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Hunting is an integral part of the great outdoors and more and more hunters are taking to the wilderness to hunt with traditional methods like bow hunting and muzzle loader rifles, compared to sit and shoot type of hunting on ranches or farmland. Hunters literally need to trek into remote areas with all their equipment to hunt and somehow they need to haul their hunted animal out of the wilderness.

Hunting in the wilderness is an awesome experience, but it comes with hard work and persistence. Hunting equipment needs to be carried in with you and if you make a kill, the animal is field dressed and the meat needs to be carried out together with your equipment.

The majority of hunters are environmentally conscious and ethical hunting means to not be wasteful when you make a kill.

We narrowed down and reviewed the 3 best hunting packs for hauling meat.

Top Rated Hunting Backpacks

Badlands 2200 Approach Camouflage

The Badlands 2200 camouflage Hunting pack and meat hauler is probably one of the nicest packs we could find for the purpose of hunting in the wilderness and bringing back your meat.

It has so many essential features that many other gimmicky hunting packs lack and as a bonus it is compatible with most types of hunting equipment.

Check out the awesome features of the Badlands pack:

  • Weight of 5 pounds 15 ounces
  • Volume of 2250 cubic inches
  • Dimensions of 19 X 17 X 9 inches
  • Bow and rifle boot
  • Meat shelf
  • Pistol holster on the hip flaps
  • 8 strategically placed pockets
  • Hydration reservoir sleeve
  • Waterproof silent zippers
  • DWR water repelling treatment
  • Super stealthy KXO-32 camo fabric
  • Internal aircraft aluminium frame
  • Thermo-mold foam panels

Badlands really put in a lot of thought while designing this fantastic pack. Super stealthy KXO-32 fabric has been used which has a velvety feel to it that does not make a noise while moving through the bush, making it a first choice for bowhunters who need to stalk and ambush prey to close ranges. The waterproof zippers are also designed to be silent and the zip toggle is also “parked” in a zipper garage to stop them from rattling while on the move.

The carriage system customizes to fit your body and while hauling a load of meat, the meat shelf and internal frame work together by shifting the load to the hips and not the shoulders. The unique design of the Badlands 2200’s main compartment with the meat shelf is brilliant, it can spread open to increase the carrying capacity, meaning you could happily haul out half a deer or elk quarter with ease.

The hip-belt pistol holsters are a great addition for those who wisely carry a sidearm into the wilderness.

The Badlands 2200 is really a stunning meat hauler and the quality is impeccable and Badlands confidently stands behind their unconditional lifetime warranty on their packs. With the Badlands 2200 you really get bang for your buck!

Tenzing 6000 Back Country

Tenzing created the perfect back country hunting pack which is ideal for extended wilderness hunts. It is super light and has a huge carrying capacity.

This pack is also compatible for bow and rifle hunting equipment and features a foldout bow and rifle boot. With the capability of carrying all your required gear for an extended hunt on foot as well as hauling out a large quantity of meat in its extendable meat carrier, the Tenzing 6000 is definitely the choice of many hunters around the globe.

Have a look at these awesome features:

  • Weight of 4 pounds 6 ounces
  • Carrying capacity of 6013 cubic inches
  • Fold out bow and rifle boot
  • Soft feel camouflage fabric for stealth
  • 20 compartments for gear
  • Fully adjustable suspension carriage for comfortable carrying
  • Extra compression straps for extra gear
  • Foldout rain cover for wet weather
  • Hydration reservoir compartment
  • Three points of entry into main compartment
  • Expandable, breathable meat shelf

The great thing about the Tenzing 6000 are strategically placed compartments and pockets which provide storage for all the aspects of a wilderness hunt. These include a sleeping bag compartment and pockets for camping gear, compartments for spotting scopes and other hunting items you may need at short notice.

This combined with the three ports of entry into the main compartment, makes retrieving an item from the bag a breeze because you don’t need to empty the main compartment to get something out that is at the bottom.

With dimensions of 25.5 X 11.5 X 5.5 inches, the breathable meat compartment that expands to a capacity of 1613 cubic inches can take big load of meat.

For a bag to have such a huge carrying capacity but only weighs 5 pounds when empty sets the Tenzing 6000 apart from others being the lightest bag in its class.

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander

ALPS combine tradition with modern tech to bring us the Commander Hunting pack. Featuring a removable external frame which becomes the meat carrier, means that you have no limits on the amount of meat you can carry out of the wilds.

Because the freight frame is not enclosed, you are not limited by the size of your meat load but only restricted by the weight you can manage to carry.

Let’s have a look at the features:

  • Nylon ripstop material
  • Removable external freight frame
  • Weight of 7 pounds 5 ounces
  • Carrying capacity of 5250 cubic inches
  • Rifle and handgun storage
  • 4 external compartments
  • Main compartment separated into two stows
  • External lashing points for extra gear or extra meat.

The ALPS Commander is more suited to rifle hunting because of various noisy features that would make it undesirable for bowhunters who rely on absolute stealth to hunt successfully. Nonetheless it is a great bag with a pioneering trad feel to it, basic and functional with a meat carrying capacity that can’t be beat.

Meat Hauling Pack Buyers Guide

Here’s a quick guide which will help you pick the best hunting pack for hauling meat.

Super Stealthy Meat Hauler

The Badlands 2200 is an absolute winner for short wilderness hunts with bow and arrow. It is small and light but has a good carrying capacity that makes it ideal for hunters who are on foot and in constant stalk mode. Its compact design makes it easy to manoeuvre through tight quarters and dense bush. It is also awesome for rifle hunts.

Planning an Extended Back Country Hunt?

Then the Tenzing 6000 is the ultimate, with enough space and comfort to cater for all your needs on an extended hunt and bring back that trophy deer. This one is ideal for both bowhunters and rifle hunters. A feature which stood out here was the removable fanny pack, which is so perfect for a quick mornings walk and stalk where you can leave the main pack at camp and just keep the necessities on you.

Traditional Freighting Pack

ALPS commander pack is a great trad styled pack. Ideal for rifle hunts where there are two or more hunters moving together. The removable frame means that a hunting party could haul a really large amount of meat from the mountains with ease.


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