The Best Double and Queen Size Sleeping Bags Available

double queen size sleeping bag

This makes the double or queen size sleeping bag awesome for couples who want to be closer to one another out in the wild. Perhaps you are preparing for a winter camping expedition where night time temperatures will be low and you know body heat has proven to be a lifesaver in many survival situations… or maybe you just want to get your cuddle on.

Either way, you get to share the closeness and the space of a large bed wherever your adventure takes you.

But what is Queen Size really?

A Queen Size usually means 60 inches wide and 80 inches in length. We checked out many different options and found there simply isn’t really a standard. Some are bigger and some slightly smaller, but below you’ll find our absolute favorites for any camping situation.

Top Rated Two Person Designs

Let’s take a look at the best couples sleeping bags available today. Bear in mind that the bigger you go, the heavier it gets. The same goes for warmth too… if you want to be really cozy you should go for one of the heavier options.

Teton Sports Mammoth

teton sports mammoth

The Teton Sports Mammoth truly lives up to its name by being the largest double option featured here.

Its canvas outer shell combined with SuperLoft Elite fibre filler ensures a warm sleep in temperatures down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The super comfortable brushed flannel lining which feels like a real bed sheet will make this sleeping bag your bed away from home.

The dimensions of the bag are:

  • Width 62 inches
  • Length 94 inches
  • Quite heavy at 14 pounds

The design of this bag allows for adjustments and ventilation in case it gets too hot inside.

Being the biggest option, it is also the heaviest which could be a problem for lightweight hiking trips. However from an aspect of comfort, warmth and versatility; it is the number one choice for couples who are going on a camping trip and want absolute comfort.


sleepingo 2 person

The Sleepingo is a super light and compact, packable sleeping bag for couples. It has the lightest weight of all the options featured here; making it a great choice for hikers who are conscious of the weight they are packing for a trip.

An awesome feature is the outer shell which is made from a waterproof polyester material with a very high thread count per inch, so you can sleep under the stars in open air and not worry about dew or other moisture disturbing your night’s rest.

The dimensions of the Sleepingo are:

  • Width 59 inches
  • Length 87 inches
  • Really light at only 3 pounds

The Sleepingo unfortunately has a temperature rating only down to 32 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s not the warmest bag featured but is the lightest option available. It’s ideal for summer hikes and comes standard with two small pillows and a neat bag to pack it in.

Winterial Double Mummy

winterial double

Standing out as the perfect two person sleeping bag is the Winterial Double Mummy. It is super durable and is fairly light.

It’s water resistant ripstop outer shell and dual hood makes it perfect for adventure hikes where temperatures could drop down to 20 degrees. The comfortable micro-polyester lining ensures good insulation to keep that body heat inside.

The dimensions of the Winterial are:

  • Width 53 inches
  • Length 81 inches
  • An average weight at 8 pounds

A really cool addition is two inside pockets to keep items like a flashlight or other devices inside the bag, which is a great help if you have to get out at night in the dark and don’t have to search for a flashlight first.

The Winterial Double Mummy is a brilliant value for money buy that is perfect for serious couple hikers.

North Face Dolomite

north face dolomite

The North Face Dolomite has a classic old school style and feel.

The dual zipper system makes it quite versatile, as it doubles up as two single sleeping bags. What is really cool about this product is that North Face has used 30% recycled consumer materials in their Heatseeker Eco synthetic material to construct this bag, a very nature conscious accolade!

The bag is rated for temperatures down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit and has a weight of 8 pounds and 14 oz. There are two sizes to choose from, one being regular and the other with extra length which weighs 9 pounds and 14 oz.

It might be a bit bulky for a hiking type of bag, but the North Face Dolomite is a great option for camping trips.

 KingCamp Comfort

king camp couples

The KingCamp Comfort is a good general purpose design. It is very basic in design and not rugged or versatile enough for hiking expeditions, but will be an excellent addition for family camping trips where the bag will be used inside a tent or indoors.

The outer shell is made from a blend of polyester and cotton, making it only slightly water resistant. The flannel lining on the inside is super comfortable and cosy. What’s quite cool about this bag is that it can be totally de-constructed for various purposes, the hood section is removable and the upper section can be unzipped from the lower base.

The dimensions of the KingCamp are:

  • Width 59 inches
  • Length 82.6 inches (with an extra 15.7 inches hood)
  • The weight is slightly heavy at 10 pounds.

The KingCamp will make an excellent choice for family holidays or relaxed summer camping trips.

How to Choose the Right One for You

Whether you’re sleeping out in a U.S state park or a hidden beach somewhere, choosing the right couples sleeping bag will depend on you and your partner’s needs.

Biggest and Heaviest

The TETON Sports Mammoth is the biggest bag and ideal for taller folks or couples who want that extra bit of leg room.

For Hiking

If you are planning a serious hike in the outdoors then the Winterial Double Mummy  and the Sleepingo are two great choices for their lighter weight.

Note: The Sleepingo will only really work for hikes that don’t get too cold as the temperature rating is only down to 32 degrees F, but it is the lightest and packs down to a very small size.

For Camping

The other three double sleeping bags (the Teton, KingCamp and North Face) featured here are really better suited to camping trips where there is not a weight limitation on what can be carried, because they are all a bit bulky and won’t pack into a hikers backpack.  They are all great choices from a comfort and warmth point of view.


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