Beach Wagon with Big Wheels


Some of the best family holiday memories involve loading up all your beach essentials and spending a blissful day picnicking and playing by the ocean.

The only problem is it takes huge amounts of effort to carry all your gear to your spot in the sun.

However, going to the beach is a breeze with a big wheeled beach wagon. Our awesome selection of sturdy workhorses, glide effortlessly over the sand.

Regardless of how heavy or awkward your load, we have selected the most popular beach wagons with big wheels to conveniently carry your chairs, cooler bags, umbrellas and any extras, wherever they need to go.

Tommy Bahama Beach Cart


The Tommy Bahama Beach Cart is a tall, upright beach cart that looks a bit like a stroller, and has a weight capacity of 100 pounds. It has a sturdy frame which holds the heavy duty mesh basket, made of a hard wearing and quick drying fabric. The basket is ideal to store beach towels, toys or a picnic basket and can accommodate a 48 Quart sized cooler.

It has a rack on the front of the cart which can hold up to 4 beach chairs. There is a convenient umbrella pouch with a strap on the side where you can secure your beach umbrella.  Unlike some beach carts, It is well balanced so will not fall over easily, even when fully loaded.

Like the Mac Sport, it folds flat for easy transport and storage, and has similar (narrower by half an inch – 4” wide x 10” tall) tread wheels on the back, and smaller swivel wheels on the front. It also comes with a removable tote bag with a shoulder strap. It has a padded handle comfortable positioned conveniently for an adult. Tip: It is generally easier to pull the cart behind you on the sand, than it is to push.

This trolley has been specifically designed for beach gear and can even be used to store your umbrella and beach toys in the garage. If you live within walking distance of the beach, leave it packed so you’re always ready to go. Read the full review.

  • Dimensions: 27W x 32D x 40L inches
  • Weight:  17.2 pounds

Folding Beach Wagon


The tough, Mac Sports 4 wheel beach wagon has a heavy duty frame that can carry loads of up to 150 pounds. It is a collapsible folding wagon that sets up in seconds with an adjustable.  Its large wheels (4.25” wide x 10” tall) make hauling your load to the beach a breeze.

This cute little blue and white cart comes with 2 mesh cup holders and a carry case in which to store the folded wagon when not in use.

This is a great all purpose, beach and all terrain wagon, working just as well on tar, grass and gravel. For those of you heading to the beach with babies or small toddlers, it also makes a great crib or playpen if you want to keep the little ones off the sand.

  • Dimensions: 36.2 x 21.4 x 24.6 inches
  • Collapsed Dimensions:  31.5 x 21.4 x 9.7 inches
  • Weight: 19 pounds

Folding Beach Trolley with Big Balloon Tires


What makes the Challenger folding trolley unique its telescoping handle that can be set between 29 and 49 inches tall. The folding platform (14″ wide x 14.5″) can carry up to 165 pounds and has large detachable balloon wheels (11.8 x 7 inches). A wheel inflater is needed to pump your wheels.

Like the Wheeleez Heavy Duty Beach Cart, it is great for use on the beach, or as a utility cart. Benefits of the Challenger over the Wheeleez, is that is folds up compactly and fits easily into the boot of a small car. It is also lighter and a fraction of the cost.

The trolley does not come assembled, but the instructions are simple and assembly should take under 5 minutes. With the telescopic handle fully extended, be sure not to overload the trolley as the stain could damage the handle. For heavier cargo,  the above Wheeleez Heavy Duty Beach Buggy Cart is our first choice.

This is a great versatile beach trolley if you plan to load more rigid items like a cooler box. Straps will help to secure more awkwardly shaped items.

  • Dimensions: 20 x 16 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 18 pounds

Heavy Duty Beach Buggy Cart


Just one look at the Wheeleez beach buggy cart and you can tell this guy means business. Designed to handle a whopping 220 pounds, it has the highest capacity of all the big wheeled beach wagons on our list. The massive balloon wheels (16.5” diameter x 7.9″ wide) make is a breeze for young and old to wheel over beach sand, and any other terrain for that matter.

The heavy duty tub is made of high density polyethylene and the frame is built out of marine grade, anodized aluminum. Wheeleez also includes a heavy duty mesh beach bag with the wagon to carry all your loose bits like lotion, beach hats and towels.

The impressive big balloon wheels will make wheeling your supplies to and from the beach an absolute dream. With a beach buggy this strong and durable, it can be used for a variety of other tasks like beach cleanup’s, gardening or as a utility cart.

If you have a lot of awkwardly shaped items that need to be carted to the beach, we recommend using straps to secure items that are piled higher than the edge of the tub.

If you have a big family and lots to carry, you won’t have to worry about overloading or damaging this beach buggy. This tough contender is happy to carry it all, and then some.

  • Dimensions: 22W & 36L inches at Rim & Length inside bottom of 24 inches
  • Width inside: (Between wheel wells) 14.4 inches
  • Cart width with wheels attached: 34.4 inches
  • Collapsed dimensions: 38L x 26W x 16H inches
  • Weight: 29 pounds (Including wheels)

The Benefit of Big Wheels

These cool and cleverly designed Beach Wagons have changed the game. Now you get to enjoy the beach without the getting stuck in the sand or having to make several trips to the car to get all the kids gear. Summer beach holidays are about fun and relaxation and this simple creation makes sure you spend more time doing just that.


A Close-up Look at the Beachcomber Mac Sport

Easy Loading and Carting with the Challenger

Massive Loading Capacity of the Wheeleez

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