The Best Backpacking Fly Pack Rod for Your Next Fishing Trip


All fly-fishing fanatics have a desire to explore new waters wherever they go, and there is no better way than with a fly fishing kit that packs down to a small size for backpacking trips.

More often than not fly anglers go on hikes and find themselves in a situation where there is a perfect trout stream, but no tackle to fish it with.

Fortunately this has changed in the last decade with fly rods that pack right down into 20 inch tubes, making it possible to always have your gear with you wherever you go. What makes fly-fishing ideal for backpacking is the fact that it’s quite a minimalist sport that doesn’t require large reels and tackle boxes. A pack rod, reel, tippet material and a fly box is all you need when you discover new water along the way.

Here is a selection of kits that will be indispensable if you want to be prepared for a trout or two on your next adventure.

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Top Fly Fishing Rods That fit in Your Backpack

Wild Water Fly Fishing Set 5/6 Starter Package


Everything you need delivered in one package to get you fishing makes the Wild Water Starter Package a superb choice.

The fly rod is a 9 foot, 4 piece, which packs away into a 32 inch case. It’s the perfect length to strap to the side of your backpack. What’s really great is that the case holds the whole kit, all in one place.

The forgiving mid flex action of this backpacking fishing pole is perfect for beginners to learn on as well as advanced casters who are already accustomed to fly casting.

The reel is great quality and comes loaded with the correct line and backing.

The selection of 9 flies is great but not really enough, it would be advisable to stock the fly box up before leaving on trip. (Flies don’t last forever and will need to be replaced anyway.)

Getting the Wild Waters package is perfect if you are looking for an all-round fly-fishing kit that you can safely take with you almost anywhere.

Tailwater Outfitters Toccoa Fly Rod (No Reel)


The Tailwaters Toccoa Fly Rod is a really great quality fly rod which is perfect as a travel rod.

Available in varying line weights is really cool, because you can decide if you want a lighter weight for smaller backcountry trout streams or a heavier weight for lakes or maybe some bass fishing.

It is made with IM8 graphite with a nice tip action which has proved itself over and over with top casters around the world and the components used on the rod are all top quality.  Its also packs down into 4 pieces and fits in a cordura covered tube with four separate compartments.

This rod does not come as a kit though, (you’ll need to buy the real separately)  but it is definitely an awesome pack rod for intermediate fly fishers who are looking for a more advanced product.

Great value for money on a rod of this quality, if you are looking for a specific line weight rod for your next adventure, then look no further than the Tailwater Outfitters Toccoa.

Plusinno Lightweight Ultra Portable Fly Fishing Rod and Reel


Here’s a great fly rod at a great price, and a bonus is that the Plusinno Lightweight Rod and Reel is available as a kit or just the fly rod on its own.

This 5/6 weight rod is made from rolled Toray carbon which gives it the lightness that so many fly anglers are after. Being a 4 piece rod, it packs down into a case of 2,3 foot long which is a good length for strapping to your backpack.

If you decide on purchasing the full kit option, you will get a great die cast aluminium reel with fly line already spooled and a fly box with a very basic selection of flies.

Often Fly selections that come standard with kits are sadly not the greatest quality, but bear in mind that flies are quickly damaged by fish or lost in fly-eating streamside brush. Its good advice to stock up with flies from a specialist fishing store before heading out on a trip.

If you are a beginner or intermediate fly angler, the Plussino Package will stand you in good stead as a reliable backpacking kit.

BW Sports Dual Flyrod and Reel Case


The really cool BW Sports Dual Flyrod and Reel Case keeps your fly rods and reels safely stored and ready for action.

It’s always important to protect your fly fishing equipment, because graphite and carbon tends to be very brittle and any nick or deep scratch in the surface can compromise its strength. So with a handy travel and packing case like this you can safely store your rod and reel assembled.

The BW Sports Dual Flyrod and Reel Case stores two rods at once, with the reels attached to the rods. It measures 56 inches and accommodates two 9ft 2 piece rods or two longer 4 piece rods. It also features two external pockets for fly boxes and other accessories and all the zippers are waterproof.

The shoulder strap is adjustable and it also has a hand strap located at the balance point of the case.

The BW Sports Dual Flyrod and Reel Case is indispensable if you travel frequently and want your fly fishing kit handy in case you pass by that lake or stream you always wonder about.

Choosing the Right Backpacking Fly Rod

When choosing a fly rod for backpacking we need to have a look at what you want out of the kit and where you are likely to be travelling.

Best All Rounder & Value Options

As an all-round kit the Wild Water package and the Plusinno Lightweight Portable kits are great. They both come in as mid weight fly rod kits with all the accessories you need, meaning that they are versatile and can be used for different species and environments. Great value for money on both these packages.

Most Customizable Option

The Tailwater Outfitters Toccoa Fly Rod is a brilliant rod and would be the perfect choice if you are going to be targeting a specific species or water on your travels. Here you can order the line weight rod which will suit these circumstances the best. The Toccoa does not come as a kit, but can be bought specifically to go along with your existing reel to turn it into a backpacking outfit.

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