Double Pet Stroller for 2 Dogs


There are few things better that a good walk with good company, and what better companionship than that of loving and loyal pets.

But what if your dogs have reached an age where they are having trouble walking? Perhaps you need a visit to the Vet and you want it to be as non-traumatic as possible. In fact there are many great reasons you’d want to use a stroller.

If you have two dogs, traditional single strollers leave them cramped and uncomfortable, and they risk overheating on warmer days.

Double pet strollers for 2 dogs let you take older or injured pets outdoors without putting strain on their bodies. There is more than enough space for two happy passengers. No one gets left home alone, and you get to enjoy special moments outdoors together.

We have put together a selection of top choices so you and your animals can enjoy life outside the house. Now, wherever you go, your best friends will be able to keep you company, while remaining safe and happy in the comfort of their spacious cabins.

NoZip Dual Pet Stroller


The Pet Gear’s NO-ZIP for two dogs is unique in that the cabin does not open and close with a zip. The cabin’s opening has a firm edge which snaps open and closed, allowing you easy access to your animals.

It has an impressive 90 pound weight limit which comfortably holds two small pups. The extra-wide cabin (27″L x 20″W x 23″H) allows for a comfortable and spacious ride for two and comes with a soft bed for them to lie on. There is also a weather cover to keep them dry in wet weather.

It has an elevated paw rest so your pooch can look out, using the bar for support. The panoramic view window keeps them safe and at the same time lets them observe their surroundings. There is also a safety tether in the cabin to secure your dogs.

The 12″ tires make it easy to push over different terrains, and the quick-release air tires (air pump included) allow you to let air out over rougher surfaces to create a more comfortable, bump free ride for your passengers. There is a quick-locking foot brake for when you want to park safely.

It also has a convenient storage basket under the cabin so you can carry any extras you may need.

This is a great purchase if comfort is a priority. If your animals are recovering from an operation or battling with arthritis, this plush design will keep those tails wagging. The extra large wheels create a smooth ride, as well as making it effortless to push. Both you and your pooches will love the comfort of this luxury purchase.

OxGord Canine Pram


This side by side double pet stroller is spacious and has two individual baskets, each measuring 25.6”L x 11.8”W, give each passenger its own private space.

The OxGord double pram is conveniently lightweight and foldable for easy transport and storage. It is sturdy and comfortable, designed with individual compartments for each rider.

It has multiple mesh screen windows with zippers so your pooches get to see what’s going on all around them. The mesh also provides adequate airflow to prevent overheating, plus it keeps the bugs out. It comes in 2 color options, black and pink.

There are two roomy storage compartments under the baskets for treats or toys, and 2 cup holders near the handle to hold a coffee or water bottle.

It has 4 double wheels that roll smoothly over uneven surfaces. The front wheels can swivel 360 degrees for easy steering and the back wheels lock so you can safely secure the pram when needed.

If you are looking for a lightweight stroller so your animals can join you on trips to the shops or around the neighborhood, the OxGord will get them there in comfort.

Large Pet Buggy with Push Button Entry


This Pet Gear double dog stroller has the largest weigh capacity in our selection. It can carry up to 150 pounds and has a spacious cabin area of 35″L x 23″W x 24″H. It can easily hold 2 small to medium dogs or one larger guy.

This model is also zip-less and has a push button entry system so you can lock and unlock the doors without hassle. It has a front and a back entry/exit point, so pets that are injured or have arthritis don’t need to turn around to exit. There is a brake on the rear wheel so you can stabilize the stroller while they climb in or out.

This stroller is ideal if you are looking for versatility to suit a larger furry family. It folds flat in seconds for when you need to store it or load it in the car and the handle height is adjustable so you can set it to a comfortable position.

Guardian Gear Double Decker Pushchair


This cute purple double decker pet stroller by Guardian Gear has a larger bottom compartment with a large mesh window and a smaller top basket where your passenger can peek out the top. Both compartments offer a 360 degree view when open and provide each animal with its own comfortable space.

The front has swivel style wheels making it easy to maneuver, and the back wheels have wheel locks for when you want to park.

It has a small storage compartment on the back of the lower basket and two convenient cup holders. It folds up easily for convenient storage and transport.

This product has the lowest weight capacity (25 pounds) in our selection, this makes it perfectly suited for two small dogs.

All Terrain Extra Wide 2 Dog Carrier


This is the most affordable 2 dog stroller in our range and has a carrying capacity of 30 pounds.

This popular leopard print design has wide wheels making it easy to push over grass, gravel and paving. The 3 wheel design it a breeze to steer.

The canopy has convenient front and rear zipper access. The cabin area which measures  21″L x 13.5″W x 20”H, has mesh windows in the front, rear and top, which allows your pet to look around and get more than adequate ventilation. It has a large storage basket under the cabin area where you can store any treats or toys you may need on the walk, plus a handy cup holder to hold a water bottle.

It is made of Denier nylon which is durable, water-resistant and easy to clean. It also includes a soft padded cushion for your dogs to sit on, and a rain cover so they get to enjoy your walks all year round. The stroller is easy to open and fold away.

This is a great purchase if you are looking for a budget buy to use for easy walks on paved surfaces.

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