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We all want to go away for holidays or camping trips, but there is just nothing worse than the thought of leaving our furry best friends at home or at the kennels for the holidays.

Most of us take our canine companions with us wherever we go. Their comfort is just as important as our own on trips away from home, usually we would take their favorite blanket or sleeping pad along. Nowadays we have access to some really awesome portable dog beds for camping that will make fido’s outdoor trip super comfy.

We searched for the best products available that are portable and user friendly enough for taking along on a camp-out. There’s a fit for all sizes and breeds. Take a look!

Coolaroo Elevated Dog Bed


The Coolaroo elevated bed with knitted fabric is just perfect for the discerning canine, as all pet owners know; some of our furry friends can be quite fussy about their sleeping arrangements.

But rest assured the Coolaroo is comfortable and stylish enough that even the fussiest pooch can’t say no. This raised design really has great features, including a mite, mold and mildew resistant fabric platform. The breathable knitted fabric also allows free air movement keeping your animal nice and ventilated.

It is elevated 7 inches off the ground and is very easy to assemble and dismantle for packing. The Coolaroo comes in a range of sizes for each and every breed size.

K&H Waterproof Pet Cot


The Original pet Cot by K&H Manufacturing is a rugged and durable waterproof dog bed for the hardened outdoor explorer. It’s really easy to assemble and requires no tools.

The 600 denier waterproof platform has a mesh center to keep your companion ventilated while sleeping and also helps if he is still damp from his afternoon swim in the lake.

This folding dog bed is definitely a camper’s companion; it folds up nicely for easy packing and sets up within minutes. It is available in medium and large sizes; it has a carrying capacity of 150 pounds!

HDP Folding Pet Bed


HDP has followed the classic folding camp chair design with their Sleep Chair. Its design allows for tool free assembly as it just folds open into a raised cot for camping with your best friend.

The padded but breathable fabric is ideal for older animals and pets who suffer from joint pains, hip dysplasia and arthritis, offering them the necessary support and comfort. The fabric used is a heavy duty waterproof polyester and the steel frame has been coated for preservation from rust.

This washable dog bed is perfect for owners on the go and it folds up nicely for transport and there is zero assembly required making it one of the most user friendly designs in this review. It is available in a medium as well as a large size.

Canine Portable Travel Sleeper


This design is almost exactly the same as a hiking sleeping bag, super light and puffy.

It has a polyester microfiber upper and a nylon ripstop bottom part which is perfect for more rugged camping trips. It is not elevated and does not have any frame whatsoever, but it’s the perfect fit for wilderness hikes and camp-outs.

It measures 30” x 39” and stashes away into a stuff bag of 15” x 9”, it will fit comfortably into a hiking packs top or side storage holds. It is also completely machine washable, so after a long dirty trek in the mountains it can safely be washed for the next trip.

Coleman Roll-Up Waterproof Travel Pad


The Coleman Waterproof travel bed is just great and what more could you want or expect from a trusted name in outdoor gear.

It is made from a tough rip stop material with a non-skid bottom layer to prevent slipping on smooth surfaces. It is filled with an airy polyester micro-fibre offering a nice and comfy sleeping pad for your canine buddy.

It rolls up into a neat package that has integrated straps and a carry handle. It has the open dimensions of 24” x 36” x 2” and only weighs 1.8 pounds and is completely machine washable. The Coleman is ideal for camp-outs or hiking trips where ease of use and speed is of the essence.

Outdoor Camping with Dogs


Advantages of Raised Dog Beds

Our pets are used to sleeping at home on their usual beds or kennels and a sudden change in environment and sleeping arrangements can easily put them off and leave them unsettled.

A raised platform offers a pressure free spot to sleep; this is especially great for mature and ageing animals whose joints need the support. Simply putting a blanket down in the campsite or tent is not good enough; it exposes them to the hard ground which may be cold and damp, leading to discomfort.

Dogs form a unique bond of trust with their owners and to “disrespect” them by giving them something uncomfortable for no reason can lead to a breach in trust.

The ventilation, comfort and support offered by an elevated base is just perfect to make your canine friend happy on any trip away from home, be it camping or a family holiday to the beach house.

Best Lightweight Options (Not Raised)

The Canine Portable Travel Sleeper and the Coleman Roll-Up Mattress in our review are perfectly suited to wilderness treks or rougher outdoor trips. They both lack steel frames and pack down to small portable packages that are light enough to carry on a hike.

These two are not elevated but are ideal for sporty and active dog breeds that are not concerned about roughing it up.

Some Extra Tips

If you’re considering flying, check out the Best Expandable Pet Carrier Review which allows you to take your animal on a flight on spacious comfort.


They come in all sizes, medium, large and extra-large, with the medium being a standard size for small breeds too.

Depending on your needs, the raised styles are ideal for general tenting trips where it can stay assembled for the duration of your trip.

The foldable or roll-up designs are great for walk in trips or hikes in wilderness areas where portability and weight is an important consideration.

So treat your furry friends to one of these awesome products for your next camping trip, they will appreciate each blissful moment!

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