Black Duck Boots for Women


Are you a hip city girl who needs to get from A to B in the rain? Or maybe you are a farm girl who spends extended periods in the paddocks with the farm animals. Well I suppose during the rainy season, you feel the same as we do about wet footwear being a constant problem.

But honestly we are all tired of having to don nasty rubber rain boots all day long, face it; no self-respecting fashion girl wants wrinkly wet feet after a long day of work!

Introducing the Women’s Duck Boot…

“What the heck are Duck Boots?” You ask.

Well, a duck boot performs the same function as a “Welly” rain boot, without the ugly looks but with superb comfort and weatherproof ability. They are a “re-boot” of the American Classic LL Bean Boots.

They have a waterproof lower section and weatherproof upper with ankle support and plush inner linings to keep a girl’s feet snug as a rug.

They are versatile enough to use outdoors in the wilderness for hiking but also be perfectly at home on the feet of a city lady who needs to walk in wet conditions, there’s a duck boot for all occasions! Furthermore, black stays clean much longer in wet conditions that tan or brown leather.

Take a look at these 5 fantastic Black Duck Boots for Women.

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Nature Breeze Waterproof Boots


The Nature breeze waterproof boots for women is a really stylish boot that will keep your feet high and dry for wet conditions.

The functional waterproof lower section and stylish upper weatherproof section combine to make this a definite trend setter in the duck boot community.

Made almost entirely from synthetic materials for their weatherproof qualities, the Nature Breeze has a lace up upper ankle section and the inner is lined with a synthetic fleece or faux fur lining to keep your feet comfy and warm.

Note that this boot comes with a zipper closure as well as a lace up section; you will likely want to take a size bigger if you want to wear a thick pair of socks for added warmth.

Keeping up with fashion and style, the Nature Breeze is probably best suited to women who are not going to be working in dirt or muddy conditions. We see this boot outside with women who operate outdoors in moist conditions but want to maintain a stylish look to their dress code. A great buy with superb quality.

Elsa Rain Shoes


Now here’s an awesome boot for the farm girl, the Keen woman’s Elsa Winter Boot is perfect for wet weather work in mushy conditions.

The totally waterproof lower and weatherproof upper keeps your feet dry and comfortable for the whole day.

The lower of this boot is made from waterproofed leather that repels water and dirt. The upper is made from tough and durable synthetic fabric that has been waterproofed to repel water and the seams are also water sealed so no need to worry about water or moisture seeping into the inner. The inner is well insulated and has a temperature rating down to -4 degrees F. if you were to expose the boot to a saltwater environment it would be recommended to rinse the boot of afterwards to avoid salt deposits crystallising on the fabric.

It has a fleece lined collar and mesh lining for breathability, which we think is a great design for a working boot. No one wants a smelly wet foot after a day out in the paddocks.

In our opinion this one takes the cake for function and durability for the working woman; and to boot, no pun intended, it is stylish and good looking.

Women’s Snow Booties with Fur


Daily Shoes brings another fashionable duck boot for women with this range of stylish snow booties.

The boot is waterproof from top to toe, with a tongue design that stops any water from entering the lace up area. The neck features a zipper to make it easy to remove the boots and also has an ankle strap that can be tightened around the neck of the boot to provide a custom fit.

The anti-slip rubber sole provides good traction on slippery surfaces with their unique tread pattern, so no more slipping off the wet sidewalk. Daily Shoes Snow Boot will withstand the elements and can be used on rainy days in the city as well as walking through the snow.

They come in a variety of fashionable colours and are quite cheap considering their function. So if you one of those stylish girls wanting a leopard print boot with weatherproof capability, then the Daily Shoes Snow Boot is the one for you!

Sorel Women’s Winter Boot


The Sorel women’s Winter Boot is by far the most rugged and durable we could find out there, still keeping an elegant and stylish look.

Sorel is a Canadian company that has been making boots and other apparel for almost 60 years. Their clever use of naturals like felts, wool and leathers to bring you tough as nails products that can withstand the harshest environments.

The women’s winter boot is a cold weather boot designed for the Canadian environment. It features a neck and upper of thick, oiled suede with an integrated tongue to prevent entry of water.

What we really like on this boot is the D-loop lace system; it is more durable than the usual riveted lace holes on some shoes. The felt lined inner keeps your feet nice and warm and insulates from the cold outside.

This boot will be quite at home on the feet of active outdoors women taking part in winter sports or winter work in the outdoors. The Sorel is a lot more expensive than others here, but the quality and workmanship of this boot are well worth every dollar spent.

Women’s Daily Shoes


This women’s duck boot from Daily Shoes is less fashion oriented than their previous boot on this list, but still maintains a good style with function at the forefront.

The boot has a good rubber sole with the same unique, anti-slip tread design as the other boot from Daily Shoes with a faux suede upper. The rubber and tread is designed to produce friction while walking, creating better grip even in wet conditions. It has a zipper on the side for easy fitting and removal, as well as a lace system for fitting.

The faux sued upper will likely not have the longevity that a real oiled suede upper or nylon synthetic would have, but the much cheaper price speaks for itself. It does however still have all the water repelling qualities as any other boot in our selection.

Good value for money if you are on a tight budget but still need a functional product.

Deciding on the Right Pair

Choosing the right duck boot purely depends on what you need it for. Considering that their main function is to keep your feet dry and warm in wet environments.

If your main objective is a duck boot for working in, then the Sorel Winter Boot is your top choice followed by the KEEN Elsa Winter Boot and lastly the Daily Shoes. Sorel being the absolute best boot when it comes to durability and strength.

If maintaining your style is important to you then The Nature Breeze Duck and the Daily Shoes Snow Booties are what you need. Both these models keep with fashion trends yet are totally functional.

Though the design was originally created by LL Bean, design houses like Sperry, Keen and Sorel have created their own unique versions of this popular American icon. Just look at how popular they have become over the last 2 years.

Here’s a video showing, the Elsa (by KEEN), one of the unique variations on the traditional Women’s Duck Boot.

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