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Slacklining has become one of the most popular backyard activities for active kids and adults alike.

Balance, mental focus, core strength and posture are all developed while you play for hours. What’s more, you can take it with to the park or on vacation; anywhere you can attach the line.

Slacklining is a very popular activity for extreme sportsmen like rock climbers and martial arts fanatics. It hones their agility skills, balance and stamina; forcing the body and mind to work together to stay on the line. Unfortunately some beginners will give up before they’ve had an opportunity to grasp the skills necessary to enjoy the sport. This is due, in part, to low quality slackline kits that aren’t designed to help beginners along.

We’ve assembled the ultimate list of the best slacklines for beginners. Some include teaching lines and others will have instructional guides to assist you with starting out.

Top Rated Slackline Sets for Starting Out

Flybold Slackline Kit with Training Line

The Flybold set is likely the top selling kit for beginners. It has all the components and gear to get you slacklining within minutes. Boasting the longest main line out of all the kits here, the 57 foot long Flybold will get you fit and in shape, in one of the coolest ways possible.

The set includes the following:

  • 49 foot mainline, 2 inches wide
  • 8 foot Ratchet rig for the mainline
  • A training line
  • Training line ratchet rig
  • Ratchet protector for the mainline
  • An arm training line
  • 2 tree protectors (15 cm X 1.5 meters)
  • Handy carry bag
  • Full instruction booklet to help you set up your kit in no time.

Flybold is definitely the best value package here and the quality won’t disappoint. The handy training line can be setup just above head height, which will help in the start as extra security while you practise to get your balance right. The arm training line is great and works together with the training line.

The tree protectors are 1.5 meters long and are there to serve two purposes. One is to protect the bark of the tree as well as protecting the line from abrasion where it surrounds the tree.

This package is really simple and easy to use and can be set up in ten minutes flat. It’s the bargain package that you won’t be sorry owning.

Slackers 50-Feet Slackline Set with Teaching Line

A good alternative is the Slackers 50 foot Classic set.

This will be the perfect, affordable slackline set to keep stashed in the car for impromptu slacking sessions. The set is very basic and is a minimalist’s setup, made from good quality webbing with a breaking strain of 300 pounds.

The set includes the following:

  • 50 foot mainline, 2 inch wide webbing.
  • Ratchet rig for the mainline.
  • Training line, 1 inch wide webbing.
  • Ratchet rig for the training line.
  • A carry bag.

Although this kit is really simple and easy to set up, it does not come with an instruction booklet which sets it back a bit for first time users. Tree protectors will need to be added on additionally, not only to protect the trees but also this line.

Trail Blaze Slackline Kit with Training Line

The Trail Blaze is another brilliant kit with all the bells and whistles. This kit will have you on that line within minutes of setup. Very similar to the Flybold kit, the Trail Blaze is a lot shorter when setup.

Components of this kit:

  • 42 foot mainline, 2 inch wide webbing.
  • 8 foot ratchet rig for the mainline.
  • 43 foot training line, 1 inch webbing.
  • 6.6 foot ratchet rig for the training line.
  • 2 tree protectors, 3.5 foot long and 6 inches wide.
  • A drawstring carry bag for the kit.
  • An instruction sheet for set up and takedowns.

The trail Blaze is super strong and has a proven weight bearing capacity of at least 300 pounds and the ratchet used by Trail Blaze has a 5 tonne carrying capacity.

It also happens to be one of the lightest full kits available and can be stashed and carried easily in a day pack or in the handy carry bag. The embossed 2 inch wide webbing makes for ultimate grip and doesn’t have the slippery feel that some slacklines have.

The Trail Blaze is definitely the kit that will entertain the whole family and will make the ideal family gift for your next camping trip or summer break.

Advanced Option! – Gibbon Jibline

Gibbon slacklines are definitely the way to go if you are taking up slacklining seriously, they have their story waxed and it’s one of the most popular slackline brands around. The Gibbon Jibline is a beautiful set that is specifically made for jumps, tricks and technical slacklining.

Super strong with a nice bouncy trampoline feel, the Gibbon’s rubberised print and embossed webbing is super grippy and comfortable.

The kit includes:

  • 50 foot mainline.
  • Ratchet rig line.
  • An instruction manual.

Gibbon sells the tree and line protectors separately. The Gibbon Jibline is a TUV- certified product and is recognized officially as the top slackline for the world championships by WSFED.

It’s definitely a choice for more advanced slackliners but the quality on this product cannot be beaten.

Choosing the Right Starter Slackline

Remember, this article is mean for beginners. So, apart from the Gibbon, we’ve chosen beginner sets with training lines included.

When you have hundreds of choices it’s difficult to choose a product, that’s why we narrowed down your choices to these 4 products.

If you are getting into slacklining for the very first time, then the Flybold would be our recommendation. The kit is full and easy to use with clear instructions. The Trail Blaze classic kit would be second choice to the Flybold.

Both are great kits that are top quality and will get you slacklining in no time.

For the more advanced liners or if you wanted to upgrade after getting used to the kits, then the Gibbon is the way to go. You cannot fault this line in any way; it will only provide you with nonstop fun and fitness. So get out there and find some trees and get lining!

Introduction Video

And here’s the Gibbon in action!

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