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Now here is an awesome long distance flashlight that will serve its purpose like a bomb! The ThorFire S70 XHP70 is a real powerhouse that produces 3000 lumens of light.

This product is the perfect tool for explorers who are caving or for search and rescue teams that need to operate in the darkness of night. The quality and raw power of this light are perfect for this type of work. It’s featured in our Brightest Flashlights Review.

Let’s take a look at the ins and outs of this great product.

thorfire s70

ThorFire Flashlight Specifications

The dimensions of the ThorFire are 10 inches in length by 1.5 inches in diameter and 3.6 inches in diameter at the light head.

It’s overall weight is 1.3 pounds, which may seem a bit heavy but bear in mind this product is designed with a bigger purpose.

Waterproof Capability

The best feature for us on the ThorFire S70 is its IPX8 waterproof rating. This rating allows it to be completely submersed in liquid down to 2 metres.

All the movable parts are also sealed by O-ring adding to its waterproof efficiency.

This waterproof capability puts the ThorFire S70 up there with the best throw flashlight‘s for search and rescue workers and any all-weather activities that call for a light in wet conditions.

Awesome Features on the Longdistance ThorFire S70

The Thorfire emits an incredible 3000 lumens of light power and has a beam distance of approximately 550 yards, making it one of the longest throw flashlights in its size and price class.

Like most other modern designs, it has function settings for different purposes. In ThorFire S70’s case, there are 6 different modes, high-medium-low, turbo, strobe and an SOS function.

Having an SOS function on the ThorFire, in addition to its super powerful beam adds to its overall functionality as a search and rescue light.

Great Backup from ThorFire

The S70 is crafted from anodized aircraft grade aluminium which is designed to take a bump and has a good level of shock resistance. It is great for work in rough terrain and at times when you don’t want the hassle of babying your gear.

Power is supplied from 2 X 18650 Lithium Ion batteries or 2 X3.7 volt batteries; neither of these is included in the deal. We would go straight for rechargeable 18650 Lithium Ion batteries, as they are proven power supplies with a good lifespan.

An 18 month warranty is awesome to have on a product that you really need to rely on, Thorfire makes that even better by including spare parts in you initial purchase, including O-Rings, a spare lens and spare tail caps.

Where Would the Thorfire S70 be Most at Home?

Naturally the sheer light power makes it the perfect light for emergency work or exploration of caves or subterranean infrastructure.

The ThorFire S70 would suit anyone needing a high power unit, not necessarily just these specific types of applications.

It would be equally appreciated by campers, hunters and neighborhood watch groups who want an extra flood of light.

Fortunately it is not massive and for its fairly compact size and frame, it packs a serious punch of light power, making the ThorFire S70 a worthwhile investment.

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