Best Hunting Slingshot For Sale Online in 2019

best hunting slingshot

We’re super excited to review the best hunting slingshot for sale online. Check out this top selection for hunting or simply just having fun.

Designs that are rigid or heavy can make even a simple hunt feel like a drag. Thankfully, with the latest advances in material composition, they have become infinitely lighter while actually improving in strength, quality and performance.

Some even have laser sights to assist with aim! And then there’s the matter of which ammo to choose.

Our team has reviewed the best products for both new and experienced users. We have cut out the noise and made choosing the perfect slingshot easier than ever before. Check out the list below.

The Scout

scout hunting slingshot

Number one on our list is the all American made, Scout by FlippinOut.

Made utilising polycarbonate construction, there is no need to worry about this product ever breaking. We love the modern feel with its traditional style. It is sturdy, durable, versatile and comfortable.

The forks have indents for a variety of bands and attachment options if you wanted to play around with these. The Scout comes standard with a set of bands and a convenient pouch.

This model is slightly larger than some on the market so does not fit easily into your pockets but the added leverage on grip and overall performance are well worth the investment.

This is the ideal shooter for any hunter, young and old. The versatile grip makes it perfect for any size hand and can be used by beginner and professional alike. There are three holding styles, hammer, pinch and thumb assist; and the handle of the Scout accommodates all three so anyone can comfortably use it.

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Professional Adjustable Steel Slingshot


Tophunt brings us the Tophunt Professional / Adjustable and our number two selection for this review.

This power, traditionally styled item has high quality, strong rubber bands,  making it one of the most potent slingshots available.

The adjustable steel frame is constructed using quality steel with an extra wide fork. The non slip grip is easy and comfortable to hold. Tophunt goes the extra mile and even offers a full money back guarantee, clearly indicating their confidence in this sturdy shooter.

Beginners may find the rubber a little hard to pull back but with practice and conditioning, you will soon strengthen essential muscles that will have you delivering a true shot.

It is best suited for professionals who know how to set up and utilize this tool’s versatile features. The rubber bands deliver a powerful shot ensuring your target stays down or stays away. It’s mostly suited for hunting small game like squirrels and ducks.

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Yusylvia Stainless High Velocity Outdoor Athletics Shooter

high velocity slingshot

The Yusylvia High Velocity Outdoor has come in at number three but is a close second. The top engineering in this catapult delivers incredible accuracy.

The stainless steel frame comes standard with two powerful rubber band and 50 practice beads so you can get started as soon as your delivery arrives.

This product does feel a bit heavier that our first and second products reviewed, so is not suitable for young beginners. Furthermore, a forearm support allows for greater force to be applied to the bands during a shot. Experienced shooters who have the conditioning and arm strength already developed will appreciate the difference.

This is for professional who takes their shooting seriously.

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Professional Hunter with Laser

slingshot with lazer

This high quality Soumal Professional Hunter with a Laser is suited for professionals and has a unique crafted design.

Durable and tough, this professional product with laser is constructed with a die-casting aluminium alloy frame and high-tension rubber bands. There is also a forearm support for additional leverage. A magnetic ammo retainer on the arm support is really useful. This powerful weapon is definitely not a toy.

The Soumal comes disassembled so you will need to put it together. We love the idea of being part of its creation and the owner’s pride that comes with it.

This is the perfect purchase for anyone wishing to deliver a high powered and high accuracy shot. Shooting enthusiasts and hunting professional alike, this one is just for you.

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Toy Slingshot Aluminium Alloy Camouflage

toy slingshot

Number five is this cool looking, unbeatable priced slingshot made from aluminium alloy with plastic handle.

This sturdy and lightweight toy can be loaded with rocks, marbles, paint balls, or steel shot and shoots with beautiful accuracy.

We love the camouflage painted grip and quality of this super affordable shooting toy. Don’t underestimate it!

It is small but accurate and at this price it is perfect for anyone wanting to learn how to shoot. It is well suited to carry along for target practice on camping trips.

However, if you intend to have wild squirrel for dinner, this little rocket will deliver your shot with power and accuracy but it is best for kids learning to shoot. It is super fun but better utilised by the non-serious shooter.

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Ammo Balls – 1000 Qty 3/8″ Inch Steel Shot

steel slingshot ammo balls

The BC Precision ammo balls are constructed from carbon steel and are suitable for hunting and target shooting. Their smooth finish and Grade A roundness ensures a long and accurate flight.

Additionally, these perfect sized and weighted steel balls are great value for money.

If left on the ground, the slingshot ammo will rust to almost nothing in a short time. We see this as an added bonus as it makes them environmentally friendly and ensures you leave no footprint behind.

This ammo is ideal for target practice and hunting smaller animals like squirrels, birds and rats. The ammo will fly straight, and carry far over reasonable distance.

Handy tip; if you are using the Ammo for target practice, hang a blanket behind your target and you should be able to easily recover your ammo from the floor with a magnet.

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Which Hunting Slingshot is Right for You?

The Scout has a traditional design and allows for a no-fuss hunting experience with practical and solid construction. This is for the serious hunter who cares more about getting the shot than showing off his gear.

The Yusylvia and the Soumal both have a forearm support for extra leverage. This added feature can be helpful, however, they can be a little more cumbersome to handle when trekking through the wild.

For a child or a beginner looking for a cheaper toy, the Alloy Slingshot with Camo is a fantastic option. (This option is definitely not for a strong hunter or excessive forceful use.)

Considerations when Hunting

Note the varying laws in all 50 states regarding hunting with a slingshot.

Mastering this weapon can take time. Most of us have fond memories of playing with these toys as kids and not shooting much more than a neighbour’s window. Fortunately, with advances in technology, products today are made from far lighter materials and the rubber bands carry your shot further and straighter that they did years back.

It is a fun hobby to master and brings kids and adults alike, hours of entertainment. The challenge of hunting with a slingshot is very rewarding. Delivering a wild dinner when exploring in the outdoors without a doubt rekindles out hunter gatherer instincts.

For children who are taught responsibly to manage this hunting tool, they develop excellent coordination skills.  A slingshot toy makes the perfect gift for a boy scout who loves the outdoors.  These wrist rockets will have most children outside sooner that in front of the television.

By the way, you may want to check out our review of the best hunting pack for hauling meat as well. Just in case you’re looking to bag some game.


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We hope you have found our review helpful and informative. Your selection will deliver not just fun shooting but undeniable pride of ownership. If you have anything to add or feel we have missed some key points, please send us feedback in the comments below.

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