Best Heated Electric Gloves for Men and Women


They say nothing bites like the cold. When the wind is howling and driving freezing rain, it’s just a matter of time before the temperatures plummet to sub-zero degrees. If you are outside in such weather, you’ll notice that your hands are the first to get cold, followed by your feet.

The last thing you want is to be caught in freezing weather without protection for your hands. Heated electric gloves are probably the best thing to keep you company as they generate heat for you and keep your whole body warm.

When choosing the right pair, it can get confusing since they all have different temperature ratings and loads of varying features to consider. These include waterproofing, dual-side heating, whether the battery pack is incorporated inside or outside the design… and more. Let’s check out the best heated electric gloves you can buy online and see which ones rate the highest overall.

We’ll also leave you with a small guide on some of the simple ways to keep warm in icy conditions.

Volt Tatra Men’s Rechargeable Electric Gloves


Built with waterproof leather, the Volt Tatra completely surrounds your hands with evenly distributed heat. This pair is a good start if you normally suffer from cold hands or are going to be outside in freezing conditions. It features a durable leather palm that has reinforcements to improve its resilience in the areas that are prone to wear.

The Volt Tatra’s exclusive zero heat layer provides optimum heat coverage. It drives the heat throughout the entire length of the fingers, to the palms, and to the back of the hand. With the heavy-duty nylon shell, it locks out the cold thus giving you complete protection. Two rechargeable 7V batteries power it. They are easy to access and recharge using the provided dual wall charger.

Ivation Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Set


The Ivation Lithium Ion rechargeable warming gloves are designed to give you heat for up to eight hours. They are hot enough to be of use in extremely cold conditions including riding a motorcycle in windy areas. It comes with temperature controls where you can choose from constant heating, medium heat, or the energy saving mode.

It distributes the heat to the fingertips and both sides of the hands as it is built to give instant heat. You’ll like that the wrists are adjustable and it has a construction of durable PU leather. The 3.7V lithium-ion battery is weatherproofed hence you can take it to all winter activities.

Flambeau Plug-in Hand Warmers


As one of your winter survival kits, the Flambeau is a must have when out on a cold day. They use two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries which provide up to 5½ hours of heat. You can turn the heating off when you want to conserve the energy and stay out in the woods longer. It enjoys a construction from sturdy nylon with a reinforced thumb and plush fleece lining.

These heated gloves are available in a small to extra large size. They are complemented by a cinching cuff to lock out moisture, and they are adjustable to give you a custom fit. The heating element covers the palm and to the length of the fingers just like with other rechargeable electric gloves on our list.

Gerbing Heated Motorcycle Gloves


The Gerbing Men’s T5 utilizes Gerbing’s micro-sized heating fibers. It allows you to draw power from your bike’s 12Vsystem as well as from the 12V lithium-ion batteries that come with the heating gloves. These motorcycle gloves are designed to give you performance in the most demanding environments like heavy traffic in winter.

It is built of full-aniline leather that is flexible, strong, and light at the same time. Its heat can reach the thumb, the length of each finger, and the back of your hand. With the help of Thinsulate insulation, it provides you with constant warmth so your fingers will always be toasty.

Lucent Heated Mitts


The Outdoor research Lucent Mitts showcases high-performance features that keep your hands warm whether the batteries are recharged or not. Their main attraction is in the mitten feature since you can remove them when it gets warm enough. They are highly insulated thanks to the nylon shells and goatskin leather fingers and palms.

It also incorporates EVA foam lining on the back of the hands and knuckles. Better still, it utilizes Gore-Tex liner on the outside which is waterproof to suit moist environments. The battery-powered heat is available at the touch of a small button on the back. The lowest temperature setting can get you up to 8 hours while the lowest gives 2½ hours of heat.

The Outdoor research Lucent allows high levels of dexterity which makes them great electric heated mittens/ ski gloves for your next adventure on the slopes.

Best Women’s Warming Snow Gloves


Using Volt’s 7V technology just like in the Volt Tatra, this pair of women’s heated gloves are a must grab for every woman who spends time in snowy conditions. The heat gets to every inch of the finger where you need it. It also spreads to the palm and back so you’ll feel comfortable amidst rough blizzards. It can heat up to 150-degrees Fahrenheit to give you constant cozy warmth.

The nylon shell provides complete insulation from the elements. It is complemented by a soft leather palm along with a waterproof membrane to get you through wet conditions. We like that the battery compartment is easily accessible. This allows you to change the temperature settings fast and easy.

How to Stay Warm in Extremely Cold Weather

Winter sees the coldest months of the year. The temperatures plummet so much that it may affect your body’s ability to fight new infections. This is the time you should be warm whether you are in the house, outside, or driving in your car. Thankfully, there are loads of ways to beat the chill.

Layer your Clothes

The easiest way to stay clear of the cold is by warming your body first. This is by wearing a few layers of cold-weather vests, thermal shirts, leggings, and t-shirts underneath your outfit. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort as clothes specially designed for the cold weather are insulated without adding to their weight.

Wear a Hat

This applies whether you are inside or outside as the body loses heat from every exposed area.

Wear a Weatherproofed Jacket

It’s no brainer that cold weather is associated with wet conditions. When stepping outside do not forget to throw on a water-resistant jacket. It can be a raincoat or an insulated weatherproofed coat.

Stay Out of the Elements

Avoid contact with snow, wind, puddles, and the rain. You don’t want to get colder than you already are.

Warming your Hands and Feet

Wear heated gloves and thick socks when inside the house. For the outdoors, you’ll need to add insulated and weatherproofed shoes that will keep you safe from hyperthermia. If the electric kind feels like overkill, check out the best Hiking Gloves Review for men and women.

Heat your Home

Switch on the insulation in the walls and ceilings in the rooms you will be using. You can use a programmable thermostat where you set the heating time so that by the time you arrive in the house it’s warm and cozy. Also, switch thin curtains for thick woolen ones.

Listen to Government Emergency Warnings

Familiarize yourself with the terms used during the cold season. This includes freezing rain, storm warnings, sleet rain, blizzards, and frost/freeze warnings.

The Conclusion for Happy Hot Hands

Using heated electric gloves is one of the best ways to conserve your body’s heat and stay warm in inclement weather. We hope that with our list, you’ll pick gloves that will keep your hands toasty. These are the brands that stand out from the competition through their thoughtful designs as well as their ability to provide heat for extended hours.

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