800 Lumen Tactical Flashlight 


The Outlite A100 Tactical Flashlight is a really nice compact little tool at a sweet price.

This 800 lumen flashlight makes a perfect companion to keep anywhere around the house, in your vehicle or handbag because of its small size and light weight. It’s a perfect emergency tool to keep handy.

Although it is not as ruggedly built as some of the others in its size class, it’s the brightest tactical flashlight in its price range.

It came in second place for our in-depth Best Flashlights Review.

Outline A100

Outlite A100 Specifications

This Outlite measures 5.35 inches long by 1.38 inches in diameter at its widest part. It’s very small and compact with a weight of 5.71 Oz.

The maximum light output is 800 lumens when used with the supplied 18650 L-Ion battery, but expect a maximum of 400 – 500 lumens with AAA batteries.

An Adjustable Focus Feature

A really great feature on the Outlite A100 is its adjustable focus light.

The head of the Outlite A100, which houses the hardened glass lens, slides back and forth to increase or decrease the cast of light. This function works by moving the lens aperture closer or away from the actual LED; this changes the spread of light from a solid beam which can reach a distance of 600 feet, to a more open cone of light.

More Great Features of the Outlite 800 Lumen

This 800 lumens flashlight features 5 light setting functions, which are all controlled via the on/off switch.

These include 3 settings for varying levels of brightness, quite handy if you need to change the light output at the touch of a button while you busy searching for something in the dark.


An emergency feature not featured on many other similar products is this SOS setting which flashes the LED in a SOS sequence. This would be ideal for hikers, mountain climbers or emergency workers who find themselves in a troubled situation at night.

Apart from the SOS setting, the Outlite A100 also has a strobe setting which is an awesome self-defense feature, a temporary blinding to an attacker from one of the brightest options is a great advantage to have during such a situation. These additional functions make it one of the best tactical flashlights we’ve found.

Functional Attributes of the Outlite A100

With such a broad spectrum of users, these products need to have a certain standard of functionality and construction to make them user friendly across the board.

The Outlite A100 is manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium, which is fairly sturdy but light and is also coated with an abrasion resistant coating to prevent scratches and chips on the surface.

The lens is made from toughened or tempered glass so it is highly unlikely that the lens will crack or shatter if you dropped the it by accident. That’s a great feature because untempered lenses that shatter will render your light useless.

Water Resistant Tactical Flashlight

The Outlite is not waterproof, but it is water resistant, meaning that it will function in the rain or in moist conditions but won’t withstand complete submersion into a pool of water or anything like that.

These features, make the Outlite A100 stand out in tactical flashlight reviews as a top notch purchase and definitely a steal at a great price.

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