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How about having snow anytime, anywhere, whether it be to create Christmas party in your backyard or turn a nightclub into a fun winter wonderland!

Here’s exactly how… fake snow machines! They are not just the ultimate Christmas backup plan, they are that special ingredient to make even non-Christmas holidays extra special. Pool parties, nightclubs, 4th of July backyard fun and spooky Halloween decorations will keep your machine working year round. Snow and Foam Parties are super fun for young and old!

We have selected a range of snowmakers for you to choose from to add to your holiday bag of tricks. Note: All the machines for sale below use water based fluid.

American DJ Snow Flurry Machine


The American DJ Flurry Machine is great for any party or holiday celebration where snow is needed. It allows you to set a timer and has an automatic shut off should your fluid get too low, this prevents the fluid from running out and causing damage to the pump motor.

It does not need to warm up and starts working the moment it is switched on. The unit comes with an 8 foot remote cord so the unit can be mounted, but you can still access the controls.

It has a volume selection switch so you can choose between low or high output. It also has a hanging bracket so you can position it at the right angle needed to spray in a specific area.

This is the best machine for you if you want to switch it on and forget about it, so you can focus on family and getting the Christmas meal to the table. With its built in timer and low fluid automatic shut off, the motor will not burn out and your attention can be spent elsewhere.

  • Dimensions: 15.25L x 7W x 6.25H inches
  • Fluid Container: 0.25 gallons
  • Watts:  600 Watts

Froggys Pro 600 Foam (sometimes out of stock)


What makes the Froggy’s Pro 600 unique is the excellent control over the output. You can control the size of your flakes from a fine flurry to a heavy fall. It has a 30 to 40 foot projection range when mounted at about 8 feet and at a 45 degree angle, allowing for greater coverage over a large area. All the units in our selection include a wired remote so you can easily control your machine even if it is perched out of reach.

It can be a little on the loud side, but you won’t hear it over excited screams of the kids.

This is the perfect machine to create your picture perfect white Christmas. It is the ideal fit for home and party use, but performs equally well for professional use in photography and stage performances.

  • Dimensions: 17L x 7.9W  x 7.9H inches
  • Watts: 600 Watts

650w Flakes Machine by 1byOne


The 1 by one is the most powerful machine in our selection, with the 650 watts delivering  an impressive 6 meter snow output. Like our other machines, it also works with a wired remote of 6.5 feet long.

This is a great all rounder, ideal for kids parties, Disco House Parties, Halloween and of course, Christmas.

  • Dimensions: 13.42L x 7.2W x 7.3H inches
  • Fluid Container: 0.24 gallons
  • Watts:  650 Watts

Extra Dry Snow Maker Fluid


Froggy’s Fluid is one of the most popular evaporative formulas available and can be used in 400-2000 Watt Machines.

It makes the perfect snowflakes so get ready to take your Christmas or party decorations to the next level. It is non staining and not harmful to plants, skin or eyes.

This high quality, extra dry, liquid creates a high volume of thick,white, air-born flakes. It is no-toxic, so safe for use around children. The flakes can float for distances of up to 30 feet before evaporating.

The formula is a high concentrate so the resulting fakes will be thicker, dry, fluffy, the perfect consistency to last longer. It disappears after making contact with a surface, but leaves no sticky or slippery residue.

The fluid can be used in both home and professional snow machines. Just ensure the machine never runs dry, as this will damage the pump. Rinse the filter after use to prevent clogging and to ensure the machine works like the day you bought it, year after year.

How To Use Your Artificial Snow Machine:

  1. Before using the snowflake machine, ensure you read the instructions.
  2. Place your machine on a flat surface, close to a power point.
  3. Open the fluid container and fill to the required level. Be careful not to overfill or spill on the body of the machine. Screw the lid back on securely.
  4. Always make sure there is enough liquid in the tank before using the machine.
  5. Connect the Wired Controller to the unit.
  6. Connect the plug of the snowflake machine to a power point.
  7. Switch the machine on, the machine should then start spraying. Set to off position to stop.
  8. Switch off the unit before refilling with liquid.
  9. Unplug the unit when not in use.
  10. Rinse the filter to avoid clogging.
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