier than the other two projectors in this review, but definitely is the most stable and best quality of the lot.

Blow Up Projector Screen by EasyGo


Another 16 foot surface that will be awesome for your garden cinema, the EasyGo is simple and easy to set up.

It runs off a silent electric blower that needs to run constantly through the viewing period, but this is no issue really because it is really a low noise blower and once you have your speaker system going you won’t hear a thing from the blower.

It is supplied with all the necessary stakes and tethers for extra support and the actual viewing surface is detachable if you need to give it a good wash.

A concern for us is the very short foot support; it could very easily topple over if the support ropes and stakes are not employed correctly. This would be a main reason to choose the first product in the review over this one; however, it’s not a bad quality product at all for its lower price.

It is super portable and packs down into the supplied storage bag that measures 20.1 x 11.4 x 15.8 inches. A really good purchase at a much lower price than the first option.

Gemmy Outdoor Screen


The self-inflating screen by Gemmy is a slightly smaller version of the previous two giant selected products. It is made from a durable vinyl material that will withstand the outdoor elements.

It features a detachable sheet that is fairly easy to tension so you get a nice flat and smooth viewing experience. The Gemmy is a foot smaller in size than the previous two options, but at 12 feet, is still big enough to give the same big screen effect that the others do.

The Gemmy comes standard with all the stakes and tether ropes necessary to keep it secure and stable. It inflates in around 2 minutes by a small electric fan blower that is fairly low noise.

The Gemmy is very portable and packs down into its storage bag that measures 15.5 x 16 x 21.5 inches and has a total weight of 24 pounds, including the electric blower fan.

This unit is perfect for outdoor educational seminars or for home movie entertainment and all you need is your projector device and a speaker set to get going.

We liked the neatness and simplicity of this projector wall and although it’s smaller, it still fulfills its purpose, offering a quality viewing experience.

Ideas and Uses

Portable, inflatable screens such as these are perfect for taking along to the beach house for summer holidays or just for the garden at home.

How about sending an invite out to neighbors and friends, to come and enjoy an open air movie night in your garden. What a cool way to get social with your neighborhood. Get the throws and cushions out; get the corn popping and stock up an ice bucket with soda pops.

Another place where they will come in handy is for outdoor expos or for seminars held in the outdoors. The perfect open air projector screen for this purpose would be the Gemmy.

We hope you enjoy reliving the years of drive in theaters in the comfort of your own backyard!

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