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We’ve all seen the new trend, bikes with fat wheels doing the rounds in city streets and the countryside. At first glance these bikes look odd and uncomfortable, that is until you try one for yourself. They look as though they are hard to pedal and manoeuvre with those fat wheels. Looks are deceiving, fat bikes are a real pleasure to use.

“Fat Tyres” are Usually Beach Cruiser bikes made to traverse rocks, snow and beach sand with incredible ease. The wider and fatter wheels are designed to offer a cushioned platform that offers a soft ride over rocky terrain and that does not sink away into the sand.

It’s the same as when 4X4 drivers lower their tyre pressure before embarking on a section of desert sand, the fat bikes tyres offer that very same stability.

For these reasons it works just as well in mud and snow and is rideable on basically any surface or terrain. Obviously the cushioning effect has an added benefit of being comfortable and soft on the joints and body while crossing rough terrain.

We went and searched far and wide for the 6 best Fat Bikes under 1000 dollars, so let’s take a look at them.

Top Rated Fat Bikes Below $1000

1. Mongoose Dolomite – Best Budget

The Mongoose Dolomite is an absolute winner when it comes to affordability. Mongoose is a household name in the bicycle world. This model has 26 X 4 inch wheels which offer all the stability you need for those early morning beach rides. To boot it also has dual disk brakes for efficient stopping power on a downhill cruise. A surprising addition for the price.

It sports 7 gears for different riding conditions and is based on a twist shift integrated into the handle grip.

Some riders may find this method of shifting more frustrating to get used to than the trigger shifters, but once you have the concept mastered it’s a real pleasure to change a gear with only a flick of the wrist.

A really great budget Bike that won’t disappoint.

2. GMC Yukon – Best Mid-Range Option

The GMC Yukon Fat Bike is a snow riders dream. It has been carefully designed with an ultra-light aluminium frame.

Also offering 7 gears with a shimano speed shifter for fast and efficient gear changes as well as front and rear disc brakes for dead stop power. The Yukon fails to disappoint on the snow with its 26 X 4 inch knobbly tyres that bite and hold on snowy and slippery terrain.

A unisex design completes the package, making the Yukon one of the most desirable choices.

3. Mongoose Juneau – Best High-End Choice

Mongoose also brings you the Juneau which sports a 21 gear range making it the perfect cross country fat bike. It’s an upgrade from the Dolomite in quality and price.

The ultra-light aluminium frame and light alloy wheel rims make it one of the lightest fat bikes in our selection.

Taking a more traditional approach with this bike, Mongoose has utilised trigger shifts for the gear changes. Some might think this is old school on a bike of this calibre, but tried and tested for so many years, the trigger shift still remains a stalwart accessory in the bicycle industry.

The Juneau is really a great bike for those who want a bit of adventure and the diversity of multiple gears.

4. Gravity Monster Men’s Fat Tyre Bike

Gravity has developed a series of Fat bikes to suit all sizes and ages.

This model sports 26 X 4 inch tyres fitted to lightweight Alloy wheel rims. 16 speed shift gears make riding a breeze and covers bases for most terrain types.

Fitted with Tektro disc brakes on the front and rear wheels, provides proper stopping power. As a bonus Gravity makes this model in a variety of sizes for all sizes and ages.

The Gravity Monster men’s fat bike will change the way you look at fat bikes. Imagine gliding over the snow and sand with floating ease, instead of being bogged down by narrower wheels of conventional bikes.

5. Mongoose Brutus Big Wheel Bicycle

The Mongoose Brutus is a one of a kind. It is fitted with extra wide 4 and a quarter inch knobblies, providing you as the rider with the utmost stability and control on beach sand or other soft terrain.

The Brutus is really like the bad kid on the block! It has a fixed gear and sports a foot break. The foot break may be an issue for some riders who are used to the handle bar brake pulls. Basically you reverse the direction of the pedal to engage the brakes. It admittedly takes some getting used to, but the brakes are dead stop instantly!

The Brutus was designed as an extra fat beach cruiser so the brakes are not really much of an issue considering that on most beach rides you are not facing terrain with major ascents and descents.

It is a really awesome dirt rider that won’t affect your relationship with your bank manager either.

6. Dynacraft Sixteen20 Krusher Boys Fat Tyre Bicycle

Here’s a bike just for boys! The Dynacraft Krusher is an awesome entry level Fat bike for young boys.

It sports nice fat 20 inch tyres that are based on super bike design. Check these things out; any young chap is going to go mad for these wheels with their smooth shape and tread.

The Krusher is a fixed gear bike and has a pedal brake system; something often featured on kids bikes to make things just a bit simpler for them. The back brake design also provides ample fun for youngsters because it only brakes speed on the back wheel, making it awesome for doing those skidding stops that all boys do!

Choosing the Best Option Under $1000

The first step would be to make sure you actually want a Fat Bike. It has it’s place, but in the end, an intermediate hardtail mountain bike is still more versatile. With that out of the way, let’s check out the winners…

The Mongoose Juneau offers the most diversity in our selection and is the one to take if you are planning to do a lot of adventurous outrides where the 21 gears and its lightweight frame are a benefit. The GMC Yukon follows with same great components except it has a lower range of 7 gears. The Gravity is also great for outrides with 16 gears and coming in a size to fit each member of the family.

The Mongoose Brutus is a really great beach Fat Bike, ideal for long easy rides on the beach but also equally at home for a ride to corner store or through town. For Kids the Dynacraft is perfect.

How Much Fun can You Have on a Fat Bike?

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