Portable Camping Bunk Beds for Kids and Adults


If there’s one thing I remember best from camping as a kid, it’s lying below my brother on our portable camping bunk bed or Disco-Bed. We had our own add-on tent and we could lie there for hours talking about the “big fish” we caught that day. It was our own private castle and we felt like kings.

I can’t believe that nearly 30 years later, the very same design is still available! It really stood the test of time.

It’s a genius concept that uses the disc design to slot the frame into place and “pull” the canvas taught, resulting in a perfectly comfortable sleeping cot. There are no screws or tiny weird connectors. Everything slips into position with nearly zero effort.

There are smaller youth sizes as well as large and extra large adult size bunk beds for camping.

In this article we’ll look at the Pro’s and Con’s of using Disco-Beds for camping as well as a how they actually work.

Kid’s Bunk Beds For Sale


Available in red, lime green and teal blue, the children’s model can hold a staggering 200 pounds each. The whole setup weighs 34 lbs and is recommended for kids between 6 and 12 years. There are 18 inches between each cot, leaving enough room to get in and out with ease.

  • Each cot can hold up to 200 pounds
  • Sleeping area length: 62 inches (5.1 foot)
  • Sleeping area width: 28 inches

This bed is ideal for camp outs, but it is also an excellent investment if you have little girls and boys who enjoy sleepovers.

Large Adult Portable Camping Disco-Bed


Adults have a slightly larger space between the two cots at 21 inches. Spacers can be added for a little more room.

  • Each cot can hold up to 500 pounds
  • Sleeping area length: 76 inches (6.3 foot)
  • Sleeping area width: 28 inches

There are folding cabinets available which can attach to the ends of the bed for convenient storage.

How to Assemble a Double Bunk

Even at the age of 9, it was extremely easy to assemble.

You simply slip the poles inside the canvas. At the end of each pole is a “disc” which slots easily into the half-moon brackets of the head and foot frames. These 4 points of connection create a solid and secure rectangle with the canvas hammocking between the 2 long poles.

Once both beds are set up separately, simply slot the one on top of the other by adding the upper half-moon extension onto the discs.


The disc now has a half-moon bracket below it and another above it, thereby creating a complete circle around the disc. This is perfectly secure and there’ll be no risk whatsoever of slipping off and the top bunk occupant squashing the person below.

Once taught, the canvas turns into a smooth surface with your body weight creating a comfortable concave cot, keeping you from rolling out of bed.

The can even be turned into a cool camping couch.


How these Double Sleeping Cots have Changed


Besides some minor updates like storage pouches and an extra belt to secure the two beds together, it’s really very similar. There’s also a Velcro flap on each end securing the canvas to the frame. This would definitely help as I remember our pillows used to slip into the space between the canvas and the frame.

Folding and Packing Away


After a wild weekend in nature, packing away couldn’t be easier. The bed gets it sturdiness from the weight of an occupant as well as the discs “pulling” the canvas taut.

With no-one on the beds, you can simply remove the top bunk and slip the “discs” out of their respective brackets. Once they’re out, the canvas becomes completely floppy and can be folded away once you remove the long side poles. This portable camping cot is a great addition to any family camp-out.

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