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A flashlight in a pen shape seems quite odd, but is actually a brilliant design!

The main design concept here is to have a light that is mounted on a thinner and longer cylinder, to make it easy to manoeuvre and to give pinpoint light on small items that are being worked on.

For example, a hobbyist who needs to see into small working parts of a model engine would be grateful having a pen style flashlight. If you’re looking for a more powerful flashlight, check out this article.

streamlight 66118 penlight

Streamlight Stylus Pro LED Specs

The Streamlight Stylus Pro has a complete length of 5.3 inches and is very thin in diameter at just short of half an inch.

The weight of this tactical pen flashlight is only 1.64 Oz.

The light comes from a C4 LED lamp which will give about 90 lumens of light power.

Really Bright for a Penlight

A great feature on the Streamlight Stylus Pro is the C4 white LED which has replaced a lesser lamp of previous versions. With the C4 LED, the Stylus Pro packs out 90 lumens of light and will cast a beam up to 50 yards only using 2 standard AAA batteries.

This alone makes it a lot more versatile than other penlight flashlight brands available and a great all-round light that can be kept in a shirt pocket because of its lightweight and small size.

Other Tactical Features and Functions

The Streamlight Stylus Pro has two standard light settings. It can either be turned on to be used in continuous mode or can be switched on momentarily and when the button is released the light turns off.

It has a pocket clip which is awesome for keeping the penlight on your belt or in your pocket. However the pocket clip is removable, so if you prefer to store it in the great little holster which comes with the light, it can easily be removed.

Durable Materials Speak for Themselves

The Stylus Pro is made from type II military grade aircraft aluminium, which is abrasion and corrosion resistant.

It is also water resistant and is shock and drop resistant to 1 meter.

The polycarbonate lens is super tough and will not scratch or chip.

One happy customer lost his Streamlight Stylus Pro and only found it 2 years later buried in the mud, and was amazed that it still worked. This goes to show that the materials used here and the water resistant feature proved itself over 2 winters outside!

Who Would Find the Streamlight Stylus Pro Useful?

Pen lights are definitely ideal flashlight for workers, artisans or crafters that need to work on small finicky bits and pieces in dark places. The bonus is that it is completely portable and compact, ideal for carrying on you if you are doing routine inspections on specific items during your work day.

The Streamlight Stylus Pro just takes it one notch up by being the brightest penlight available, making it suitable as a general flashlight too.

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