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The Streamlight 73001 Nano Light is awesome! Everybody should have one of these attached to their bunch of house keys and motor vehicle keys.

It’s a real miniature and one of the brightest keychain flashlights that weighs virtually nothing, and will give you a bright light on demand when you struggling in the dark and can’t find the keyhole! It is so small that you won’t notice the extra addition to a bunch of keys. A really brilliant design that anyone would be happy owning.

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streamlight nano

Streamlight Nano Light Specs

The Nano Light only measures 1.47 inches in length by 0.51 inches in diameter.

It weighs a mere 0.36 of an ounce including the snap clip, which is superlight!

The Best Feature on the Streamlight Nano Light

We decided that the best keychain flashlight feature of this design is its absolute ease of use.

The on/off function is literally a quarter turn of the reflector head, that’s it! This makes it super simple to use with no niggling buttons on a keychain light of this stature.

It would be quite annoying to have a button or switch on a light that is only 1,47 inches in length.

More Cool Features

The attachment point on a mini flashlight keychain can vary from a basic key ring to more elaborate carabiner type clips. The Streamlight Nano light has a very simple and easy to use non rotating snap clip which will fit around most points like trouser belt straps and even toggles on a purse or handbag. Of course it will fit any key ring on a bunch of keys.


Being weatherproof is also a cool feature because it makes this micro flashlight versatile in function and the perfect backup light that can be stored almost anywhere. Weatherproof does not mean you can dunk it underwater, but it will be quite fine in moist environments or in the rain.

Solid and Rugged

The Streamlight Nano is made from solid aircraft aluminium, machined to its small size. It’s really tough and because of the materials used is literally unbreakable.

It boasts a shockproof LED light that has an average lifespan of 100 000 hours! The parabolic design of the LED, which is protected in the recessed reflector head, emits 10 lumens of light. Doesn’t sound like much, however it is really bright and will light up enough to see in a 2 or 3 meter radius around the flashlight.

This amazing mini flashlight is powered by 4 button cells that will give approximately 8 hours of continuous burn time.

The Streamlight Nano Light is a Must Have Item for Everyone

We all know the feeling, you get to your vehicle in the dark and pull your keys out of your pocket, but at the same time pull every coin and paper out, which fall to the ground in the dark. Having an LED flashlight keychain solves that little problem, so no more scratching on the floor in the dark searching for your lost dollar bills!

There are many scenarios where a mini flashlight will be a godsend, you really will be grateful for the Streamlight Nano Light.

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