Best Family Beach Bag Reviews of 2019

family beach bag

Going to the beach is always a fun filled outing with beautiful sunshine, blue sea, ice cream, lots of happy people and kids; and of course the inevitable and sometimes annoying….sand.

Now this all goes hand in hand with sunscreen, towels, picnics and umbrellas, so a good beach tote is essential for a day at the sea to keep all your belongings together. An ideal bag would need to withstand the elements of salty water and sand without you being concerned about damage to your bag or your belongings that you take with you.

Let’s face it, there is nothing worse than biting into a sand encrusted sandwich or discovering your mobile phone soaking between the folds of a wet towel.

Here Are Our 5 Top Rated Beach Bags

Aruba Mesh with Insulated Picnic Cooler

aruba mesh bag

Want a design that that keeps your drinks chilled while you catching a tan? We just love the Aruba Mesh Tote with Insulated Picnic Cooler.

The design on this funky option is unique and the only one featured here that incorporates an insulated cooler at the base for your picnic lunch and beverages. Perfect to carry a surprise bottle of wine or bubbly for that romantic sunset, or for the moment you pop that special question on the beach.

The top half is made from a mesh material that allows sand and water to drain immediately. It also has two pockets, one is zippered for valuables.

The bag may flop over when items are removed from the cooler below, but don’t think that this is too much of a problem unless you’re a little OCD. When it’s packed though, the shape is firm and easy to handle.

When you plan for that quick afternoon getaway to the beach and you don’t feel like dragging a separate cooler along, then you will really appreciate having the Aruba.

SCOUT Original Deano Large Tote Bag

large beach tote


Style and simplicity wrapped into a neat package is what the Scouts Deano stands for. It’s a lovely option for those looking for a relaxed, no fuss retreat to the beach.

This bag is made from all-weather woven polypropylene material which is light, durable and water resistant; making it a breeze to clean with the hose after a day on the sand. It comes in a fantastic range of trendy colours that will appeal to girls who want that sophisticated look. The design only has one main open compartment with a ring for attaching your keys on the inside.

One problem is that is has no waterproof zipper pocket to store a mobile phone safely, but it is designed as a multi-purpose tote and as such can still be a great option for taking towels and clothes.


Baja Waterproof Tote

waterproof tote

The beach is a place for fun colours and romantic nostalgia, the Baja Waterproof brings that straight back to you.

The beautiful designs made in a classic style and paired with the latest tough, water resistant RipStop fabric were clearly designed with the beachgoer in mind. The rope handles are comfortable in your hand as well as over your shoulder.

The two external pockets are ideal for items like sandals and sunscreen; and the huge main compartment has enough space for a few towels, food and beverages. Inside the main compartment is a waterproof pocket for keys and mobile phones!

It might just look plain and simple at face value, but once you’ve used a Baja Tote, you likely won’t ever want another beach bag again.

If chilling in style with your friends is your thing, then the Baja is perfect for you.

Dejaroo Mesh Beach Bag

kids beach bag

The Dejaroo Mesh is a really awesome tote for a fun day out with the kids.

Its durable mesh construction makes it super-light and it has 8 large pockets to stash toys, sunscreen and all the other stuff you want to take along. One pocket is also a waterproof zipper pocket for keys and mobile phones. It’s really spacious at 16, 5 inches long and 15 inches high, so there is ample storage for towels and extra clothing too.

What makes it a firm favourite is the all mesh construction, which means that you can literally rinse the bag with sandy toys and flip-flops under the public shower before packing it into your car.

At first you might feel that it’s not sturdy or won’t hold its shape unless it’s fully packed, but the durability, simplicity and volume of this bag, more than make up for that. If you get déjà vu about sandy toys and towels in the back of the car, then you won’t regret getting yourself a Dejaroo!

Bago Travel Duffel Bag

beach travel duffel

Here’s a versatile option that can double as a travel or luggage bag, making the Bago Travel Duffel an awesome investment for multi purpose use.

This extra large design has a capacity of 85 litres but only weighs 1,5 pounds and is made from a high strength RipStop fabric that comes in a range of funky colours. It also has a spacious water resistant pocket inside for your electronics and wallet.

Although it doesn’t have a “beachy” look or feel, it is perfect for this application and will keep the sand and salt at bay. Because of its simple, no frills construction, it is easy to clean after being in the sand. It reall is a great option for almost anything from the gym right through to world travel.

If you’re after a versatile bag that can also double up as a multi-use tote, the XL Bago is definitely a winning choice.

How to Choose the Best Option for You

Going to the beach is a pleasant experience, and depending on you and your family’s needs, a bag should be chosen that fits those needs.

Like to Keep it Simple?

The Aruba Is great for a simple trip to the beach, ideal for young couples who don’t feel like dragging a whole boat load of stuff but still want the luxury of a cold drink or snack. The cooler pouch is excellent and the mesh construction is great for de-sanding.

Got Kids?

For young kids the Dejaroo tote and the Bago Travel Duffel will be perfect choices, they are both rugged and easy to clean and the Bago will be great if you have toddlers or a baby that needs spare clothing and gear.

Trendy Style is Your Thing?

For the relaxed and trendy beachgoer the Baja and the SCOUT are just awesome, they are both stylish and classic but in our opinion the Baja comes out tops for style and function.


Hopefully you have a great idea which option is best for you. If you happen to pick one up, let us know what you think by commenting below!

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