Best Fishing Tackle Backpacks You Can Buy Online

fishing tackle backpacks

Fisherman are tackle junkies, that’s a fact! Not a day goes by where a new lure, reel or rod is “needed” for our continually expanding collection of tackle. I’m sure many a fisherman have had to spin some kind of fairy-tale excuse to their wives about expenditure on fishing paraphernalia.

Most of us want to have all our tackle with us on a fishing trip, whether it’s just a day trip with friends to the local lake or maybe an extended road trip up the coast.

There is no better way to keep tackle organised and together than with a good backpack and today there are designs for an array of needs.

In our opinion, these are the very best options available.

The Top Fishing Backpacks You Can Buy Online Today

Wild River Nomad Backpack

wild river nomad

Our undisputed winner is the Wild River Tackle Tec Nomad. It’s a really awesome find and has all the qualities of a perfect fishing backpack.

This well thought out design makes it a super versatile pack with ample storage space for most disciplines. The upper storage section has ample space for reels and larger items, while the lower compartment holds 4 trays for lures, hooks, weights or other loose items; and the closure of the bottom compartment serves a working platform when open. It also has 3 external storage pockets including a removable plier holder, an extendable lanyard for clippers and a moulded sunglass pocket.

Two favourite features on this pack are the led light for night fishing as well as the rain cover which is easily deployed over the pack if the rain sets in.

If you are a bass fisherman or rock and surf fisherman, the Wild River Nomad will be an absolute blessing for sure.


Piscifun Messenger Bag Tackle Pack

messenger bag tackle pack

Don’t want to drag all your tackle along on a quick day excursion? The Piscifun Messenger Bag Tackle Pack is just the convenient and lightweight pack you’ve been looking for.

Made from a durable 420D PVC canvas and features three storage compartments for tackle and personal belongings. The padded shoulder strap is adjustable and the pack sits nicely on the chest and belly, but can also be swung around to sit behind your back. This pack is available in a range of colours so you can choose exactly what suits you, most fishermen tend towards natural earthy tones. An ideal pack for small stream trout enthusiasts and Dropshot anglers.

This pack might not suit every fisherman from a storage space perspective, but is definitely the way to go if you want to only carry what you need for a day on a trout stream or a quick afternoon at the local bass pond. It will work well for Canoe and Kayak fishing too.

If your aim is to go lightweight, only taking the specific tackle with you, then the Piscifun Messenger Bag is perfect for you.

Anglatech Flyfishing Backpack and Vest Combo

flyfishing backpack vest

The Anglatech Fly Backpack and Vest Combo is a sweet deal for any fly fisherman.

This pack and vest combo has all the storage any fly fisherman would ever need. Eight front storage pockets for fly boxes, tippet spools, floatant and other fly tackle, of which two are waterproof for electronics and valuables.

The pack portion at the back has two compartments which easily take your lunch and a warm windbreaker or rain jacket.

The vest and pack connections are adjustable, so a perfect fit is easily achieved, making this combo ideal for men and for women.

An awesome feature is the hydration bladder that is contained in the backpack, because carrying bottled water is always a pain for fly-fisherman, this solves the issue right away.

The price on this pack is real value and the pack is comparable in quality to others in it’s class.

If you are a fly fishing addict, this combo design will make your life a whole lot easier.

Field and Stream Angler Backpack


The super versatile Field & Stream Pack is another pretty good all-round budget option for various fishing styles.

The pack features 5 external pockets for smaller tackle items and a main compartment that includes 3 trays for those small loose pieces like hooks and soft baits. The main compartment can be accessed from a front zipper or from the top zipper. The top of the pack has a compartment for sunglasses, keys and mobile phones.

A cool addition to this pack is the rubber padded hand grip on the top, allowing you to carry the pack by hand, not just on your back.

Sadly this pack does not have provision for attaching gadgets like pliers or clippers, nonetheless there is ample storage in the external pockets for these and the bag comes at a bargain price anyway.

If you’ve been looking for a good general pack to take your tackle, lunch and a windbreaker all in one package, then this will be a great choice.

Which Option is Right for You?

Deciding on a backpack depends completely on the style of fishing you enjoy.

All fishing disciplines are different and require different tackle and techniques, so this is the primary aspect you need to look at…

For Rock, Surf, Bass and Coarse Fishing

The Wild River Nomad and the Field & Stream are ideal. They have ample storage for the more diverse tackle items needed.

The compartment trays hold your hooks and other loose items securely in one place. The packs are also large enough to carry food, beverages and protective clothing for inclement weather. You could even carry along a “Deeper Smart Sonar Fishfinder” which we reviewed on the Best Fishfinder GPS Combo article.

The Field & Stream is cheaper but does not have the excellent compartments and ergonomics of the Wild River.

For the Fly Fisherman

The Anglatech Flyfishing Combo is specifically designed with the fly angler in mind.

The storage pockets have been created to hold things like fly boxes and other items you need on the water without the need to remove the pack to access them. For fly fishing this is important, because you are usually wading upstream or constantly on the move on the margin of a lake, so having your tackle at hand without having to take your pack off is essential.

For the Minimalist Angler

The compact Piscifun Messenger will be a great addition to your tackle bunker. It’s compact but has just the right amount of storage for the tackle you want to carry for a specific outing or if you are targeting a certain species of fish. This pack will serve fly fishermen and lure fishermen very well.


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