Tommy Bahama Backpack Beach Chair with Cooler Pouch


The element of style that Tommy Bahama brings to their products is unmistakable. Ranging from retro styled to 80’s chic, their beach chairs hold their own on the beaches of the world from California to Japan. Because of the convenient backpack design, their chair can be carried easily while you flip-flop your way across the hot beach sand.

This chair is absolutely perfect! It’s lightweight and really easy to carry with comfortable padded backpack straps. There are loads of additional features like large pouches and an adjustable backrest.

It’s the Winner of our Best Folding Backpack Chairs of 2017 Review!


Wide Range of Colorful Beach Designs

The first thing to note is that there are over a dozen designs to choose from. From simple navy to the far-out island style designs, there’s something for everyone.


It’s a Backpack too… with a Cooler Pouch!

rear-pouches-viewBesides from being able to carry it comfortably on your back, you’ll also find two medium sized pouches. One serves as an insulated cooler pouch which can be used for drinks or snacks while the other is perfect for carrying a towel!

As a matter of fact, the insulated cooler pouch performed better than some actual coolers we’ve tested!

These rear facing pouches both close with a zipper making it ideal for valuables you don’t want dropping out while you shuffle with your chair over the sandy beach.

Backpack Chair Specs

How Much Weight can a Tommy Bahama Beach Chair Hold and is it Large Enough?

Weight7.5 Pounds
Holding Capacity300 Pounds
Outside Width27.5 Inches
Inside Width (Between Arm Rests)24 Inches

Strength and Quality

The entire chair weighs an astonishingly low 7.5 pounds!

chair-as-backpackEven if you stuffed the pouches with sunscreen, towels and a good paperback, the comfortable shoulder straps make carrying an absolute breeze.

The material is made from durable 600 D Polyester which is super comfortable and has a firm elasticity for added back support.

Some users have attested to using the chairs for quite a few years with very little visible wear and tear. Just rinse off the salty beach sand after use and you’re good to go.

Tommy Bahama’s lightweight, rustproof aluminium frame makes the chair super lightweight and very easy to carry yet sturdy enough to hold a weight of up to 300 lbs!


There’s 24 inches between the arm rests. The space is awesome and allows for you to chill out without feeling cramped. Overall size if 34.8 x 27.5 inches.

Additional Features

Seating Comfort

A padded head rest makes this one of the most comfortable chairs we ever used. Its feels soft and offers just the right amount of support. The pillow can also be adjusted with Velcro tabs, meaning that anyone can use it comfortably. They are every bit as comfortable as a Hiking and Backpacking Chair. Cleaning is also made much easier by removing the pillow.


Height Off The Ground

The seat itself is low to the ground. This is the case with almost all folding beach chairs and can make it a little hard to get in and out of. On the other hand, it’s great for stretching your legs out in front of you while you sip casually on a coconut cocktail.

Additional Side Pouches

Aside from the rear-facing pouches, there’s an additional pouch attached to the armrest which comfortably holds a drink as well as a wallet or phone.


Easy to Carry

On the back, along with the backpack straps, you’ll find a rubber carry handle for convenience. These are great for when you need to carry two chairs at the same time.

Reclining on The Beach

The back rest reclines in 5 distinct positions all the way to vertical, for a cool beach snooze. The additional aluminium towel bar at the top of the backrest folds out and acts as a support while the chair is fully reclined.


An important thing to consider is that the chair, when fully reclined, doesn’t support the lower part of your legs. It isn’t a full recliner after all.

Your legs will always stick out further than the seat frame and most likely still bend at the knee (with your feet in the sand). If this is a problem, you could easily build up a little mound of sand to support your feet.

Is it Easy to Fold Up?

Absolutely, it couldn’t be easier. The bottom legs get pushed together and the whole fold up chair collapses into a flat packed backpack. Note that the cooler pouch and other compartments are still easily accessible in the folded position.

Here’s another demonstration of how to close the Tommy Bahama

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