5 Best Double Dog Leashes for 2019

double dog leash

It’s always a joy for dog owners to see the excitement and anticipation in their dogs eyes and the wagging of tails when its time for a walk or adventure. This time spent together is such an important interaction, one which strengthens the bonds of trust and love between man and his furry companions.

But let’s face it, when you have 2 raucous canines and you are walking them on your own, things can easily get out of control. My two Siberian Huskies are very well behaved, but being an active breed there has always been an issue with leashes getting tangled or twisted over one another.

Thankfully, a dual dog leash is specifically designed to overcome the various problems of walking 2 dogs simultaneously. Imagine no more twisted lines and no more tangles between your dogs, just enjoyable and hassle free time with your best friends.

Top 5 Dual Canine Leashes

Below are the 5 best double dog leashes available today. It will make the world of difference from the first time you use one.

Peteast 2 Dog

peteast 2

The Peteast Dual is our absolute winner. It’s great value for money and ticks all the right boxes for an awesome and simple all round option.

The construction is a tough nylon and polyester fabric which is braided into a rugged system with a comfy soft grip; and at about 50 inches in length it is the perfect length for small to medium size dog breeds. I really like the swivel between the handle and the split section, which self-adjusts as your dog’s change position during walks or jogs!

If you have small to medium sized dogs and want a hassle-free product that’s durable, light and comfortable to use, this definitely the one for you.

Petbaba No Tangle

petbaba no tangle

The Petbaba is definitely your choice if you have active dog breeds with loads of energy.

Tough and durable nylon strapping has been braided into a 4.6 foot leash which makes it ideal for medium to large, active canine breeds. The system sports a strong swivel connection to prevent tangles and twisting of individual leads and has a really comfortable padded handle.

The rugged construction of the braid makes the lines quite thick at 0.6 inch, but you will be thankful knowing that it is has superior strength for your big or over-energetic dogs. If you love blazing the trail with blurs of fur or just have stubborn pullers then you will be glad to own of these.

Leashboss Duo

leashboss duo

Are you one of the unfortunate people who get dragged into the next dimension by your big dogs, the Leashboss Duo has all the attributes to put you back in control.

It is made with tough 1 inch nylon strapping that has two reflective strips which is an awesome safety feature in low light conditions. The nylon strapping is really strong and makes it ideal for bigger breeds. What makes it great is that if your two dogs differ in size, each line can be adjusted for length.

It also has a detachable self-adjusting swivel that prevents twisting and a soft padded handle which will prevent it from slipping out of your hands.

Although the lines are a bit shorter than the others featured here, the detachable swivel makes it possible to add a longer section between the grip and the dual line section, making it quite versatile.

If  you are tired of having your Mastiff or Rottweiler pull your shoulder out of joint, I can assure you this option will make a huge difference!

Revolve-A-Leash, Retractable

revolve a leash

With the Revolve-A-Leash Retractable you have a simple but sturdy system that’s really easy to use.

It features a revolving mechanism that moves freely to make sure the individual lines don’t twist and each one can be retracted or stopped with its patented braking system. For me, the all in one design of the product makes it a fantastic choice.

It might be an issue to use with larger breeds, but is perfect for small to medium sized breeds. If you’re tired of your ShiTzu’s tangling leads up around your legs in the park then this guy is your answer!

Wigzi Dual Doggie

wigzi dual doggie leash

The Wigzi Dual Doggie is a good choice! It’s a classic system with an inventive “twist”.

It has a no-tangle rotating design which extends up to 10 foot per dog. What I like about the handle is the fact that each line can be controlled individually with a unique colour coded braking system, ultimately making your life a lot easier if you have one dog that always wants to be ahead while your other dog rather wants to check the latest “p-mails” along the trail.

In the beginning the braking system for each side may be a bit confusing to use, but after one or two walks you get used to its function and have easy control of your dogs.

If you have relaxed dogs or older dogs that enjoy a casual stroll in the park, the Wigzi is excellent.

How to Decide Which Two Dog Leash is Right For You

Dog walking can be a little tricky as it is, but a good leash will make a huge difference. Let’s take a quick look at strength and function.


The Leashboss Duo and the Petbaba come out tops for strength; they are designed for strong pullers and big dogs. These two are your choice if you are going to ramble along trails or want ultimate control.

The Peteast comes in at a midrange for strength, making it a versatile choice for small to medium sized dogs.

The Wigzi Dual Doggie and the Revolve-A-Leash are more suited to relaxed walks and won’t withstand the strength of large active canines.


Wigzi’s Dual Doggie and the Revolve-A-Leash are multi-functional and both have 10 foot long, retractable lines as well as a braking system if you need to stop one dog in its tracks. This feature may take a bit of getting used but is very quick to learn.

These two are the heaviest products weighing between 1 and 1.3 pounds. The simplest functioning products are the Peteast Dual Doggie and the Petbaba Double, plain and straightforward to use and are also both the lightest products.

The Leashboss Duo is also light and has the added functions of reflective strips, adjustable leashes and also a detachable handle, so you can always add a longer section of lead or your own lead handle to increase its length.

We have also looked at the best Dog Backpacks for hiking with your best buddies!

Additionally, you could pop your 2 dogs into a cool Double Pet Stroller reviewed here.


Wigzi Pet Leash System


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