These Beach Chairs Aren’t Just for Humans


In Puerto Ayora in the Galapogos Islands, two cheeky sea lions have found just the best place to spend the day. They can be seen chilling on super comfortable beach chairs embracing the delight (and each other).

This awesome video by Clark Little captures the moment wonderfully.

These furry guys will naturally try to find some comfortable perch to relax on and a beach lounger is the perfect place.

The hotel called the Red Mangrove Galapagos is only a few minutes from the Charles Darwin Research Station. The beaches are known for their fantastic wildlife including sea turtles and other “beach going” animals.

If you liked this post, check out our review of the best backpack beach chairs so you too can stretch out at the beach like a big ol’ sea lion.

Still don’t believe me?… Here’s another video just to show you how much they like it.

I guess the stones on the beach are just a little too uncomfortable. 🙂

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