Best Clear Bubble Dome Shaped Umbrella


Dome Umbrella’s can’t help but make a statement. Once you have yours, you’ll be wishing for rain just to get the chance to test it out.

An unplanned shower does not need to leave you concerned about a rained-out hairdo and running makeup. Rainy outdoor graduations or events can still be stylish and dry, with the great rain cover these umbrellas offer.

If you are a mom with a small baby, no need to stay indoors because of a little rain or wind. Bundle up and take cover under the large dome canopy and both you and baby can enjoy feeling fully sheltered while taking in the view, scattered in raindrops.

We have picked out the cutest collection of clear plastic bubble designs ensuring they are top quality and great value, so you can choose your favorite. Now, you never have to risk another rainy day while compromising on style.

Large Transparent Dome Umbrella for Ladies


Our firm favorite favorite selection is the Totes Ladies Transparent bubble shaped umbrella. They are stylish, versatile and look amazing as part of any ensemble. They fit in perfectly at both fancy events or when used for taking a casual walk in the park.

Made of quality, transparent PVC, the canopy measures in at 52 inches in diameter. The large dome design offers maximum protection from rain and wind. Your head and shoulders will be shielded by the clear plastic canopy, and it allows you an uninterrupted visibility.

Totes offer a lifetime warranty on their classic and timeless designs. If it breaks, Totes will replace it without any charge. Don’t you just love a company with the confidence to back their quality products?

When the rain dries on the plastic dome, you will notice little rain spots but these are easily removed with a quick wipe from a damp cloth.

This is the perfect umbrella if you walk to work or love to walk your dogs, rain or shine. If you want to keep as dry as possible but also need to see where you are going when crossing a street, this is the ideal rainy season solution.

Kids Rain Bubble for Girls and Boys


Our next review is an awesome mini bubble, the Totes Kids. This is one of the best children’s umbrellas you will find.

It is easy for kids to open and durable enough to handle a little rough handling. It offers great protection and will even cover and keep your children’s school backpack dry.

Kids just love looking up and watching the rain fall on the clear umbrella. It creates a magical little world in which they are safe from the cold rain but get to experience the droplets all around them.

It comes in 4 beautiful designs, the classic transparent bubble, primary colored dots and the transparent tinted pink or blue canopies.

If you are look for a creative Halloween costume, then look no further. You have just found the ultimate jelly fish solution.

When opening your purchase for the first time, open it slowly as the plastic may stick a little and you will want to avoid tearing it. You will find it is covered with a fine powder to avoid sticking; you can just dust or wipe it off.

If you want an umbrella that your kids can carry on their own and that offers the largest amount of coverage while still letting them see where they are going, this is 100% perfect. We also love that it withstands windy conditions very well so your children will never be caught half soaked in a storm with an inverted umbrella.

Clear Dome Plastic Flower Bubble


If you are looking for more color options, the Kung Fu Smith Clear Flower Bubble Dome Umbrella deliver a stunning selection.

These cute designs offer everything from cherry blossoms to autumn leaves, perfect for those fashion conscious ladies. The transparent prints do not block visibility so the canopy remains see through regardless of which design you pick. The handle matches the print adding that extra special finish to this already stylish rainy weather accessory.

This is not the best solution if you are looking for shade but if the storm clouds gather, you will not find better coverage with an uninterrupted view.

This is the perfect range for you if you like options and are looking for a designer accessory to match your outfit or just your mood. These fun and colorful options will turn any cloudy day into a highlight.

Rainbrace Transparent Large Umbrella


For a wider range of colors and designs, look no further than the Rainbrace Brand for stylish, see-through umbrellas.

The design has a transparent PVC dome with a classic color trim and matching handle.

It comes in a selection of 7 cute and classic colors including black, red, blue, lavender, light blue, green and pink that will cheer up any wet and rainy day.

It has an auto open feature so simply press a button, and it pops open.

This product is better suited to milder rain and wind conditions. This is the perfect lightweight match if you live in an area with more gently and constant downpours.

Should you wish to have that “Sex in the City” feel when walking to your favorite coffee shop in the mornings, this elegant accessory will be perfect for you; in fact, you may need more than just one color to ensure the perfect ensemble.

Folding Yellow Sunflower Design


Though not quite a dome, the Plemo Sunflower Folding umbrella has a playful and sunflower print to brighten the day in rain or shine.

If you need an umbrella that can fold away compactly and that easily fit in your handbag, then you will love this convenient folding version.  If opens and closes with the click of a button and has an anti-slip rubber handle.

Plemo offer a lifetime warranty on these sturdy and well made products which hold up extremely well in heavier rain and windy conditions. They also offer perfect shade if the day turns from rain to shine.

Because of its sturdy design and quality materials, it may feel slightly heavier than your usual folding designs. However, the few extra grams are worth investing in a product that will not need to be replaced after a few feisty storms.

This is your perfect “on the go” match if you are looking something functional that also takes the drab out of any rainy day. If you choose cheery over conservative, this will suit you perfectly, rain or shine.

Why These Are Amazing!

Conventional umbrellas provide adequate coverage at best in mild conditions but when the heavens open into a notable shower, they offer limited protection. Add wind to the mix and you get what you paid for, an inverted umbrella which offers little more than frustration.

Large Size

Sure, they do not fold away into a tiny package, but in that lays their classic and unforgettable, Fred Astaire charm.

Although ideal for children, a clear bubble dome doesn’t just make an excellent gift for little boys and girls. Most adults will remember these classic designs from their childhood and will love the nostalgic transparent design.

Rain Cover

They offer excellent coverage and protection. The experience of being immersed in a rain storm with droplets falling inches from your face is purely magical. These beautiful accessories will have you and your kids running into the rain instead of away from it.

A Little History

We hope you enjoy many rainy days with these beautiful products. Let us know how they have made a change to your rainy season experience in the comments below.

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