The Best Tritium Watches of 2019

best tritium watches

Most watches either come with a built-in light source or have Phosphorescent markings which need to be charged by holding them to light. This makes them pretty inconvenient to use at night. There’s a much easier way… Tritium!

Gaseous Tritium is a radioactive form of hydrogen. Its chemical structure causes it to glow naturally and continuously with a greenish hue. That means you can read the time, anytime, both day and night. You don’t need to press any buttons or hold it up to a light source. It glows non-stop for around 20 years and requires no batteries or recharging.

Despite these seemingly profound characteristics, Tritium is completely safe and has become a cool solution to an age-old problem. In this roundup, we’ll be taking a look at the five best options available.

Here Are Our Winners

We’ll show you what each of them have to offer, and help you find the one that best suits your needs.

Luminox Evo Blackout

luminox evo

Designed for durability, the Luminox Evo is your perfect all-rounder. It’s built with a PC carbon reinforced case, measuring 45mm in diameter. The unidirectional ratcheting bezel is made with a black polymer that is built to last. The watch is water resistant for up to 200 meters (660 feet) and the strap is made of water-friendly black rubber. Whether you’re caught in the rain, or can’t resist a cooling dunk in the lake, these features are great to have.

There are a number of other features we look for in a good product, and the Liminox checked all of our boxes. It is designed with Swiss quartz movement for optimal time accuracy. It has tritium-luminous hands, a date display at the 3rd hour marker, and a GMT scale. All these features make the Luminox perfect for active types who require a balance between functionality, style, and durability.

Gosasa Navy Seal

gosasa navy

The Gosasa Navy Seal is designed for those who want a lasting investment. The Gosasa offers the longest lasting tritium glow of up to 25 years, and is always glowing in three different colors. The hands glow green, the hour markers glow blue and the 12:00 hour marker glows orange. The unique style is available for both women and men, so everyone can get a look they’ll want to show off.

But it’s not just the appearance that appealed to us. The Gosasa is also an extremely well crafted watch. It is made with a synthetic sapphire glass face cover and a 316L stainless steel case. It is even waterproof for up to 200 meters or 660 feet. This makes it suitable for both swimming and diving.

With a rotating bezel, date display, and 2 year warranty, all of the basic features are there. However, this well-crafted, long lasting option is unlikely to disappoint beyond the warranty period.

Smith & Wesson SWW-12T-R Soldier

smith wesson tritium

For gun fanatics, this brand hardly needs an introduction. Smith & Wesson is a widely recognizable and highly trusted company that can be counted on to deliver durable, well made products. The SWW-12T-R is no exception. It’s build quality makes it idea for those of you in law enforcement, safety, or emergency response industries. Its no-frills design allowed the manufacturer to focus their energy where it counts, putting it in a class above many others.

It’s built with a scratch resistant, hardened mineral glass face cover. It also has a shock resistant body, which is particularly important for field work. From minor bumps to unexpected impact, it will hold up in any environment.

It is water resistant for up to 100 meters (330 feet) and has a comfortable, durable nylon strap. It has both green and orange tritium that delivers up to 20 years of consistent glow. Emergency situations can happen at any time, and the SWW-12T-R can be trusted to deliver when you need it most.

TAWATEC Titan Diver

tawatec dive watch

The TAWATEC Titan Diver is optimized for swimmers and divers. Tritium is a great choice for divers because even in the daylight, underwater exploration is often dark or murky. They have a glow that is powerful enough to be usable when other forms of illumination disappoint. The TAWATEC is built with the deepest water resistance, giving you up to 300 meters (990 feet). It is also well crafted, to withstand the pressure of underwater adventuring.

It’s a lightweight titanium watch with a unidirectional bezel, PVD coated titanium bottom a 2 year warranty. It uses 3 different colors of tritium, allowing you to decipher the time even in murky waters. It also has a power reserve of 42 hours for situations when you’re out on the water without a power source for long periods of time. This is the perfect option for those who spend a lot of time in the water.

Gosasa Military

gosasa military

The Gosasa Military is another great watch for divers, but the design is geared a little more towards athletics. It comes in two different styles, either the butterfly double-snap steel strap or cowhide leather. It is built with a sapphire/Hardlex scratch resistant face cover and is waterproof for up to 200 meters (660 feet).

One of the main features that earn this watch it’s “military” designation is the accuracy. It’s designed with Ronda army quartz movement which keeps accurate time over a longer period than most competitors – no need to reset it. It also retains its tritium glow for up to 25 years. For the business man with an adventurous side, it’s the perfect choice.

Which Option Is Right For You?

Choosing a tritium watch can be a daunting and difficult decision. In order to narrow down your choices to find your perfect watch, it’s important to know your priorities.

Value & Durability

The Luminox Evo stands out from the pack and has a build quality that has to be seen to be appreciated. It’s designed from top to bottom with quality materials in mind. The Gosasa Navy Seal is a very close second.


The Smith & Wesson’s housing is smoother and won’t catch as easily on clothing. It’s has a nylon strap which sits really comfortably on your arm.


The Tawatec is a really high-end watch but comes at a price.

The Gosasa Military is a classic chrome design and will stand out in a crowd.


The manufacturing may be complicated, but for the end user a Tritium watch offers a face that is always glowing, easy to read, and never needs maintenance. It a good investment and will make life just a little easier.


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