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Are you ready to experience the exhilarating feeling that comes with throwing an axe and connecting with the target? The sound! The satisfaction! We’ve had more fun, than should be allowed, in hand picking the very best throwing axes on the market.

The Axe was originally used as an all purpose tool by the Native Americans, and became a weapon in times of war. With the change from tool to weapon, the axe evolved into the traditional Tomahawk as it is known today.

It’s primary purpose was to be an effective fighting tool in hand to hand combat. The traditional axe became smaller, lighter and in some designs had a sharpened spike or blade on the back of the head.

Below are a selection of axes and tomahawks that are light, strong and well balanced for accuracy. We have made choosing one of these wicked tools effortless. Have a look at what we’ve found.

(If you’re looking for an actual Camping Axe instead. Check out our Lightweight Backpacking Hatchets review.)

SOG FastHawk

sog throwing axe

Number one on our list is the SOG Fast Hawk by SOG Specialty Knives & Tools.

The FastHawk has a 2 inch, 420 steel blade. It has a hard cased black finish and is fast, light and easier to carry. The blade is coated in a durable, scratch-resistant, black oxide finish. It comes standard with a black sheath that can be attached to a belt or backpack.

The blade is faster, lighter and easier to handle compared to other blades in the SOG range. It is mounted to a glass-reinforced nylon handle. This lightweight material ensures you do not add extra weight to your pack when hiking and makes it effortless to throw.

Although the blade of the SOG FastHawk is super durable, it does require sharpening to keep its performance optimal. Like any metal cutting implement, a blunt blade will bounce off surfaces.

This tomahawk is ideal for just that, throwing and throwing again. It’s a solid, powerful beast with excellent feel. Be it target practice or competition. Its weightless feel and compact size makes it ideal for outdoor travellers and throwing professionals.

Technical Specs

  • Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Blade Length: 2”
  • Overall Length: 12.5″
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Cold Steel Trail Hawk American Hickory Handle


Number two on our list is the Cold Steel with American Hickory handle. We love that it is such an affordable hawk. The steel is excellent and the handle is sturdy and strong. The axe throws very well and is perfectly suited for light chopping.

The blade, being factory produced, needs a little work when it arrives. The head of the axe can be slightly loose because of how the screw is set but with a little attention, this is easily remedied and your owners pride will have you heading straight out the house for some backyard axe throwing.

This is for you if you prefer the original classic styling over the plastic or steel handles. The tool will perform regardless of the task at hand but the American Hickory wooden handle gives it that vintage, hand crafted look that Cold Steel is so well known for.

It is the ideal purchase if you are looking to make your own customised hawk. Regardless if you are using it out the box or turning into a father and son project, you will have a workable and effective tool at the end of the day.

Technical Specs

  • Weight: 1.34 pounds
  • Blade Length: 6 1/2″
  • Overall Length: 22″
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Competition Throwing Hawk


At number three we are reviewing this awesome Competition Throwing Hawk Axe Hatchet, hand forged from high carbon steel.

If you are looking to compete in axe throwing competitions, this premier, hand crafted weapon is the ideal tool to get the job done.

The Thrower Supply Throwing Hawk is lightweight, tough, throws with precision and is excellent quality.

Should you need to replace the sheath or create and customise a new handle, these can easily be ordered and purchased online. Wooden handles do take damage from throwing but are fortunately easy to replace.

The blade does not arrive as sharp as most would hope but with some quick sanding and adjustment on the handle, it will be in tip top working condition. This is a raw and awesome piece for any collection.

This is for the discerning Axe thrower who appreciates raw craftsmanship. It is an excellent option, ideal for competitors and outdoorsmen looking for a lightweight axe or hammer around the camp fire. If hiking in the woods, this is a thrilling tool to carry along and throw at dead trees.

Technical Specs

  • Weight: 1.6 pounds
  • Blade Length: 4”
  • Overall Length: 19”
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SOG Throwing Hawks TH1001-CP


At number four we have our second SOG Throwing Hawk product in this review and for good reason. This set of 3, hardcased black stainless steel blades have a paracord wrapped handle and nylon sheath with a 1.75″ blade. They are slightly heavier than their sibling, the SOG Fasthawk.

The set of three throwing hawk axes can be used for throwing or as general purpose axes. They all come with a storage sheath and paracord wrapped handles to improve grip.

These awesome little hawks are perfectly balanced and proportioned, designed specifically for throwing but can also be used for light chopping.

We found that the notches on the blade side of the handle could be slightly more pronounced to make rewrapping the paracord a little easier but this will not impact on your enjoyment of these classic pieces.

This is the perfect set for both backyard axe throwing and competitions. Lightweight, sleek, agile, hardwearing and with their non scratch finish makes them a brilliant choice.

Technical Specs

  • Weight: 1.8 pounds
  • Blade Length: 2”
  • Overall Length: 10.8”
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Zombie Killer


With a name like Zombie Killer Skullsplitter, this green brute couldn’t help but catch our eye.

This razer sharp, with green nylon cord wrap is forged from a solid slab of stainless steel. Armory Replicas, the company who produce this little beast claim you can easily hit your mark from a distance.

You will want to find the nearest tree or target board for some satisfying target practice. We can vouch for the strength and accuracy of this wildly awesome little beast.

It is not ideal for cutting wood so is not the ideal camping tool but will cut meat, rope and other more lightweight materials with ease.

This is a great novelty item that goes the extra mile and performs as a reliable and well weighted throwing axe. It has multiple sticking points which is great for beginners as it easily sticks into the target even if you have not thrown the perfect shot.

Technical Specs

  • Weight: 0.75 pounds
  • Blade Length: 5.75”
  • Overall Length: 11.5”
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A throwing axe was originally a weapon used in the Late Roman and Middle Ages by soldiers and was designed to be used as a close range weapon. Its weight and length means it delivers a much more powerful blow.

Technology, weighting and advanced material composition has the traditional axe originally made by blacksmiths many years ago fine-tuned to an entire new level.

Today axe throwing has become popular amongst outdoor enthusiasts because the blade is much sharper than a knife and has more versatility.

If used safely, this fun activity is an absolute must for any camp site. Be it for preparing wood for your campfire or a friendly throwing contest.

As a skilled thrower, the main goal is to throw the axe so that it rotates a set number of times through the air before hitting and penetrating its target. Axe throwing is also a popular sport supported at most lumberjack competitions.

Mastering the skill of throwing can be quite challenging but incredibly rewarding once mastered. In a controlled environment, with an experienced adult to guide and supervise, this skill is a great way for both children and adults to fine-tune their coordination.

Regardless of which of the above awesome outdoor essentials you select, we are absolutely certain that you will soon be enjoying the exhilaration and power of throwing them through the air or preparing the perfect fire in the wild.

Sharpening your Throwing Axe

  1. Protection is always a good idea so wear protective gloves and goggles to safeguard you from metal dust.
  2. Using a damp cloth, clean the head of the axe of any rust or grit.
  3. If there are more stubborn rust sport, use extra fine sand paper to remove it by rubbing lightly and evenly.
  4. Before starting to sharpen the axe, clamp it in a vice. This will make filing easier and safer.
  5. Select a longer bastard file. We find that a 10″-12″ works best as the teeth density is perfect for sharpening.
  6.  In one direction, from the hammer side to blade, file with an even motion into the curved shape of the blade.
  7. Once you have your desired finish, turn the blade over and repeat the process on the reverse side.
  8. Ensure you have sharpened evenly on both sides and then hone the edge with a coarse whetstone.
  9. Once you are done, protect the blade from rust by rubbing a small amount of machine oil onto the blade.
  10. Get out there and start throwing,


The SOG Side Comparison

BadAss Jason Mamoa (Khal Drago)

Sharpening Video

We hope you have found our review informative and that you are inspire to get one as soon as possible. If you are a beginner dabbling with backyard axe throwing or working toward throwing leagues, we wish you luck and fun during your target practice.  Any tips and feedback is more than welcome. Please let us know in the comments below and share your favorite product.

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