The Best Balaclava Mask of 2019 – Updated

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We have done our homework and can’t wait to share our favorite full face masks with you. Whether you’re a skier, biker or hiker, we have selected the perfect balaclava for you. We’ve even catered for the kids.

With the latest advances in material and design, face masks are now more comfortable and have even better heat retention.

But, you will still need to consider if the balaclava you choose will leave you too cold or overheating.  Thankfully, we have done the research for you. Our team of pro’s have reviewed the best options based on style, quality, insulation and value.

If you pick up one of the below products, you’ll soon be ready to take on the elements.

The Classic Black


The Ergodyne N-Ferno Black Balaclava face mask will check all your boxes. Windproof, breathable, lightweight, comfortable, stretchy and last but not least, warm.

Protective panels cover sensitive areas like ears, nose and mouth with full neck coverage. The design also offers you the option to wear it comfortably around your neck like a scarf.

Moisture escaping from the mouth can cause the mask to become damp. The Ergodyne N-Ferno’s design allows the mouth flap to easily pull aside. This gives you the versatility to keep dry and ensure you wear your gear comfortably. The fabric is also quick drying.

This product is ideal for sports or outdoor work activities in cold conditions. Bikers or workmen can comfortably wear the camouflage or black options under a helmet or hard hat without it feeling too bulky. This winter accessory takes keeping you warm seriously and is the perfect headgear for keeping the cold out.

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Under Armour Balaclava

under armour balaclava

The Under Armour Balaclava uses advanced ColdGear Infrared Technology to protect your face from more extreme cold.

The soft and comfortable, thermo-conductive inner coating absorbs and retains your body heat. It is form fitting so fits snugly to your head without restricting movement. The fabric allows 4-way stretch so it will maintain its shape and not stretch out.

The Under Armour balaclava is only available in black but as this is a pro sports accessory, what more do you really need? Its advanced technology, warmth and comfort are all you require to tackle any cold challenge ahead.

The fabric is not absorbent. If you will be using it for running or cycling, wear a sweatband underneath to keep your face dry.

This is perfect for any serious winter sportsman. It is lightweight and quick drying and can be used for anything from a quick morning run to longer periods on an extended hiking trip. If you are taking on any outdoor adventure, have this guy in your back pocket or better yet, put it on and keep warm.


We know there are more than a few cycling enthusiasts out there looking for a comfortable, no fuss fit.

The key factor to consider is that it needs to be lightweight and breathable. After researching the Under Armour Balaclava and all the positive reviews on how it is working for a variety of sportsmen, this is our first pick for you.

For quality, comfort, stretch and warmth, look no further. Click on the link below and order a few, they are that good.  This headgear will have you training without distraction or concern for the weather.

under armour cycling balaclava

Black Ski Mask

ski balaclava

The Zerdocean Winter Fleece Warm Full Face Balaclava Ski Mask is made with thicken thermal polar fleece. It will keep you warm and protected while skiing or boarding in any snowy or harsh winter conditions.

It has a breathable vent made of a soft silicone covering the mouth and the design extends all the way to your shoulders. This balaclava ski mask is available in black, grey, plain army green, army green & camo, dark blue, orange and rose red, you should find the perfect colour to match your ski gear.

If you wear glasses, they will fog up as the warm air escapes past the air piece. This is inevitable regardless of what full faced ski mask you use. Our solution is to invest in a bottle of anti-fog.

We recommend Jaws Quick Spit Antifog Spray. It’s affordable, lasts long, easy to apply and works incredibly well on both glass and plastic.

This is the perfect ski companion; ideal for snow and winter conditions and the mask looks the part too.

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Full Head and Shoulder Hat or Hoody

balaclava hoodie hat

We have included the JollyGift Heavyweight Hoody or Balaclava Hat into the mix as it is just that cool.

Ideal for winter and the outdoors, this is the perfect bring along for your next trip. It comes in 8 different colors and is made of a double layered, soft fleece fabric for both men and women.

It is not just warm but windproof and you can adjust it to use as a hat, hood or scarf.

It unfortunately does not come in different sizes but it is one size fits most so will fit almost all active outdoors adventurers from teens to adults.

This is the perfect accessory if you enjoy the outdoors and don’t want to let winter stop your level of activity. This hoody is also perfectly suited for skiing, snow sports, mountain climbing and hiking.

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Baby Winter Hat for Boys & Girls

baby balaclava

We just love that someone has gotten super creative and made this adorable Baby Balaclava. This hoodie/scarf combo is such a precious creation that is could not go unmentioned.

Available is 5 different color schemes suited for both boys and girls, they are the perfect functional accessory for your child.

They are super soft, warm and stretchy so your baby will not feel confined.

The face hole looks a little small at first but as the fabric has excellent stretch is relaxes nicely which is a great advantage as your baby can use his or her baby winter hoodie for 2 or even 3 seasons.

This is a must have for any parent who wants to ensure their baby or toddler is snug and warm when the weather turns icy. This warm, great quality accessory will protect their heads and sensitive ears from the cold so they do not have to be confined to the house in the winter months.

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Skull Face Mask

skull balaclava

What can we say about the Skull Balaclava other than how bad-ass it looks.

As if that is not enough of a reason to pick one up, it is also breathable, great quality, comfortable and affordable. You can wear it as a face mask or pull it around your neck as a scarf. It also stretches sufficiently to allow you to pull it over some head gear.

You will be getting more than a few strange stares while wearing this but then again, if you picked it out, it’s probably what you were expecting.

Who is this for you ask? Paintball enthusiasts, bikers, skiing, skateboarders, cold weather sportsman, halloween, cosplay, anyone who wants to get out there and demands not to be messed with. This skull design looks menacing and we’re guessing it will have people keeping their distance.

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Ghost Face Mask

ghost balaclava

After reviewing the above skull mask, we came across these cool Coofit Ghost Balaclavas. We thought they deserved a mention even if they are more of the same. Coofit offers a range of designs allowing you to choose your preference and they are all awesome.

Like the skull design above, the mask is stretchy and comfortable and the print quality is great.

The neck is a little on the short side if you were looking to have it double up as a scarf, but if it’s a COD ghost balaclava and collector’s item you are looking for, you can check that box.

These masks are perfect for Call of Duty fans and anyone wanting to avoid chats from nosy neighbors. If you have an upcoming costume party or if you snowboard, ski, hunting or just want to keep warm and like the look of these bad boys, then look no further.

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What to Consider When Buying

Depending on your personal needs, selecting a full face mask is pretty basic. We have included a few of the obvious points to consider…

Ensure you select the gear suited to keeping you that perfect level of warm.

If you are using a it for sports, ensure the fabric is breathable so as to prevent sweat leaving to wet. In cold weather, sweat quickly turns to cold and that would be defeating the purpose.

Style options are endless so is you are looking for the classic black mask, there are several options available. If you are looking for more of fashion statement, again you will not have to look too hard and should you find that perfect fit, pick up your favourite is a few different colours.


Note that in extreme weather conditions, you’ll need to consider more than just a balaclava. You can add weatherproof layers and also consider some other cold weather items like emergency kits, blankets and backup communication devices.

Kid’s headgear is great for ensuring the whole family gets active and outdoors in the winter months. The kids will love the cute designs and rainbow colors. Make sure you don’t get too carried away with the novelty items as they can be made using less breathable materials causing irritation and leaving you battling a toddler who repeatedly removes their head protection.

I believe that leaves only your pets not catered for.  We’ll be sure to look into that in another article.

Here are some Product Videos

#1 The Ergodyne N-Ferno 6823 (But this time in Camo)

#2 The Under Armour ColdGear Balaclava

#3 Zerdocean Winter Ski Fleece Mask

We hope you have found our review helpful in making your selection. We have made sure that we have reviewed several to ensure all ages and preferences have been catered for. If you have anything to add or feel we have missed something, please let us know in the comments below, we always appreciate your feedback.

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