High Back Beach Chair with Backpack Straps and Foot Rest


The “Ostrich Deluxe 3N1” is effectively a full length, foldable backpack beach lounger and has a unique “massage bed” style cavity (face hole) for laying face down while sunbathing. Yes… Kinda like an Ostrich, I suppose.

The Best Feature of This Backpack Beach Chair

The padded head rest simply flaps over and voila… You can lay face down with your face peeping through the comfortable, padded cavity while your arms poke perfectly through the arm holes.

(Also, with the pillow rest flipped over, it acts as a nice little face shade while reading.) Think “Perfect Sun Bathing Ergonomics”!

folding beach chair

You can read a book, browse your phone, or just relax while the warm summer sun kisses your back. Word of advice:  Set a Timer!

When you turn back around, the padded pillow rest simply flaps forward again and you don’t even know it’s there.

It’s a Full Folding Beach Lounger

Thanks to the padded footrest, the fully reclined chair extends into a 59 inches folding backpack beach lounger. (That’s just over 4 feet 91 inches.)


Most people will be VERY comfortable, even with your feet hanging over just a few inches.

If you don’t want to recline all the way down, you can choose from the 4 other comfortable positions along the way.

This chair also came in 4th place in our Top Folding Backpack Beach Chairs of 2017 Review. Click here to see the review.

Watch the Product Video

Available in 4 Different Colors


High Back Support, Comfortable Foot Rest and Lumbar Pillow

3 chiropractic endorsed pillows pad the most important areas of contact reducing neck and back pain.

In fact, the manufacturer claims that the removable lumbar pillow is positioned in such a way that it softly relieves pressure from the vertebrae, effectively relieving pressure on the disks and nerves in your back and neck.

Even when not fully reclined, the extendable foot rest alone is fantastic for kicking your feet up and relaxing.

All we can say is that it is really comfortable stretching out for hours on this high back beach chair while melting into the fictional world of your favorite novelist.


Specifications incl. High Back and Foot Rest

Weight10.2 Pounds
Holding Capacity275 Pounds (But we'd suggest 180 max)
Outside Width28 Inches
Length60 Inches
Height39 Inches

Extra Features

There’s a removable side tray for drinks, mp3 player (cell phone), snacks or to rest your book without getting it near the sand. You can attach it to either side of the chair. It’s just big enough to be handy but adds around 12 ounces to the weight of the chair and can easily be left at home if you don’t find it useful.

A simple cup holder is also included. Don’t expect too much of it.

There’s ample padding for your face and back where you need it and there’s even a magazine pouch in the foot rest.


There Are Some Negatives Though

Will it Last?

While comfort is the main reason you’d buy this chair, the quality is OK and the 420 D Polyester material is strong enough to endure many uses. The aluminium frame is light and strong.

That being said, some people claimed that it didn’t last as long as they had hoped with slight bending and some stitching issues.

If absolute durability is your primary concern, the Tommy Bahama is incredible and might be a better choice.

The manufacturer claims the folding beach chair holds up to 275 lbs but we would strongly suggest that you only buy this chair if you’re under 180 lbs.

backpack-chair-carry-on-beachIs it Comfortable to Carry?

Not so much. We’re looking at a backpack beach chair here, which means that you can carry it on your back without having to put it in a carry bag. However, there’s only one shoulder strap and it’s a little thin.

Although the chair is lightweight at 10.2 pounds, it does tend to cut into your shoulder a little bit. This is completely fine for short walks but might get just a little uncomfortable if you’re walking far to find the perfect beach spot.

You could always hang a towel over your shoulder and then sling the chair over to make it a little easier. Alternatively you could browse our other backpack beach chairs for a better option.

Our Conclusion About the Ostrich Deluxe 3N1

The Ostrich Deluxe 3N1 Backpack Chair excels at one thing… Comfort (When seated or reclined)

But it’s definitely for a medium to smaller person under 180 lbs and isn’t very comfortable to carry given the thin shoulder strap.

If you are under 180 and you won’t be dragging it over miles of beach, this is one of the most comfortable chairs you’ll ever sit on. (Not to mention the face down euphoria of the genius massage bed cavities for your face and arms.)

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